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All About Keywords – Part VII: From keywords to video on YouTube

Video is an extra source of traffic, but also maybe the best. Videos often get ranked in the top 3 search results in Google.

Click this link to watch the video “From keyword research to youtube – getting traffic from videos”.

Task 1: Come Up With A Relevant Keyword for Your Video

Video keyword research is a little bit different. QSR is not very important. But check for other “Youtube” videos ranked on the 1st page of Google.

Log into your account if you have one. Then find a keyword relevant to the video to create. It must fit the following criteria:

(1) Under 300 QSR
(2) Get some traffic (The more, the better)

Here is an example keyword:

The keyword’s QSR is less than 300 and also gets some traffic.

While ranking under how to build a free website online, you are also targeting other search terms within that phrase, including how to build a free website, build a free website online, free website online.

This is just a bonus.

Rather focus on the longer keyword phrase further above, the one you will do the “secondary” keyword research for using the “Competition” Tab in Jaaxy that researches the first page of video engines within Google, including the main ones, Youtube and Vimeo.

Next check if there is already a Youtube video on the first page under your particular search term. Find below the initial search done for the term “how to build a free website online”…

Example keyword in YouTube
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No videos have been found in Google under that quoted search term, which is fine.

Task 2: Upload Your Video to Youtube

If you don’t yet have a Youtube account, you can create one for free below.

Click on this link to sign up for a Youtube account

Click the above video image to watch the video “From keyword research to youtube – getting traffic from videos ” to follow the process.

Click this link to watch the YouTube video “How to build a website online – takes less than 30 seconds”.

Check the ranking achieved in Google in just a matter of a few days:

Ranking ahieved in Google in just a few days for how to build a free website online
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Important: Make your Video Title enticing so that people may click on it. An example is “Takes Less Than 30 Seconds” added to the video title above.

Lastly, within your description, provide a link to your website, landing page or autoresponder. Otherwise you can’t monetize your Youtube traffic. Since your ultimate goal of producing video is to channel the traffic from your video to your site, etc.

Do you use keyword research to create videos to get traffic from YouTube? Or, what is your opinion about this topic? Tell us about your experience or feelings in the comments box below.

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