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Process of keyword from SEO to money
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All About the Keyword Research Process

 Learn the keyword research process, how to find the best keywords for your niche, research tools you need to find them, how to choose phrases for SEO, etc.

Editor’s note: This blog post is based on the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 1 : Lesson 8 of 10: Understanding the Keyword Research Process.

What is a keyword?

How did you land here?

It’s very probably that you typed the words “keyword research process,” or any variations of it, into a search engine research window.  

Then our post came up and you clicked. And that brought you here.

Those words that you entered into the search engine window is what we call “keywords.”

In short, they are words or phrases that people typewrite into a search engine window to find things they are looking for online.

As billions of people search online to find solutions to problems, this had led to an accumulation of BILLIONS of keywords.

As an aspiring affiliate marketer, and especially as one to be trained by Wealthy Affiliate, you will soon master how to find search terms that people use to find things online. A process referred to as “keyword research.”

You will find that the answer to the question: “How do I find the best keywords for my niche?” is not a complicated one at all.

Only through keyword research can you find the people who are looking for things online.

And when they find you useful in helping them find solutions to their pain points, they will not hesitate to patronize the solutions you propose them.  

What is the Keyword Research Process?

The SEO research process, from keyword research to the sales part, consists of four parts:

  • Keyword research
  • Content writing
  • Getting ranking
  • Getting traffic ‘which leads to the sales)

. Below is a diagram of it:


SEO research process, from keyword research to the sales part, consists of four parts
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Importance of Keywords to Your Business

For somebody working online, keywords are the lifeblood of your business. They are the starting point of all your content and campaigns which will lead to rankings and traffic.

Are you trying to rank in search engines through search engine optimization? Are you seeking to drive traffic with pay-per-click (PPC)? Either way, keywords are YOUR WAY of capturing highly relevant and engaged visitors and directing them to your website.

Let’s take the example of someone looking for the best affiliate marketing training online. They would most likely type in the following keywords into the Google window:

Best affiliate marketing training typed into the Google window to show predictive results
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Since they show up in search, you could target this very keyword with a page/post on your website and rank for it in Google. When that happens, your post will show up within the search engine results page:

Pages ranked in Google natural search results for best affiliate marketing training.
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These are what we call natural, or organic, SEO rankings.

This would lead to traffic. That is, people will click on your links and that would bring them to your website.

Either on your landing page, or from there to another, you could recommend products like Wealthy Affiliate or any other. And when the visitors purchase, you earn a commission.

Briefly, that is how search engine optimization works to bring you traffic vital for your business.

We said earlier that you can get ranked through SEO for FREE and drive traffic through paid advertising.

In the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp course, you will learn organic methods of obtaining traffic. And also how you can drive traffic to your website through paid avenues, like PPC and Facebook Ads.

To do both, you need keyword research tools. And that is what we are going to look at next.

How Do You Find the Best Keywords For Your Niche?

To find keywords for your business which rank in Google searches, you need tools.

What Tools Do You Need to Find Effective Keywords?

The tools used by internet marketers to find the right keywords for their business are called keyword research tools. They are very helpful instruments.

But just like keywords themselves, not all keyword research tools are created equal.

Let’s listen to Kyle on this score:

“There are many keyword and research tools on the market,” he says. “I have used pretty much all of them over the years, from Google’s in house keyword tool to expensive keyword research platforms out there. None of them provided the data that I needed!

Why Kyle so pessimistic?

“I found that most ended up providing useless, and often times, very inaccurate information.”

Of course, that is not what you’re looking for when doing research for keywords.

Introducing Jaaxy, the Best Keyword Research Platform

This is what made Wealthy Affiliate to introducing Jaaxy.

Wealthy Affiliate describes Jaaxy as “an Affiliate and Internet Marketers dream research platform.” Because it captures the data you need about a keyword and does so in a very efficient manner.



How Do You Do Effective Keyword Research for SEO Using GOOGLE And Jaaxy?

Seeing is believing. So let’s see an example of effective keyword research with the Jaaxy keyword research tool.


Task 1: Research and Find 5 Keywords Relating to Your Niche

Getting a grasp for keyword research is what will put you in a position where you can come up with TOO MANY effective keywords and not have enough time to use them all.

That is bad, right, like too much of everything?

No, there are exceptions to every rule.

This is one of them.

Having too many keywords is a good position to be in.

Every newbie internet marketer has been in the situation where they felt as though there was some sort of keyword scarcity.

If knowledge is power, then of course, lack of it is helplessness.

That is why that newbie feeling usually begins to dissipate when you sit down to start performing some keyword research within your given target audience.

You would literally find yourself swamped in keywords.

In this exercise, we are going to research to find 5 keywords related to our niche.

Don’t forget that each post you publish on your website must target a specific keyword. Then as you build out content targeting that keyword, what will happen?

You will start to get rankings.

Then what will happen next?

You will start getting traffic, the ultimate driving force of your business’ revenue.

How do you choose keywords for SEO?

The secret is to start broad in Google where you can get a lot of good ideas. Then you use Jaaxy to narrow down to something more specific.

Let’s see an example with the search term “affiliate”.

As you might have already noticed, when you type any term into the Google search window, you get “Google Instant” results. That is, even without hitting the “enter” key, Google displays predictive results.

This is a goldmine, because it is an incredible way to find new keywords.

With the “affiliate” example search term, this is what you obtain as instant, predictive results:

Affiliate keyword tresearch example phrase into Google with a bunch of instant, predictions
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With just ONE search term, you have FOUR new ideas that you could plug into Jaaxy.

  • affiliate marketing
  • affiliate programs
  • affiliate definition
  • affiliate marketing canada

You can continue plugging these new search terms into the window to get more Google Instant predictive results. Below is the example for “affiliate marketing”:

More Google Instant predictive keyword research results for affiliate marketing
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You’ve just come up with another FOUR ideas that you could next plug into Jaaxy.

As you continue plugging new search terms (like “affiliate marketing training”) into the Google window, the results you obtain become narrower and more targeted.

Here are the search results returned by Google:

Affiliate marketing training keyword research results in Google.
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Yet another FOUR terms.

This is any marketers dream. For the narrower and more targeted the keyword, the greater are the chances of getting rankings with them.

As you see, by typing just THREE keywords into Google, you have found 12 brand new keyword ideas.

Another important place you can get keywords from are “People also ask for” and “Searches related to… (your search term, e.g. affiliate marketing training).


People also ask for results on Google search results page for affiliate marketing training
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Searches related to affiliate marketing training down Google search results page
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One other very important place to find your initial keywords is AnswerThePublic: that free visual keyword research & content ideas tool

Answer the public visualisation for keyword research term affiliate marketing training
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Now that you have dug deep into your keyword, it’s time to plug the keywords into Jaaxy and complete your keyword research.

In order to derive AWESOME keywords, it is important though that you know the type of keywords you must target.

In this wise, each keyword you use in your content or campaigns must comply with some criteria. Precisely, there are only three of them, so don’t get overly anxious.  

What are The Three Criteria Your Keywords Must Meet?

There are 3 qualifying factors for SEO when it comes to keyword research in Jaaxy.

They are traffic, competition and whether or not the keyword actually makes grammatical sense.

Let’s see each of these terms for more clarity:

  1. The keyword must get SOME traffic: The best keyword for you to rank is the one that gets over 30 monthly searches.
  2. The keyword must be under 100 QSR (Competition): This is especially crucial for newer website which are not yet in the position to face the competition. But as you start to build out your site, don’t hesitate to target keywords that are under 200 QSR.
  3. The keyword must make sense: If the keyword is a phrase that you could not use in a sentence to make sense (e.g.: “keyword what is), the best thing to do is not to use it. In short, your keyword phrase must be grammatically correct.

Every premium member at Wealthy Affiliate has access to the quick search feature found in the Jaaxy menu.

To access it, you simply click on the menu.

The submenu will hop up. There is your search right within it.

See how in the image below, “affiliate marketing training” has been entered into the search.

Jaaxy keyword research platform showing affiliate marketing training entered into the search
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Let’s look at a sample search Kyle did for “affiliate marketing training”:

Sample search results page in Jaaxy affiliate marketing training showing keywords, traffic, competition
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See how just one simple keyword search has yielded many keywords that fit the three criteria?

One thing though. You may do a search and not see the full data.

Don’t growl and tear off your hair.

Just click the “Get QSR” link and it will fetch the data for you.

Image showing f you do a search and you don't see the full data, you simply need to click the Get QSR link and it will fetch the data for you.
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Having seen the power of the Jaaxy research tool, aren’t you henceforth going to be creating all of your posts using it for keywords research?

Of course, you are.

For if you want to succeed in the online world, each page or post on your website must target a brand new keyword.

Then as you build out your website over time, this can lead to more and more rankings of your posts and pages. Which will translate into an incredible amount of traffic flooding into your website. And of course, life changing revenue for you.

Who can refuse this?

So, grab this link and come join us in Wealthy Affiliate for your profitable affiliate marketing journey.

An African proverb goes that the dog says that when two of them are playing and each falls on the other that the game becomes interesting.

The same is true of a blog post. A blog post is not worth its name until visitors begin to comment on it.

So go down to the comment box below and let us know what you think about this discussion. Don’t think you have nothing to say. Whatever you say is something. Thanks for your contribution.


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