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Are solo ads an effective way to build my business?

In the blog post What’s a solo ad?, I said that Easycash4Ads has been strongly advising its members to use solo ads for marketing the program and I gave you indications as to how best to do so for yours too.

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But you may be wondering why solo ads are an effective method of email advertising?

Are solo ads effective?         

Yes, they are.

(But like everything else not all solo ads give excellent results. As Bruce Baxter (Founder, Developer & Admin of Easycash4ads) said: go ahead and use that $10 solo ad to 2,500 leads. It’s your money and nobody can stop you from throwing it down the drain. But if you are serious use only udimi. I’d add webtraffic21.)

This is because there is really no better way to generate leads and make new sales than by using solo ads. Paradoxically solo ads are not so well known to internet workers as an online marketing tool.

What’s a solo ad?

A solo ad is a standalone email (meaning your message goes out without any others attached to it), a form of advertisement that a solo ad provider or an ezine administrator sends to their email subscriber base or list.

They are the most effective method of putting your message before new subscribers.

Who’s a solo ad provider or an ezine administrator?

A solo ad provider is a person who sends advertisements to their list. And an ezine administrator is an online newsletter that sells advertising space just like a print magazine. What is interesting for the advertising method of the two is that they send your message directly to their list as if it was your own.

How do solo ads work?

First, you write your solo ad (click here for the 5 secrets to writing it). Then you contact a solo ads provider or online newsletters (ezines) to purchase a solo ad. Of course, you’d need to send the traffic to a website, a business, or a phone number to promote your business, your product, your affiliate link, or even yourself.

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What are the benefits of using solo ads?

Compared with other online advertising methods, solo ads are:

  • a very cost effective method of reaching a large number of people
  • the best way for your message to reach people or ezines that are targeted to your specific niche
  • the best route for your message to land directly in the inboxes of a list of receptive subscribers.

How can you get the most out of a solo ad campaign?

First, make sure your message is well written in its various parts (ad campaign title, the body of the email, what you’re advertising, various links to your offer, sending subscribers exactly what they opted in for).

Then target a list of subscribers that are directly related to your offer. Common sense advice if you want to get the most out of your advertising dollars and if you want to see excellent campaign results (high click through rate, high optin rate, and low to nil unsubscribe rate).

Like a list, newsletter or similar, provide value to the email recipients. If you provide them good content or value, the list will be more likely to give you their contact information.

Very important: Don’t forget to track your results by monitoring how many clicks, leads, or sales each of your solo ad campaigns are generating. This way you can know which provider to use for your follow up campaigns.

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Where can you purchase the best solo ads advertising?

Like anything else linked to your online business, there are many places, many solo ad providers and many ezines to purchase your solo ad from. But since we must recommend only what we know, I can for the moment only suggest solo ad providers on udimi and webtraffic21. Click here to use WebTraffic21 to drive traffic, increase leads and sales   

Final word

Are solo ads the way to go for lead generation, signups or to make direct sales?

Definite yes.

Click here to contact solo ad providers on udimi right now! 

Click here to use WebTraffic21 to drive traffic, increase leads and sales


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