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Arbonne Review

Today’s article will be an Arbonne review.

Arbonne International is number 38 on the list of the top 100 multi-level companies in the world. It boasts an annual income of 541 million dollars.


Arbonne skincare, bath & body and nutrition products for Arbonne review
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The company does business around the world and claims its products are all-natural and harmless to the body.

We always like reviewing companies that produce their own line of products and Arbonne meets these qualifications.

Could this be the MLM company everyone is looking for to invest in and make money?

We will look at who they are, where they are from and what they can offer as a MLM program.


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The company

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This company was founded in 1980 by a Norwegian entrepreneur named Peter Mork in Orem Utah.

They are now headquartered in Irvine California.

They do business in Poland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Their inception is an interesting story.

Peter worked in the cosmetics industry from 1965 to 1975 but became disillusioned with the current products claiming that they damaged the skin and were unhealthy.

He moved to Switzerland and teamed up with Pierre Bottiglieri.

There are two different stories about how his line of products was created.

The first is that the two of them created cosmetics that were made with no animals or petroleum and were safe for both the body and the environment.

The second story says that they bought the formula from Pierre’s former employer, Laboratoires Cosmetiques Arval and rebranded it as their own.

We could not find out which story was accurate but at least the end product is a safe line of cosmetics and that works for us.

They had at one point 1.8 million independent consultants working for them but the current numbers were unavailable at the time of this writing.

Arbonne Charitable Foundation is a non-profit founded by the company to support the development of self-esteem and confidence in teenage girls and boys.


The products

Arbonne naturally inspired, scientifically tested products
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The products list includes nutritional supplements, cleansers, sunscreens, moisturizers, and exfoliants.

Arbonne claims its products are exclusive, created and manufactured in house and distributed from their own distribution centers.

They do their research and creation at the company-owned Arbonne Institute of research and Development in Switzerland. And then manufacture them stateside.

Products are labeled cruelty free, animal-free, vegan, kosher, and BSCG-certified.

The business model

To join Arbonne you will either need to become a preferred customer or a consultant.

The preferred customer membership will cost $29.00 a year and will give you discounts on your personal product purchases.

To become a consultant you will need to purchase a starter kit for $49.00 which includes everything you will need to get started and then pay a yearly renewal fee of $29.00

At the time of this writing, the company is offering to wave the signup fee with a qualifying sale of 500 QVC in your first month. Their website has all of their current sign up information.

Sales of their products come first, but while you are recruiting new customers you will also be adding new distributors to your downline.

You will start your own personal online store and recruit customers who will then order products from you in which you will receive 35 to 50 percent off of the products you order. In addition, you will receive commission checks for any sales in your downline.

Hopefully, some of these customers will also want to become distributors like you.

We could not find any information on who pays for this personal online store but hopefully it is supplied by the company. If not this could get expensive.

The numbers on how much their distributors make are not very good with only 4.1 percent earning over $300.00 a year and a whopping 83% earning nothing at all!

Now, these numbers are normal for most MLM programs, and it takes a real go-getter to make money in this kind of work. Note that it is not for everyone, but people do make a good living doing this. Unfortunately, they are just in the minority.

They also offer a free Mercedes car program but from what we have read about it, we recommend to steer clear of this perk unless you are a top earner.

The pros

  • Well established and respected company
  • Cheap start-up cost
  • Your own online store
  • Great products
  • Product prices are affordable
  • Safe products for both the environment and people
  • Association with a nonprofit called Arbonne Charitable Foundation for teenage girls and boys

The cons

  • Hard to make money
  • Many pending lawsuits
  • Many recalls of their products
  • Lack of information on their business model

Our view

We had a hard time with this one. Although it is a legitimate company and it does have a good product but it does have some areas of concern. Some of them are pending lawsuits and recalls. Besides, they lack profits by many of its distributors.

That being said they do have a good business plan for experienced marketers. They also do have a very affordable start-up cost topped with great discounts.

This makes it desirable for many of the hard-hitting marketers looking for a MLM company to work with.

We are however concerned about the lack of information on any hidden costs that we could not find. But the company does boast there are no hidden costs so we must go with their word on this.

We give Arbonne a thumbs up for the experienced, but a thumbs down for the beginners as companies like these tend to eat up the inexperienced marketers.

Thanks for checking out our Arbonne review and we hope it helps in choosing a good multi-level marketing program to invest in.

Be sure to check out our many reviews posted under our reviews tab above. Do please feel free to leave us any questions or comments you may have about this article as we always love hearing from you!

Until next time, happy marketing!


Are you tired of losing money investing in companies that promise you so much and then deliver so little? Take a look at our number one recommendation for making money online and the best part is you can start today for free!


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20 thoughts on “Arbonne Review”

  1. Lovely article, will really help someone who wants to start up something MLM. I like your use of visual aid, the jaxxy explanation is also of help too. I like the fact that you have an affiliate link for people who wants to go into online marketing, or creating their own niche. All in all i love everything you wrote. I didn’t know anything about ARBONNE company before. You really explained it well. So in the area of MLM, the 19 you listed does it mean it is risky to register in any one of them.

    • Hi Eunice,

      Thanks for your appreciation of my article. I also hope it helps someone who wants to start up an MLM business. I always use at least one image and one video to spice up the texts and especially to further explain the content. Affiliate links are important for people to go and check for more information but especially to sign up if the business ends up interesting them. Well, there’s always a first day for someone to get to know something. I’m glad to have introduced Arbonne to you. The 19 MLM companies I listed are recommended for people to consider working with. However the 9 are those you must avoid.

  2. Great review. You outlined the good as well as the bad. You were right – it takes a real go-getter to succeed in this business. It is definitely not for everyone and the numbers speak for itself. A little over 4% making over $300 shows how difficult it is. It’s usually the shareholders who make the most. Their products are also usually overpriced. Their protein powders cost over $75

    • Hey Sonny,

      Thanks for qualifying my review as great. A review which does not show the good and the bad side of the company or product will be one-sided. Yes, some MLM businesses are for hard hitters. If you’re not one and you get into it, it’ll not take long before you lose your enthusiasm. Imagine working very hard only to make just over $300! And this is unethical when it’s usually the shareholders who make the most money, when the products are overpriced. Your example of protein powders which cost over $75 is an eye-opener.

  3. Thank you for a good review of MLM in general as well as with this specific company. As you pointed out, many people do make money with such opportunities, but, as you also pointed out, it takes a particular kind of “go getter,” usually, to be successful in the endeavors.

    I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried this product.

    • Hi Randy,

      Thank you too for a valuable comment on this review. Yes, it takes “go getters,” to make money in such endeavors. Ordinary people who sign up end up losing money or gain very little of it.

      Yes, the opinion of anyone who has tried this product will be precious. Is there a candidate?

  4. Thank you for sharing!

    According to the cons of this company you mention in the article, such as

    – Hard to make money
    – Many pending lawsuits
    – Many recalls of their products
    – Lack of information on their business model

    It seems to make people more concerned to join their program.

    So, have you personally tried this program yourself? If yes, could you share your experience with us?

    I’m wondering what has made you write about this company? Thanks!

    • Hi there,

      Thank you too for commenting.

      Yes, whilst pros encourage people to consider something, the cons will certainly discourage them from joining a program.

      No, I haven’t personally tried this program myself. So, as you see, there is no experience to share with you?

      Every review I write aims to warn people about joining companies in which they couldn’t succeed or encouraging them to join those which can make them money.

  5. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about ARBONNE.

    I have very dry skin. I have read many articles about skin creams, but this is the best I have read. Thanks for these useful tips, I will definitely take my skincare package from ARBONNE.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    • Hello Razvanllie,

      Thanks a lot too for such an interesting comment on this review.

      Oh, you have very dry skin like me! Then let’s both try Arbonne’s skin creams, okay? It was my pleasure serving you these tips. I’m sure, like me, you’ll also come here and share your experience of the skincare package from ARBONNE.

      I don’t mind at all, go ahead and share this article on your social media account. Thanks for this love!

  6. Hi Akoli,

    Thank you for the detailed Arbonne review.

    Reading through your article, I find the usual clues and red flags that every single MLM opportunity comes with. 

    The very fact of recruiting people and buying a product upfront is a big NO for me. The Cons you mentioned are more than enough for me to stay away from Arbonne opportunity, pending lawsuits and product recalls are, in my opinion, a clear sign of imminent failure.

    I would choose affiliate marketing instead, and 100% agree with your recommendation on that!



    • Hi Jordan,

      Thank you too for your comment on this review.

      In every review, we signal every red flag we find to let people know the danger of working with that company.

      Not everybody likes to recruit people to build a downline and buy a product upfront to get a commission. Yes, when a company has too many cons, the best thing to do is to stay away from them. Pending lawsuits and product recalls are also not good signs for a company.

      Choose affiliate marketing if you must, and thanks for agreeing 100% with our number one recommendation: Wealthy Affiliate!

  7. Arbonne ia very reputable company i have used some of there products,i must tell you they are one of the best especially when it comes to their nutrition line and skin care products..thanks for sharing this important info i would definitely be of help to the public as it has been of help to me.

    • Hey Feji,

      For you, Arbonne ia very reputable company. We wished you would have mentioned some of their products that you used. But at least you mentioned their nutrition line and skin care products. It was my pleasure sharing this info with my readers and I’m happy it has been of help to you.

  8. This seems to be a black box; not too much information about anything. $79.00 is probably not a million dollars, but they’re better in your bank account than in someone else’s. Thanks for delivering an honest and clear review of what could be realistic expectations before becoming an ARBONNE member.  

    It all depends on you. I mean, if you’re a great speaker and you do really love repeating yourself over and over and over again on a daily basis, just changing who you have in front of you to repeat and repeat… well, I’m happy for you. MLM requires great observation power; if you try to recruit someone that is a client and fails to do so, most likely you’ll lose that someone as a client also (once realizing probably up to 50% of the price gets paid in commissions).

     I’ll keep the alternative offer within your “Number one recommendation” as Affiliate Marketing requires less face to face interaction and is free to try (nothing to lose while finding out if this would work for me).

    Thanks for a great recommendation post!

    • Hi Juan,

      Yes, no amount is too small to keep in your bank account instead of throwing it down the drain. It was my pleasure serving my readers this review. I’m happy if it got people realistic expectations before becoming an ARBONNE member.

      Sure, the ability to convince people even if they are impermeable to your message is a quality required of people doing face-to-face recruiting. People are generally reticent to joining MLM businesses and this wall can easily disarm the recruiter. It’s when people receive one no after another that they begin to lose faith in the business and finally give it up.

      Obviously our “Number one recommendation” requires less face to face interaction, as you said. One can recruit through writing reviews and sharing content on one’s blog and on social media.

      Thanks to you too for your detailed comment!

  9. Considering this is a current review, please note that you have important INCORRECT info … to become an Independent Consultant with Arbonne the Registration Fee is normally $49/year, not $79. This month the Reg Fee is waives w/a qualifying order. Also, the Starter Kit includes mostly the basics to get started, product catalog, Success Plan, brochures, Consultant Resource Guide, and some samples. If you want to sell something, you should KNOW what you’re selling so most of us start off with whichever product(s) we were 1st attracted/introduced to. I bought a 30-Day nutritional kit, LOVED IT and started sharing my experience w/others! I’ve been an Independent Consultant for 3 years and absolutely LOVE the company, it’s Vision/Mission for Planet, People & Products! We’ve just become a B-Certified Corp too! And, products are Top Quality w/a 45-Day Return policy … you can’t go wrong … try it for yourselves! @lcj_arbonneic

    • When I checked, this is what I found: “Register – Arbonne › pws › homeoffice › tabs › register Become an Independent Consultant and start earning money today through your very own … Limited Time Offer: $0 Registration Fee with 500 QV Order.Missing: normally ‎year, ‎$79″ Maybe what you are giving is new information. I like the idea of starting off with the products(s) you were 1st attracted/introduced to. With your position in the company, your comment os very helful to us. Thank you for your valauable contribution.

  10. Please tell me where I can find info re: current pending lawsuits and recalls … I’m unaware of any current issues within last few years, especially now since under new ownership. Thanks!


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