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All about Keywords, Part VI

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Using Jaaxy-related researched keywords to show and tell

This section will deal with four things:

– a bit of concept research
– some keyword research
– a little keyword list creation
– some writing

N.B.: We are using Jaaxy here as an example. You could adapt this post for any product at all.

If you already have a Jaaxy Review on our website, this is going to prove to be very profitable to you going forward as now you have two feature recommended products on your website that you can leverage as promotion within any content.

So, for:

Any Internet Marketing content => Link to Your WA Review Page
Any Keyword/Research related content => Link to Your Jaaxy Review Page

Follow this lesson to create a new page or post on your website that is going to target a topic that is, in this case, related to Jaaxy.

Click on this link to watch the video “How to find keywords to promote jaaxy”.

Task 1: Research and Find Keywords Appropriate for Jaaxy

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In this first task, you are going to research to find at least 10 keywords that can be used to promote Jaaxy.

Use the following tools to initially come up with the keyword concepts: (with alphabet soup technique)
Yahoo Answers (for question and answers related to keywords) (for “how to” related to keywords)

Now, take the keyword “concepts” and ideas that you have obtained above and enter them into Jaaxy to enrich your researched keywords. Remember to note only search terms that are less than 400 QSR (less than 300 is better; and even less than 200 is best), that get some traffic, and that make sense to a human being. (We cannot stress this last point enough).

As you find keywords that meet the three criteria above, create a list of keywords using the “keyword list” function in Jaaxy. Thus you can refer to the competition and the traffic data at any time. You can even print off this list and use them to write articles. Make sure to cross off any keywords that you use.

Task 2: Create a Page or Post Targeting a topic related to keyword research

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Now, take any one of these keywords and create a post on your site that “shows” your visitors how to do something.

Let’s say my keyword was targeting “How to Use Keywords to Get Rankings”. I would walk people through the process, using screenshots to show them step by step how I would accomplish this.

Using, Yahoo Answers, and, I would show them how I come up with the concepts in the niche, and how to find the keywords. Using Jaaxy, I would show them the actual keywords I come up with and how they are going to benefit me.

By using this “show and tell” approach, you are going to truly be of help to people.

Remember, telling people that something is the best is far more different from showing them exactly how they can easily accomplish something with that thing.

Don’t forget, people are searching for things online because they need those things. Let them realize you have exactly what they are looking for, and your business will flourish.

By using Jaaxy within your show and tell, you will make people feel as though they need the tool to follow along with you or to do those steps themselves after. This will surely lead to much higher sign-up rates.

Task 3: Link to Your Jaaxy Review

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Within your content, link to the Jaaxy Review page you have already created. You may also incorporate the Jaaxy search plug-in into your page.

When you do this, it will enable people to find out more about the tool that you are using within your walk-through content.

Click this link to go to the post “From keywords to live on YouTube”.

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