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Ariix vs Sunhope

Do you know that Scentsy is a competitor of Partylife? Now, how do they contrast in their details, managers, placement among the leading 100 MLMs, products, number of countries where they work, business models, turnover, pros and cons, legal problems, and our views of them?


Ariix products to signify Ariix vs Sunhope
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Sunhope products to signify sunhope vs ariix
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That’s what we’re going to see utilizing the 10 elements we make use of to write our MLM reviews.

That said, let’s dive in to see the very first one.

Year of creation / Number of years of companies and other details


Ariix began doing business in 2011.

This company is put together the proper way. Their website is state of the art and expert looking.

They have a bill of rights uploaded on their website. You could review it right here to appreciate it.

The following is a quote from their “The Ariix Founders Club page”:

THE ARIIX Founders Club is the most prestigious and high-level ranking that a Representative can achieve in the entire sector of network marketing. The invitation to join THE ARIIX Founders Club is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the direct selling industry—the perfect balance of being a Representative with the privileges of a founder.


Sun Hope Indonesia is a business extension of Sun Hope International, a business founded in Los Angeles, California in 1978.

There are various different divisions of this company and the information when translated can get a bit jumbled. So this review may have some of the different areas mixed together. And we apologize for this should it happen.

Sun Hope have actually been around a long time.

Sun Hope International, the parent company of Sun Hope Indonesia, was established by Mr. and Mrs. Sun Chi Chen in Los Angeles, California in 1978 and immediately took off.

It swiftly spread to China, Indonesia, and Taiwan. It is currently headquartered in Tianjin, China.

Currently run by Mr. Chen’s daughter Nancy, the business has actually expanded to be among the biggest Multi-Level Marketing businesses in China. It boasts several awards, including some of the most effective 20 ONLINE MARKETING companies on the planet.

Sun Hope Indonesia was founded in 1997 by Mr. Andreas Jull Hermanus during a very dire time financially for Indonesia. Then this company offered new hope for those seeking work.

Sun Hope has actually developed The Sunhope Charity Foundation that functions around the world via its Public Welfare division assisting primary schools with their demands. A wonderful charity indeed!


Founder(s) and/or Director(s) of the company


The management group for this business has a consolidated 100 years plus experience developing and also keeping brand-new organizations. So they will surround their people with a family atmosphere.

  • Mark Wilson is the President and the founder
  • Riley Timmer functions as their Chief Product Officer
  • Wenham Harry Zhang is their Chief Information Officer and founder
  • Ian Chandler is the Chief Sales Officer and founder
  • Deanna Latson is their Chief Product Officer and founder
  • Jeff Yates is the Chief Financial Officer and founder, and
  • Fred Cooper is the Chief Executive officer and founder.

A thorough bio of each of the above individuals is readily available on the firm’s internet site.


Mr. Chen’s child, Nancy, currently handles the firm.

Position among top 100 MLM companies in the world


This business is featured at number 82 on the checklist of the leading 100 multi-level advertising and marketing business worldwide.


Placed at number 23 out of the leading 100 multi-level advertising business on the planet.

Products and/or services offered


This company’s products are in the health and wellness niche. They consist of brands such as Jouve, Nutrifii, Limu, Nucerity, Puritii, and Slenderiiz.

Each of them come with the company’s Seal of approval:

“The ARIIX Seal of Approval is the gold standard that symbolizes the pursuit to always be best in class.

To hold ourselves accountable to our own standard and provide you the very best, we subject ourselves to the most stringent regulations and testing of all of our brands, from ingredients to parts to manufacturing.”

On the firm’s internet site, they clarify all sort of company guidelines and also standards including its items and also product quality, pureness as well as the likes.

Must you feel like it, visit their website and click on each brand for an extensive look at each product available in that given category.

Once more we must say, this is probably one of the best company websites we have ever seen.

Congratulations for that!


The company’s items are prize-winning. They are of the premium quality standards of the nation as well as fulfill all GMP as well as BPOM requirements. These come with their being granted Halal Certificates from the Islamic Food and also Nourishment Council of America.

Based upon the health and wellness as well as health specific niche, the business supplies 6 different product categories.

  • Mega Formula
  • Green Vibrance
  • Power Mix
  • Sun Hope Vi
  • Sun Hope Gracelina
  • Sun Hope Gamasea

Sun Hope is heavy on preventive medicines. For their objective is to make their customers as healthy as possible so they can enjoy life to its fullest.

A lofty aim, don’t you think so?

The very best method to obtain an excellent concept of all what is supplied under each of these classifications as well as to see their individual consultation form that is provided to their clients is to see their site at

Number of countries in which the companies do business


They are an international firm with ties in the U.S.A., Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tianjin, as well as Russia.


Sun Hope International, the parent company of Sun Hope Indonesia, was established in Los Angeles, California, and quickly spread to China, Indonesia, and Taiwan. It is now headquartered in Tianjin, China.

Business model / Compensation plan


This company has actually so far been over and also beyond in whatever we have actually investigated and also their business plan is not different.

They have their very own compensation plan they have assembled called the Activ8 compensation plan.

They include all 3 fundamental multi-level marketing strategies, unilevel, binary, as well as matrix right into their very own design they call The Ariix Multiline.

This strategy pays out $.50 on every dollar made. Which is entirely in an organization all on its own.

The multi plans auto balance and there is even a cost of living increase.

We do think we have actually found the very best NETWORK MARKETING strategy we have actually ever before encountered right here.

Once again, the web site has every one of the information involved with getting going with this firm. And also we suggest heading over there as well as examining it out carefully to really see just how great it actually is.


We had an extremely tough time obtaining info on their compensation plan as well as their business model. We liked what we did find.

They appear to make use of a conventional model with product sales initially, after that recruitment. And also the firm pays on a number of various resources. It is a single level NETWORK MARKETING plan.

Sales are one-on-one and their sales force is over 440,000 strong.

Presently, they have actually 440 paid staff members.

There are retreats and also bonuses that are included for their leading sales makers. We could not discover any type of details on exactly how much it would certainly cost you to sign up with Sun Hope International.

We did discover details that mentioned training is offered. As well as the fact that the business cares for its distributors and also treats them like they are members of the management family. A quite big praise!

In 2008 they have actually opened what they call Sunhope Elite Academy. It particularly trains their distributors worldwide making use of an expert sales training plan. That instructs brand-new recruits just how to be successful in multi-level advertising sales.

We did locate the following video clip yet it is not in English. Do not hesitate to view it and also attempt to translate it.

It looks to us like they are releasing a brand-new business plan for 2019.

Annual sales


They report a yearly earnings of around $151 million.


This business reports a yearly revenue of $940 million.


Pros and cons


The pros

  • Great company
  • Excellent leadership
  • Great business model
  • Awesome company website
  • Outstanding products
  • Activ8 compensation plan

The cons

  • Absolutely nothing to report here


The pros

  • Well appreciated company
  • Features among the leading 20 MLM companies worldwide
  • Established company with a tried and tested record
  • Wonderful compensation plan
  • Training offered

The cons

  • Necessity to translate much of their website
  • No readily available info on their business model
  • Very little information on their compensation plan

Bans / Complaints / Legal issues

None to report for both companies

Our view of / take on the company


We need to ask you to reach the Ariix internet site as well as examine it inside out. Do not be reluctant to get signed up if you are truly set on working in multi-level marketing programs.

A word of caution however.

Ariix are not for everyone. But for those that like it, this is your home!

We give this company the biggest thumbs up possible and they deserve it!


We desire we might have discovered more on this company but what did make do with what we could find about them.

Unfortunately that we could not get a better look at their business model too. Moreover we had major problems getting their text to translate into English. So we really cannot say either way what we think about that part of the company.

So we found ourselves in a dilemma.

We could not give them a thumbs up as a result of an absence of available information. On the other hand, we also cannot give them a thumbs down just because of their outstanding reputation both as a multi-level marketing business and also as having exceptional and well-respected products.

Strangely enough we will certainly need to leave this in your hands, our readers to say if this firm is a practical Multi-Level Marketing financial investment. Sorry, we could not be of even more aid in your choice because of conditions beyond our control.



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2 thoughts on “Ariix vs Sunhope”

  1. Thank you for your review about the two companies, Ariix and Sun Hope.  They are both new to me, and as I am searching for ways to monetize my new site, I did read the information.  There are many products and I want to select ones that I am comfortable recommending because I use them  Also I would like them relevant to my site interests.  By reading reviews I feel I can find those products I am interested in and will enjoy recommending.

    The MLM programs are not as interesting to me as the ones that I can be an Affiliate with and not have to worry about quotas and hitting sales goals.  Those don’t work as well for me.  I also don’t want to have inventory and be responsible for shipping.  I know, that leaves a lot of good options out for me.  However, I think this is a better plan for me.  Appreciate your article. Sami

    • Hi Sami,

      It was my pleasure offering this review. As you are searching for ways to monetize your new site, I will suggest you try our reviews tab for more MLM reviews. Surely you will find something that you can sign up to, test their products and then offer your personal reviews of them.

      You can also check our post All You Need to know about affiliate marketing to become successful in it. It is an exhaustive guide with all sorts of programs and networks that you can join. Good luck in your search.


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