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Arbonne versus Plexus Worldwide

Do you know that Arbonne is a competitor of Plexus Worldwide? Now, how do they compare in their details, managers, position among the top 100 MLMs, products, number of countries where they do business, business models, annual sales, pros and cons, legal issues, and our views of them?


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That’s what we’re going to see using the 10 factors we draw on to write our MLM reviews.

That said, let’s dive in to see the first one.

Year of creation / Number of years of companies and other details


The Arbonne company was founded in 1980 in Orem, Utah.

Their inception is an interesting story worth telling.

From 1965 to 1975, a certain Peter worked in the cosmetics industry. But he became disillusioned with the products being made, bemoaning the fact that they damaged the skin and were also unhealthy.

Peter therefore moved to Switzerland and teamed up with a man named Pierre Bottiglieri to create something better.

There are two different stories about how his line of products came about.

The first tells that Peter and Pierre Botiglieri came up with cosmetics that were made with no animals or petroleum and were safe for both the body and the environment.

The second story recounts that the two bought the formula from Pierre’s former employer called Laboratoires Cosmétiques Arval and rebranded it as their own.

We were not able to find out which of the two stories was real but at least we got to know that the end product is a safe line of cosmetics and that works for us.

Arbonne success was so good that at one point they had 1.8 million independent consultants working for them. Unfortunately at the time of this writing the current numbers were not available.

The company founded a non-profit called Arbonne Charitable Foundation to support the development of self-esteem and confidence in teenage girls and boys.


Plexus Worldwide was founded in 2006.

The company is privately traded and has 200 employees.

All kinds of information about the company and its products can be found at the company’s website, one we found easy to use.


Founder(s) and/or Director(s) of the company


If there is something we particularly loved about Arbonne, it is the fact that they produce their own line of products. Indeed, we always like reviewing companies of the sort.

This company was founded in Orem, Utah, by a Norwegian entrepreneur by the name of Peter Mork.

But they are now located in their headquarters in Irvine, California.


Plexus on its part was founded by Tari Robinson. He is also the CEO of the company. There are two co-founders: Alfred Petterson, who is the international president, and Alec Clark, who serves as the chief marketing officer.

Scottsdale, Arizona, is where they chose to be located.

Between them Tari and Alfred both have over 60 years in direct sales and marketing experience in the weight loss niche.


Position among top 100 MLM companies in the world


Arbonne International features at number 38 on the list of the top 100 multi-level companies in the world.


Plexus however comes in at number 39 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world in 2020.


Products and/or services offered


The Arbonne products list is made up of nutritional supplements, cleansers, sunscreens, moisturizers, and exfoliants.

The company boasts its products are exclusive, created and manufactured in-house and distributed from their own distribution centers.

Their research and creation are done at the company-owned Arbonne Institute of research and Development in Switzerland. Then they manufacture them stateside.

Arbonne’s products carry labels declaring them cruelty free, animal-free, vegan, kosher, and BSCG-certified. They also claim their products are all-natural and harmless to the body.


The Plexus Worldwide product line is of the best quality and they are also 100 percent vegetarian.

You would also find them as non-GMO, and for the most part also gluten-free. All of them without exception carry a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.

Products made by Plexus are focused on better digestive health. And their website even declares that they are on the cutting edge of science.

The company’s products are geared to make you all-around look, feel, focus, and live healthier and better.

Let us cite one example of their products: TriPlex. It is a formula of probiotics to give you a happier and healthier gut.

Another one worth knowing is Nourish One. It is a meal packs with a twist.

The products are great for you. But imagine that for every one you buy one is donated to the company’s global charities. This is done through their philanthropic organization Plexus Charities. It gives to people in need.

As for the Joyōme Family of products, and you will find them great for anti-aging results that work and work well.

The last product we will quote as an example here is their newly launched Joyōme™ Multi-Action Collagen Complex. It is a drink mix formulated to make your skin radiant and younger-looking.

Plexus also claims that their products will help lower your cholesterol level and also work on blood sugar levels, as well as on lipid levels.


Number of countries in which the companies do business


The company Arbonne does business in Poland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the United States.


They do business in 14 countries.


Business model / Compensation plan


To join Arbonne you will be asked to purchase a starter kit for $79.00. The company assures this is all you need to invest to get started with them.

The kit includes a starter guide and samples.

They have a yearly renewal fee but we could not find any info on how much that costs.

Sales of Arbonne’s products come first. But while you are recruiting new customers, at the same time you will be adding new distributors to your downline.

They help you to start your own personal online store. Then you recruit customers who will order products from you. From this you will receive 35 to 50 percent off of the products you order. In addition, you will receive commission checks for any sales in your downline.

It is very likely that some of these customers will also want to become distributors like you.

We could not find any information on who pays for that personal online store but we hope it is supplied by the company. If that is not the case, this could get expensive.

The numbers on how much money their distributors make are not encouraging at all. While 4.1 percent earn over $300.00 a year, a huge 83% gain nothing at all!

Now, if you know MLMs, you will agree that these numbers are normal for most MLM programs. That’s why it takes a real go-getter to make money in this kind of work. We stress that while this is not for everyone, people actually do make a good living doing this. Sadly, they are just in the minority.

Arbonne also operate a free Mercedes car program. But judging by what we have read about it, we recommend that you stay clear of this perk unless you are a top earner.


There’s one thing we have found about this company that we were not happy about. Which was that their business plan is a binary MLM one.

This is set up like most binary plans, with a strong and a weak leg. Such an arrangement is the weakest of the MLM plans used on the industry. What it does is keep the people at the top in cash and leave most of the people below them as workers.

To correct this disparity, the company has created many different levels for their ambassadors (distributors) to make commissions from, along with many discounts and the likes.

To become a distributor, a position the company calls ambassadors, you will first need to purchase a starter kit. The company calls it a slim pack.

To do this you must create an account on their website and pay the yearly maintenance fee of $35.00. This will cover your replicated website.

You will then have 30 days to purchase your welcome package.

There are two welcome packages to choose from: one is at $99.00 and the other sells for $199.00.

To qualify to start collecting commissions you must sell $100.00 in products. Once that threshold is met you are on your way!

We do really like the size of the commissions.

For instance, if you sell one slim pack at the retail pricing, you will make $100.00 as commission. That quite a nice figure, don’t you agree?

If you have a downline selling for you, it is sure that the money adds up real quick. But, and yes, we must tell you about this: it seems their prices are very high.

Now they do mitigate this by only selling their products through their ambassadors. So this is exclusive. Meaning, they do not allow any pricing on the internet besides their ambassador’s websites.

Even to sign up to be an ambassador can only be done through an ambassador.


Annual sales


It boasts an annual income of 541 million dollars.


It has an annual income of $532 million dollars.


Pros and cons


The pros

  • Well established and respected company
  • Cheap start-up cost
  • Your own online store
  • Great products
  • Product prices are affordable
  • Safe products for both the environment and people
  • Association with a nonprofit called Arbonne Charitable Foundation for teenage girls and boys

The cons

  • Hard to make money
  • Many pending lawsuits
  • many recalls of their products
  • Lack of information on their business model


The pros

  • Well established company
  • Well respected company
  • Great prices
  • Good business plan
  • Great customer service
  • Exclusive product availability
  • Many different products to choose from
  • Affordable signup
  • Personal website

The cons

  • High prices
  • Binary business model
  • Many different side effects from the products

Bans / Complaints / Legal issues


We can cite pending lawsuits and recalls.


None to report for this company, which is to their advantage.


Our view of / take on the company


We would not hide the fact that we had a hard time with this one.

Arbonne is a legitimate company. It does have a good product. But it does harbor some areas of concern. We can cite pending lawsuits and recalls. Moreover, they lack profits by many of its distributors.

Despite these the company has put in place a good business plan for experienced marketers. They also do propose a very affordable start-up cost on top of great discounts.

This makes Arbonne very attractive for many of the hard-hitting marketers looking for a good MLM company to work with.

We have a concern though. It is about the lack of information on any hidden costs that we could not come across. But the company assures there are no such costs so we have no choice but to go with their word on this.

We have to give Arbonne a thumbs up for the experienced marketer. But for the beginners it has to be a thumbs down as companies like this tend to eat up the inexperienced marketers.


All in all we are satisfied with this company.

We do not appreciate the binary part of the business model, although they do make up for it in several areas. We can cite examples as exclusive product availability, multiple different discounts and levels of commissions, and a large overall commission percentage.

We also like the fact that the company provides its ambassadors their own personal quality website for a 35.00 fee a year. This is about as inexpensive as we could have hoped for.

We are giving Plexus a thumbs up and we would recommend it for both the beginner and the expert multi-level marketers.


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6 thoughts on “Arbonne versus Plexus Worldwide”

  1. I think Arbonne and Plexus are both well established and respectable companies. Their compensation plans are awesome. But what makes me take a step back is the fact that their products are not 100% safe. Selling quality and reliable products are the highlights of running an MLM business. And seeing that so many people have suffered from those products, I will keep off.

    Thanks for your detailed review!

    • Hello there,

      Yes, Arbonne and Plexus are both fine companies. Their compensation plans also. The reason why we analyse the products of companies is to let readers know how good they are to be promoted or how bad they are to be avoided. These factors affect your sales and trust with your customers.

      Thanks for your comment too!

  2. Hey nice article you have there. Their efficacy may not be the same for every user but Arbonne does include probiotic in their product which is great to promote better health combined with soothing ingredients to comfort your stomach. Plexus on the other hand also use various beneficial supportive ingredients, but they can be very dehydrating.

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for appreciating my article. You seem to know the ingredients used by both companies which adds to the quality of your comment. Thanks for contributing to this discussion.

  3. I think taste and smell wise, Plexus wins hands down. Arbonne has a horrible flavor and creams/lotion literally smell horrible! Arbonne is much more expensive and is harder to sell.


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