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Amway Business and Amway Business Opportunity

Today we will be looking at the Amway business opportunity.

This is the number one rated multi-level marketing company in the business and we thought we would take a look at what it is all about.

Just about everyone is familiar with Amway’s products on the surface but how much do we really know about their product line and their marketing program?

We are lucky in this review because we have a ton of experience. This comes not only from using their products for years but also from associating with one of their top representatives. So we can give a good first-hand review of this business.

Today we will find out all there is to know about this company. So let’s start with a little history of Amway.

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What is Amway?

Amway is a company that was formed in 1959 by two gentlemen named Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel. It is based out of Ada, Michigan.

Their story is interesting in the fact that they were friends and business partners since childhood. They first got into the line of selling products through a company they created called Nutrilite.

They started being distributors for this company and built up a force of over 50000 distributors. They introduced the multi-level marketing aspect of commissions by not only giving profits from sales to their distributors, but also a piece of the distributors’ sales below them in the pyramid. In 1959 they changed the name to American Way or Amway for short.

Their newly formed company now needed to manufacture their very own product and sell. So they had a scientist from Chicago design an all-purpose cleaner. They bought the rights to this cleaner and named it liquid organic cleaner or LOC for short.

They then contracted with a company called Atco manufacturing and had their product produced. This led them to eventually buy 50% stock in Atco and renaming the company Amway Manufacturing Corporation.

They then started expanding into other countries. And they were well on their way to becoming one of the most successful MLM companies in the world, actually becoming number one on this list!

They soon had established lines of products under many different divisions such as household cleaners, cosmetics, artistry, Nutrilite, epring, and XS.

The Amway Products

After designing, manufacturing and selling their first product called LOC, they were well on their way. They started introducing new products to their product line and soon they grew that line into one of the most successful lines of wholesale products available anywhere. Soon they had a lock on the market that they enjoy to this day.

They now boast over 450 different products that are produced all over the world. And according to Wikipedia “Amway brands include Artistry, Atmosphere, Body Blends, Bodykey, Body Works, Clear Now, eSpring, Glister, and iCook.”

Others are “Legacy of Clean, Nutrilite, Peter Island, Perfect Empowered Drinking Water, Personal Accents, Ribbon, Satinique, Artistry Men and XS.”

They also have all of the original products and the company of Nutrilite as this company has gone on to be a force all by itself in the MLM niche.

The MLM program at Amway

Like most MLM companies, Amway pays for both direct sales and for recruiting new distributors they call Independent Business Owners or IBO’s for short.

Amway pays on several levels including sales performance bonuses and incentives.

Because Amway has so many companies under its chief brand, this opens up different marketing strategies for its IBO’s. They can get into individual circles for each subdivision and create a downline over and over thus increasing the potential for no cap profits.

They also offer insurance for their distributors and all kinds of sales incentives.

Amway also offers many different training sessions both online and live and have conventions all over the world.


Amway has become sponsors of many different commercial entities. The DeVos family actually owns the Orlando Magic who play their games where else but in the Amway Arena!

They also sponsor Los Angeles Sol of Women’s Professional Soccer, San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer, and the Detroit Red Wings.

The company is also very active in politics and supports the Republican party and has even had a distributor back in 1994, Sue Myrick

One of the company’s main motos is “Christian Morality and free enterprise!” They are very Christian based and use biblical quotes in many of their training sessions.

They are very set in their ways and it would be wise to share their values and ideals to really be able to excel in the company. But a person could become very successful regardless as they are set up for success!

Our take on Amway

Based not only on the review but also on personal experience using Amway products growing up and living next door to a very highly successful independent business owner for the company, we have to give this multi-level marketing program a huge thumbs up!

We saw firsthand how the products work, how eco-friendly they are and how much our neighbor was constantly flying off here and there on trips and business ventures. And we sure liked that idea!

They have an outstanding product line and they back their distributors better than any other MLM company we have reviewed. And that is why they hold the number one spot on the most successful MLM companies in the world.

We hope this review helps you in your quest to find a good MLM company and we cannot say enough about the Amway business and the Amway business opportunity.

Please share or review on your social media so others get a chance to check this wonderful company out and as always.

Happy marketing!

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8 thoughts on “Amway Business and Amway Business Opportunity”


    You also discuss the company “What is Amway?”

    For this everyone can gain knowledge about this company.

    Amway provides Premium quality products. That is so good. 

    Amway also has The MLM program , Sponsorship .

    Your Review is a company friendly review. 

    • Hello Nayem,

      Thank you for liking my review about “AMWAY BUSINESS AND AMWAY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY”.

      Yes, how can you review a company without talking about it? That’s why I also discussed “What is Amway?”

      Yes, this will allow everybody to gain knowledge about the company.

      Sure, Amway provides premium quality products. That is why it has been so successful and even continues to be so. 

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.


  2. Although Amway does have distributors who have been successful with the program, there are also many who have lost a lot of money on it, which is true of most MLM programs. There’s also the fact that Amway is well known as something that a lot of people have failed at, and that would make it challenging to convince people to join it. For those reasons, I wouldn’t sign up for Amway or any other MLM. There are better ways to make money without a job, like affiliate marketing.

    • Hello there,

      Now, if we are to compare the number of Amway distributors who have been successful with the program with those who have lost a lot of money on it, which group do you think will be bigger? I think that is how to measure the success of this company. It’s not surprising that many people have failed at Amway. Business itself is not easy to do. Relational marketing more so.

      Okay, you have your good reasons not to ask people to sign up for Amway or any other MLM. But know that some people will do very well here.


  3. Well detailed article, I would like to appreciate you for the efforts you have made as you come up with this article, personally I never knew about the Amway business until I came across your article, at least for now I know the founders and how they developed their business to a successful one, I know it took them time for their products to run worldwide, I believe their products are awesome, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Joy gateru,

      Thank you. While writing this review, I tried to put in as many details as possible. Of course, that demands efforts.

      Oh, so you didn’t know about the Amway business until now? What is important now is that you know all about it. I think the story of the founders going from a modest beginning to a worldwide company should inspire others. Their products are loved by their customers, so they must be good.

      Yes, do subscribe
      to my newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles.

      Thank you for your comment.


  4. Hey I am watching your video and reading your article. It is really helpful for us because this videos you have discussed about our own business path.Your article reviews the complete idea of ​​what we know about the Amway business

    .I really like your article. Thanks for sharing this. Go ahead I’m always with you.

    • Hey

      Thanks for watching my video and for reading my article. I’m happy you found it really helpful
      for you. You got a complete idea of ​​the
      Amway business from it? I think, is another plus for the review.

      Thanks for commenting. I hope you will come back another time to visit.



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