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All About Wealthy Affiliate – Is It Real or a Scam?

Over the past few years you might have heard some controversy about an affiliate marketing training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Is it legit or scam?

That’s what we’re going to see in this post.

Wealthy Affiliate logo made up of lettrs WA and 2 red arrows pointing to it from left and right and under them Wealthy Affiliate university to signigy All About Wealthy Affiliate – Is It Real or a Scam?
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What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by the present co-owners to share their experience of success to help other people succeed online too.

Wealthy Affiliate first began as a site proposing keywords to affiliate marketers for their PPC campaigns. The success of the operation made people ask for other online services. And from one request to the other, the platform has now become an affiliate marketing training one.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money or Is It a Scam?

To see if Wealthy Affiliate is legit or a scam, we shall look at details such as who owns the company, how long has it been in business, the team that pilots the projects, what services does it offer, some statistics, and finish with testimonials.

Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate belongs to Kyle and Carson who co-founded the company.

Passport black and white picture of Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate co-founder and Marketing Chief
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Kyle is the Marketing Chief. His approach to marketing can be summarized as follows: “You cannot make people love a service, you have to create a service that people love.”

Wealthy Affiliate members will attest to Kyle as a person with a true passion for helping others. A great generator of ideas, he works on many of the training platforms (or, courses) within the company.

Carson, Wealthy Affiliate co-founder and Design Chief in a passport photo smiling and wearing a cap
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Carson is the Design Chief whose approach to design is contained in the sentence: “Effective design isn’t the process of adding more, it is the focused process of being able to take away and simplify.”

Carson also comes up with ideas from their earliest stages and turns them into a real world business application.

How Long Has Wealthy Affiliate Been In Business?

Wealthy Affiliated has been in business since 2005. Over those 14 years the company keeps evolving and innovating at a pace that is faster than the industry.

What Team Pilots Wealthy Affiliate Projects?

Of course, the co-owners are not alone in this huge project. They are assisted by a passionate and brilliantly smart team that works tirelessly behind the scenes. Together they conduct the projects that will further enhance the way people do business online and efficiently too.

Through the design, technology, marketing and support of the team, Wealthy Affiliate services get better and better.

The team that makes such stuff happen is made up of over 23 persons divided into a senior and a junior team.

There are 3 people on the senior team.

Passport photo of KC, Wealthy Affiliate Programming Chief, smiling and carrying a baby on shoulders
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KC is the Programming Chief and his approach to programming is condensed as “Simplicity to the end user is the ultimate form of programmatic sophistication.”

One of the originating members of the team, he has been the brain behind many of the technological innovations shaping Wealthy Affiliate.

Passport photo of Aaron, WEalthy Affiliate Trechnology Chief playing with his dog
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Next is Aaron, the Technology Chief for whom the approach to technology is summed up as “The only boundary of technology is the interruption of a human element.”

Member of the team since 2009, his in-depth technical knowledge of the various components of the platform make the Wealthy Affiliate “machinery” run efficiently and in a stable, secure, and efficient manner.

Passport photo of Jay, Wealthy Affiliate Training Chief
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The third member of the senior team is Jay, the Training Chief whose approach to training is: “There is no reason to ever stop learning. The skills you learn today could pay off forever in the future.”

Apart from Kyle and Carson, Jay is the other Wealthy Affiliate personnel well known to the platform’s members. He holds a weekly “live” classes training at Wealthy Affiliate offering an honest and accurate answer about online business.

Like the co-owners, the senior team are not alone behind this project. They are backed by over 20 full time SUPERSTARS that are actively working on projects and roles within Wealthy Affiliate to translate the company’s ideas into reality.

What Services Do Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform designed for affiliate marketers of all levels. So, whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, you would find Wealthy Affiliate’s online affiliate marketing training useful.

Ideas written on various colored paste-it and pasted on a greyish wall to signify Wealthy Affiliate will help turn your ideas into a business
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Transform Your Ideas into Profits and Start a Business From 1+ Million Lucrative Niches

You need only one idea to create a very successful business online. And you have a hobby or something else that gets you excited and motivated when you think about it. Wealthy Afiliate will help you turn it into a lucrative business.

What if you feel you don’t have any ideas? No problem. Wealthy Affiliate will guide you to choose a direction of your business from over 1,000,000 niches.

Desktop and laptop screens displayed with websites to show how Wealthy Affiliate can help you create websites for your online business
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Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Websites Even If You Have No Design Skills

An offline business needs a “store” location to do business. But an online one must have a website which is a sort of “storefront” for your business. Wealthy Affiliate will help you build one.

Me, build a website? I have no skills to be a web designer.

If that is your reaction, know that building your very own website is SIMPLE within Wealthy Affiliate. The process will even take you less than 30 seconds to come up with a beautiful looking, mobile, and revenue ready website.

I did it too without previous experience and technical knowledge. If I and others have done it then can you too! We had nothing more than particular than you.

When your website is ready, it will need hosting just as you had needed a domain to build it.

If you’re wondering, the domain is location of your website is registered and the hosting is the place where it is kept and made available on the world wide web.

Wealthy Affiliate will offer you both. So you can count on growing your business with Wealthy Affiliate’s state of the art, ultra powerful and secure hosting.

A desktop screen shwoing website traffic to show how Wealthy Affiliate's proven strategies can make you get traffic to your website
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Proven Strategies to Attract Loads of Traffic and Access to Over 4 Billion Potential Customers

When your website is hosted, you need people to visit it. Simply told, people are your business. For without people, whom are you going to advertise or sell to? Nobody.

That is why within the first few training lessons, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all about the most current traffic techniques. Not only that. You will also learn how to get an ABUNDANCE of relevant customers to your website.

Here is a fact: Wealthy Affiliate members OWN Google rankings, and a huge share of ALL traffic online. You can count on that as your assurance.

Logos of amazon, Etsy, WA, YouTube, shopify and ebay to show revenue sources available to Wealthy Affiliate members to make money online
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Your Revenue Sources Are Unlimited From 598,500,000 Products YOU Can Instantly Sell

Now, once you have traffic, you need to monetize (that is, make money) from it. People find this difficult. Far from being difficult, it is rather the fun part.

Did you know that without spending a single dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs?

Yes, you can.

So, as a Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll learn how to choose from close to 600 MILLION products or services and easily promote them on your website.

The sweetest part?

You don’t need any inventory, billing, shipping, support, etc. The affiliate program or network company takes care of all of that. And you take a commission. What can be more desirable than that?

Wealthy Affiliate Powers Affiliate Marketers Worldwide

Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, you can. For the platform lead the affiliate industry, innovate and propel it. “There is a reason over 50,000 independent authority bloggers rank Wealthy Affiliate the ‘go to’ platform for Internet entrepreneurs,” the company’s about us page says.

A Success Motto – Tomorrow Will Always Be Better Than Today

When you think success about anything you do in life, it is imperative to make tomorrow a better day than today. That’s how Wealthy Affiliate treat the service. Their motivation is therefore to get others to feel the same way about their situation. That is, a brighter day is always ahead.

Features You Need to Succeed – Perfect for Beginners and Experts Alike

Are you asking yourself questions like: “Can I make money with wealthy affiliate?” or “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?” or “Is Wealthy Affiliate free?” or even “What is wealthy affiliate and how does it work?”

You can find out in the features below:

  • Master affiliate marketing, with an industry leading education.
  • Get expert coaching from the community when you need help or advice.
  • Find millions of keywords, niches and spy on your competition with Jaaxy.
  • Fully customizable websites, choose from over 3,000 theme designs.
  • Run an entire business from our fast, secure and reliable hosting.
  • Instantly network a rolodex of 1.4 million elite affiliate marketers from the community.

For an exhaustive list and full description of the Wealthy Affiliate services, kindly click on this link.

Some Wealthy Affiliate Statistics

Here are some figures for you to consider:

  • 1,400,000+ MEMBERS

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials – Real Feedback from Real People

Is Wealthy Affiliate real? Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money? From its homepage let’s hear real people give real feedback about Wealthy Affiliate.


Passport photo of Eric, Wealthy Affiliate member who gave a testimonial
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“With all the tools and training here at Wealthy Affiliate, the support, the mentorship, the live video classes, the course lineup, the live chat, the accessibility to incredible mentors, I can say with absolute certainty that this is the best training and mentorship platform for building a successful business online, hands down.”

Eric (Eric Cantu) Current Premium Member (US)

“Finding and joining Wealthy Affiliate was a complete game changer for me. If you want to build a real online business then it will take some time and hard work but it will be profitable and sustainable long term. If this is your goal, look no further – WA has everything you will ever need to succeed online.”

Lynne (LynneHuy) Current Premium Member (South Africa)

“Wealthy Affiliate transformed me. It turned this ordinary guy with no clear career path into someone who will ALWAYS be able to generate an income online. At Wealthy Affiliate you get ABSOLUTE clarity in every aspect within an otherwise foggy and often confusing ‘online biz’ industry. Thank you for everything, Wealthy Affiliate!”

Marcus (Marcus WFHW) Current Premium Member (Great Britian)

“Your choices are limitless here and everything is included in the membership. From keyword lists and tools, endless training, platforms to get comments or help you write content, and those to engage with the community, you have endless resources all available 24/7. I have met people around the world. I love WA and believe it is the best resource available for learning to build a website and a business!”

Jessica (SwanGirl) Current Premium Member (US)

“It’s been over a decade since joining WA and it has helped me achieve financial and personal freedom that a job could never provide me. At one point my wife and I were able to quit our jobs, buy our dream home and travel the world with our daughter as a result of the business WA helped me build. Here’s to another decade of success for all of us!”

Eddy (EddySalomon) Current Premium Member (US)

What You Learnt In This Post

We showed you what Wealthy Affiliate is. And to find out whether it was a real or a scam company, we saw who own it, how long it has been in business and the team behind its projects.

After briefly discussing the services Wealthy Affiliate offer, we saw its features you need to succeed, a few statistics, and especially testimonials from some of its members.

Wealthy Affiliate Community – It’s Truly All about You

Wealthy Affiliate was created for you. It continues to exist because of you. Without you, they have nothing to create. Without you, they have no way to do what they are passionate about, that is, helping people.

So step inside Wealthy Affiliate and experience the uniquely supportive community for yourself. You will quickly find out that everything they build, every change they make, and every feature/system that they add is focused entirely on YOU.

Endless Opportunity from Wealthy Affiliate – Zero Risk for You

Are you keen on knowing why Wealthy Affiliate are the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing training platform in the world?

You can find out for yourself with Wealthy Affiliate’s free Starter membership.


Your risk is zero, your obligation also. For, you don’t need a credit card to sign up. So what are you waiting for? You are minutes away from building your own successful internet business. Click here now.

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Before You Go

Since you stuck with me in this post up to here, it shows your interest in Wealthy Affiliate and what it is. We are anxious to know what you think about our post. Just scroll down to the comment box below and let us know. Thank you.


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14 thoughts on “All About Wealthy Affiliate – Is It Real or a Scam?”

  1. I can’t (yet) tell for sure if affiliate marketing is a good way of making money, but I can tell you a couple of things that I am sure of:

    In less than 2 weeks that I am a member of WA, I have had my website all setup and hosted with all the security, mailing and other neccessary things that go along. Without WA, these things would take me ages to accomplish (or more likely I would have quit along the way).
    There is a “demo” version, if you want the full version, there is a subscription, but adding up all that the full version gives you, it’s well worth it.

    So, if you are trying to setup a webpage of your (and potentially even make some money out of it) and you are willing to work hard on the content, WA is an excellent tool for this.
    WA, however, is not an easy way to make money quick, so if you’re not into hard work, it might not be for you.

    • Hi,
      Well, there are many ways of making money online and affiliate marketing is certainly one of them.

      I agree with you about WA. It takes less than 30 seconds to set up your website. The hosting, the security, the mailing and other neccessary things that go along are what make WA a great platform. You’re right that without WA, these things would take one ages to accomplish (or more likely you would have quit along the way). Ihave been with other sites where I quit or the site just closed down.

      Yes, many people ask, especially in the question and answer site, if WA is well worth it. I proved it right in this post that it is!

      Thanks for acknowledging that if somebody was trying to setup a webpage of their (and potentially even make some money out of it) and they are willing to work hard on the content, WA is an excellent tool for this. I agreewith you because I said it in this post.

      Yes WA is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I also talked about that in this post.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. After reading your post, I felt compelled to look into this a bit more. I see so many members who seem to be succeeding at the training, which is so kindly provided by the owners.

    It seems everyone supports each other; thanks for the heads up on this great program. How long have you been a member here?

    • Hello Eric,

      Oh, so my post compelled you to look into this a bit
      more? I feel like patting myself on the back. If so many members seem to be succeeding at the training,
      it is because the training provided by the owners is great. Besides, the members encourage each other to reach for their dreams.

      I have been a member here since August 2015. And you?

      Thanks for your contribution to this conversation.


  3. Seeing that there are transparent owners of the platform is a very good thing that one will be very happy to take note of on this platform. I like the fact that there are a number of people who are still very active. One other thing about wealthy affiliate that I admire is the fact that they have been in business for a long time and still there are no complaints whatsoever about it. That is, in fact, a very good feature. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Hi Henderson,

      Yes, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate are very transparent about their business and that, as you observed rightly “is a very good thing that one will be very happy to take note of on this platform.” Many people, going into millions, are still very active on the training platform. Their having been in business for such a long time shows how strong they are. Oh, there are a few complaints but they are so few that one think there aren’t any. Just go on quora nd you will find some complaints. I told a woman always complaining that she doesn’t know the company she was talking about and that she shouldn’t imagine thousands of us members to be fools.

      Thank you for commenting too!


  4. I have read a bit about Wealthy Affiliate but it hasn’t been until this post that I have read a whole review. While reading previous posts, I seemed to be in a hurry to go do something else or they just used so many complicated terms that I wasn’t able to read it all through.

    Now having a more complete idea, I’m excited. One of the things I like the most is that our revenue sources are unlimited. Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Abel,

      You tickle me by saying that although you’ve been reading about Wealthy Affiliate but my post is the one which has given you the appetite to read to the end. You make me feel special but I will still stay on my modest scale.

      You’re excited about Wealthy Affiliate? It’s the right time for you. Now, we are in Black Friday Sales. You can get a whole year of premium membership for $299, which works up to something like $0.82a day.

      Yes, there are some ways to make money on the platform. But when you learn with it to make money, your revenue sources are unlimited, as you said.

      Thanks for this comment on my post.


  5. It will be blasphemy to say that wealthy affiliate is a scam because there are owners that are very transparent that are also on the platform ready to help others. From time to time, I usually chat with Kyle and he gives some tips to me when I am in need of them. The statistics of the platform will tell no lie and as can be seen, one can really earn a lot from being a part of everything. I joined a while ago and I know that it is not a scam.

    • Hello John,

      Oh, never have I seen anybody label Wealthy Affiliate as a scam. As you so strongly noted, that would be a blasphemy. I totally agree with you? 

      Oh, you chat with Kyle from time to time? Maybe I should start doing that too. I have things to discuss with him about my website. Maybe he can give me some good tips.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of those programs that one feels proud promoting and this Black Friday is the right time to do it so that people can benefit from the lowest price possible.

      Thank you for your comment.



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