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Are Tupperware parties still profitableas a worldwide opportunity
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Are Tupperware parties still profitable?

We were recently asked, “Are Tupperware parties still profitable?” and we could not answer that question!

We remembered those parties from way back and we were so surprised by the question that we decided today’s article would cover everything we could find about them.



Do Tupperware parties still exist? And if so, are they profitable? And what kind of product lines do they have today?

All good questions that we will do our best to answer in this article.

It is not very often you think about home parties and multi-level marketing in the same sentence. But if you think about it this company was a pioneer in both.

Let’s take a look at Tupperware and see what they are all about!

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The Tupperware Company


Way back in 1943 Earl Tupper invented his first of many storage containers made out of rubber.

In order to seal them, you had to burp them and this became a huge selling point for his products.

It did not take long for Brownie Wise, a worker at the company to come up with the idea of direct selling to his customers through what would become Tupperware parties.

Thus the marketing program was born and rules were set up to follow when setting up these parties. Brownie then became the vice president of the company and in charge of the direct sales division.

She decided women would be in charge and they would follow a strict dress code and set up and put on these parties.

They came up with the idea of family, friends, and neighbors getting together and buying products through these parties and soon Tupperware Parties INC was formed.

This home party feeling was more like a party than a sales meeting. The company had huge success with this type of marketing and soon became a worldwide force in the storage container niche.

The Tupperware Products


As in any successful program, the products have to be top quality and these products are just that.

Everybody at one time or another has held a Tupperware product in their hands and knows how they work.

Today it is no different than in the past.

The containers are the best out there and the best part and a genius marketing idea is that they sell sets of all of their products. So collecting new pieces of existing sets keeps customers coming back. This makes collecting them fun!

So this company meets the first criteria for having a successful marketing plan. That is, they have the products. They make them all in house and then distribute them all over the world. And they back them with a 100 percent guarantee.

The Tupperware marketing opportunity


Yes, they do still have those parties and people are making a living on them by building themselves a huge customer base and receiving incentives for meeting sales goals every day of the week.

Granted, this is not your typical multi-level marketing program that people are used to starting out. But that formula does exist once you reach a distributor level.’ You will then have a down line and the earnings potential increases dramatically.

It all starts with the parties. To become a host is easy. You just buy into a party of your own with two different options.

The first option is a $70.00 investment which will get you their holiday hustle kit. The kit includes:

  • $280.00 worth of products to demonstrate
  • More and Merrier canvas tote
  • 50 order forms
  • 10 catalogs
  • 3 months paid of a pro-level my.tupperware plan

The second option consists of a $125.00 investment which will get you their business starter kit. This kit includes:

  • $450.00 worth of products to demonstrate
  • personal support from your local support leader
  • 20 brochures
  • 10 catalogs
  • 50 order forms
  • 3 months paid of a pro-level my.tupperware plan
  • More and Merrier canvas tote
  • Branded planner
  • Set of five host fliers and confident start fliers.

They claim that with either starter kit, you can be up and earning money within the first week.

The company also offers all kinds of support and training online. It also has many different incentive programs in place as their people move up the ladder of success.

So now they have met the second criteria and the third criteria for the making of a successful MLM business. That is, they have the business model based on sales first and they have the products sold exclusively by their reps.

It is looking good for this company!

Our views on Tupperware Parties


This company is a bit different than your average multi-level marketing companies. This is because starting out you will be doing a ton of face to face work with your potential customer base. And that in a way is refreshing and could be a lot of fun if you are an outgoing type of person who likes to host things.

They have been around forever and have a proven track record and product line. So we must give this business opportunity a thumbs up but with a bit of a hesitation. This comes from the fact that it will take a certain flair for hosting people in your home and that takes special kinds of people.

If you are one of those people then this may be the place to invest in your future and give it a shot. The investment levels are affordable. And if it does not work out you are still coming out ahead on the products supplied with your kit alone!

Thanks for checking out our article review on Tupperware parties. We hope this helps you understand what this company has to offer in the MLM niche.

Please check back for more reviews and share us on your social so others can get a look at what this company is all about!

Happy Marketing!


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We have a great opportunity we want to share with you that is free to take a look at and the perfect home business opportunity! Click here to check it out!


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12 thoughts on “Are Tupperware parties still profitable?”

  1. I believe Tupperware parties is very profitable going by what has been written here. Thumbs up to you for sharing all these here. In all truth, this is also an MLM but then, it seems to be more and more of a better option and I like that. Thank you so much for this. However, I would love to have inject more time in this to study before making a decision as to joining or not.

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      Yes, one can guess that Tupperware parties are very profitable in view of what has been said in this review. Thanks for your thumbs up for me sharing this. I’m only doing myduty as a blogger to inform my readers about what is good and separate it from the bad so that people don’t lose money but gain it.

      Of course, Tupperware is also an MLM but like a few others that I shared here recently, it is above board. In fact, you can’t put all the MLMs in the same basket. Some are bad, others are good and we have many in-between. 

      Thank you also so much for commenting on this. No, there is no hurry. Take your time to study this business opportunity closely before deciding to join. I wish you good luck.


  2. Great post you have here and I’m delighted that I did a little bit more of research before making a decision to buy into this. Well! I am a bit convinced unlike all other platforms that I’m used to . well! This is good enough. But then, I will try things out again. Thumbs up for sharing

    • Hello Bella,

      Thank you for appreciating my post. I’m honoured. Oh, so you already did a little bit more of research and bought into this? I hope that you make good money with this, really.

      There’s no doubt that you will find this more than good enough.

      Thanks also for commenting.

  3. I was surprised when I stumbled upon this blog post on Tupperware parties, I still see and purchase Tupperware products where I shop but I had forgotten all about people used to earn from this type of home business. 

    How would a person know if this was a good home business for them to pursue, I know everyone is not a good fit for this type of business so what do you need to succeed promoting Tupperware with parties?


    • Hi Jeff,

      I was surprised to read that you were surprised when you stumbled upon this blog post on Tupperware
      parties. It was when I read on that I understood. Yes, while some people only buy the goods to use, others buy them to sell and make money.  Not a bad idea at all, don’t you find it so?

      This review is one of the ways to know if this was a good home
      business for you to pursue. Another way is to speak to some of their distributors. You can also look for ratings online.

      Sure, not everyone is made to succeed in this type of business. You therefore needpromotion, a good home set up, ability to keep the conversation going and of course business acumen to succeed promoting Tupperware
      with parties.

      Thanks for contributing to the conversation.


  4. Wow I didn’t even know Tupperware parties still existed! I remember my mother going to one or two in the early to mid 1990’s but I hadn’t heard of one since then. Relationship marketing makes sense and has probably been a good business model for centuries if you think about it. Normally I stay away from Multi-level Marketing companies but some of them are legit, like Tupperware. They have an actual product that is real and most importantly is actually very useful to people. Nice idea, I think I will pass it along to a couple of my relatives and see if it floats their boat.

    • Hello there,

      Oh, yes, Tupperware parties still exist. This is because you don’t abandon a business model that works! If your mother used to go to one or two in the early to mid 1990’s but now you hadn’t heard of one since then, I guess it’s because many other business have since come online. Many people avoid relationship marketing now because social media allows them to market incognito.

      Many people like you tell me they prefer to stay away from Multi-level Marketing companies. Although they’reright, they’d be wrong to step away from all of them because some of them are legit, like Tupperware, as you observed and as this review suggest.

      Please share this review with a couple of your relatives so that they can try it out.

      Thank you.


  5. Thank you so much for your review on Tupperware, had no idea that it is a MLM company. They are definitely a pioneer on both storage stuff and also mlm business. My mom swore by Tupperware back in the days. Are their products innovative? I haven’t seen Tupperware for quite sometimes. The business model looks good. I will check them out.

    • Hello Nuttanee,

      It was my pleasure to serve my readers this review on Tupperware. Yes, it is an MLM company by its business model. Yes, their pioneering work on both storage stuff and mlm business brought them success. Oh, your mom swore by Tupperware back in the days? Then you should know their products pretty well. Yes, a company like that is always innovative. That’s how their products have survived for such a long period. You haven’t seen Tupperware for quite sometime now? What gappened? Did you mother stop promoting it?

      Yes, with the company using such a bood business model I also think you should check them out.

      Thank you.


  6. Hello Akoli, Tupperware parties have been one very nice business i have known for a very long time now and its been known for its credibility in business which have been on a very good level. I am pleased to see they are still in business and can be trusted to help you bring money unlike some other mlm companies today. I will inform others about this post so they can know more about this program.

    • Hello Benson,

      It’s nice to know that you have known Tupperware parties for a very long time now. Sure, this model must be known for its credibility in business otherwise why has it lasted for so long? Yes, their good mlm business model enables them to stilI be in business. So if somebody needs to do a nice business, they can help them make money. They are not feared to make you lose money like the other mlm companies.

      Please, share this post with others so that they know about this wonderful program and maybe invest in it.




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