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All about Keywords, Part VIII

Traffic-sucking Diamond ultra keywords giveaway

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This post is to give you some keyword ideas and some sample keywords that can drive a lot of traffic. This is called the Ultra keyword list, and it is free for you.
In this list you will find a set of keywords that get a good deal of monthly search volume but have next to no competition.

Yes, each and every keyword in this list has less than 100 competing pages, which means that of all the billions of pages that are indexed in Google, only 100 of those pages have the “exact” term on them. This typically means that you can get first page rankings using them.

Moreover, these keywords cover a wide range of niches and may even give you some insight into brand new niche ideas. Regardless of your niche, you can leverage all of them.

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You should be able to create content using any of these keywords and obtain great rankings on your website. All of these keywords have a maximum of 100 competing pages (most far less) and a minimum of 500 searches per month.

Click on this link to Download the Traffic Diamond Ultra Keywords List.

These keywords are yours. Take and use them as you wish.

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