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All about Keywords, Part X

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Getting real creative with keywords

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Success in PPC depends, first and foremost, on your choice of keywords. That is, if you can come up with keywords that have the power to attract people who are searching for something, in addition to being able to, first, help, second, build trust, and finally, tie in a relevant promotion to a product (in this case, WA) through, then you have the formula for success.

This is important for WA affiliates. Yet they often times are unaware of the fact that the audience the WA program could interest are billions in size. The audience is so large because the services offered by WA can benefit virtually everyone. What is left for affiliates therefore is to capture these “people” through the correct choice of keywords.

To capture this huge audience, WA affiliates must not approach keywords with the thought “who is looking for something like Wealthy Affiliate”, but rather with the idea of “who can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate”.

This is important, as someone searching:

– For the latest lottery numbers can BENEFIT from Wealthy Affiliate
– To book their next beach vacation can BENEFIT from Wealthy Affiliate
– To send their kids to summer camp can BENEFIT from Wealthy Affiliate
– To become an expert day trader can BENEFIT from Wealthy Affiliate
– To sell something online can BENEFIT from Wealthy Affiliate

What you should do to enlarge your campaign is take the following phrase:

Someone searching ____________ can BENEFIT from Wealthy Affiliate

and replace the “______” with absolutely anything you want and you would no doubt come up with a PPC campaign that you can use to successfully promote WA. But it should be stressed once again that it all hinges on the flow of relevance, right from the choice of the initial keyword up to the page you send people to as well as the promotion.

Let’s imagine that someone types in the keywords:

“how to make money online from home free”

into the Bing search engine window and your ad shows up within the sponsored ads as:

Looking to make money online from home free?
Learn the 3 Simple Steps it Takes to Make Money Online from Home Free.

Then if you direct them to a page that shows them how they can make money online from home free within the online world through marketing, SEO strategies, creating a website and building an online presence…all coupled with a place (Wealthy Affiliate) where they can learn to do these, you are going to convert very well.

And this can be done for any keyword at all. So, depending on how marketing savvy you are, you can take keywords which are seemingly irrelevant and use them as very lucrative money makers for your Wealthy Affiliate campaigns.

Succeeding with PPC is just a question of targeting prospects through the correct flow of relevance. This means that if you can be relevant, no matter the keyword used, success can be yours.

The video below is a walk-through of the process from audience, to keywords…to creating targeted landing pages (and tying in a relevant promotion of WA).

Click this link to watch the video “A successful ppc campaign breakdown – audience keywords promotion”.

Task 1: Join in on “Good PPC Keywords” Discussion

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You are going to step for a second into the mind of Kyle, the co-founder of WA, to see how he has come up with MANY different keyword ideas with a bit of simple research. These are keywords that you could effectively use to promote WA. But better still, you will find it revealing as to how Kyle comes up with search terms and new audiences for his PPC campaigns.

First, go to the post below, carefully read and absorb the content, and get real creative on it and offer your insight into audiences that could be leveraged for ppc.

Click on this link to read the post “How to Find Good PPC Keywords – Don’t Do the Obvious”

The great thing about PPC marketing is that it enables you to try new things and be creative. For example, if a keyword doesn’t work or, if a particular campaign flow isn’t so smooth, you could move onto the next one. However, if it works, you can still refine and improve it and thus earn a consistent ongoing revenue from it.

The PPC world has abundant potential because of the relevant flow that you can create (which maximizes conversions). If you stick with your PPC campaigns, you will find some real breadwinning keywords along the way which will generate consistent leads and sales for you

Your task now is to take a piece of paper and put down some “ideas” as to some potential “creative” angles you could take to promote WA through PPC keywords.

Task 2: Come up with 5 Ideas for Targeted Pages

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Now you are going to come up with at least 5 “ideas” for targeted pages that you will create PPC ad groups around. Feel free to use some of the ideas in the Good Keywords blog post, but also come up with some of your own ideas using the research techniques provided.

An example of a targeted page would be the example from above:

“how to make money online from home free”

I would then take these ideas, build out relevant pages for them…tying in a very relevant promotion of Wealthy Affiliate into them.

So spend some time to come up with at least 5 landing page ideas that you will use for your PPC campaign. Fair enough if you can come up with more.

Task 3: Create a New Page Targeting an Audience You Find

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This time you are going to create a page/post on your website that reflects one of your “ideas” for a targeted page. This could be on anything but the only thing to mind is that, relevance is what will lead to conversions.

Kyle has set-up his page to “sell art online”. Please click this link to check it out.

Note that Kyle has included this as a post on his site as he believes it is a valuable post which can get indexed into the search engines as well as be used to create targeted PPC ad groups.

However, if you don’t want your page to get indexed, make it hidden.

Task 4: Create at Least 2 Ad Groups

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Your last task now is to create at least two very targeted ad groups for the new landing page you have created on your site.

The focus is to target keywords that are relevant to the content on your page as in Kyle’s example ad groups that he has created for his “How to Sell Art Online” page.

Feel free to create as many ad groups as you wish for your specific page. (Remember, the more targeted groups you create, the more potential traffic). So, you can come up with 5 or 10 highly relevant ad groups.

Start your bid prices at a level comfortable to you. Kyle usually does so at between $0.30 and $0.50 once his campaign gets rolling. And then he adjust from there (based on traffic and conversions).

Would you like to master keywords and other affiliate marketing topics and blog about them like I’m doing?

Then click this link to join Wealthy Affiliate today.

And click this one too to try the Jaaxy keyword research tool for 30 free searches.

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