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Asia Forex Mentor Home Study Program, a Review

You’ve no doubt heard about Asia Forex Mentor Home Study Program. Maybe you know it involves money and profit. But have you stopped to wonder what exactly it is? Read this review to find out.


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What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading, like all trading, involves buying and selling in order to make profits. But basically forex is a virtual market place where people exchange different currencies.

Why do People Exchange Foreign Currencies?

Business is becoming more and more global, hence the need to harmonize the currencies for that purpose. Thanks to forex trading you can get to buy anything you like in the world in the right currency.

History of Forex Trading

Back in the 18th century, specifically in 1875, the gold standard monetary system was established. Countries used to compare their currencies to a given ounce of gold, which became the first standardized way of currency exchange.

World Wars I and II shook the gold monetary system, because some countries, especially in Europe, did not have enough gold to exchange. They therefore resorted to printing money to complete their military projects, which was not good for their economies.

However it was not until 1944 that the Bretton Woods System was established in the USA. It led to the formation of fixed exchange rates and eventually, the US dollar replaced the gold standard. But in 1971 the U.S. decided not to exchange gold for its dollars held in foreign reserves.

In 1976, the floating foreign exchange rate was introduced and it was widely received worldwide. It has developed ever since, to what we know today as forex trading.

Characteristics of Forex Trading

Forex trading:

• is very large. Forex is maybe the largest market in the world today because of the constant need to exchange currencies in order to trade and do business.
• is liquid since the exchange rates are always fluctuating. This makes it hard to predict unless you are an expert who has been trading forex for several years.
• has the largest trading value annually, exceeding even the stock market.
• does not have a central marketplace. Forex trading is done electronically Over the Counter (OTC) and hence the transactions are computer generated through a global network.
• being virtual of course, the market is open 24 hours a day, what makes it very active.

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How to Start in Forex Trading

To start in this very profitable market, just visit the Asiaforexmentor website

Is Forex Within or Outside Your Reach?

Forex trading isn’t your cup of tea, is it? Because you think it’s too complex, right?

What about nuclear science? And the other complex subjects? Aren’t they complicated too?

Yet people exercise them successfully. Of course, after training.

Aha, this is what Asia Forex Mentor Home Study Program is offering you. Top-notch forex trading to succeed in that “complex” field.

Yes, Forex trading is full of challenges, and undoubtedly some of you can attest to that.

Maybe you have paid thousands of dollars to attend Forex seminars and workshops to learn the key to success, but nothing came out of it.

Maybe you made good money in Forex with splendid trades and winning streaks, but then eventually lost it all.

Know that you are not alone in that boat.

Lots of people have invested heavily to “learn” Forex trading but have not succeeded. They have instead lost lots of money and are back to square one.

Even Ezekiel Chew, the brain behind the Asia Forex Mentor Home Study Program, has gone through that…

Who is Ezekiel Chew?

Asia mentor founder
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Ezekiel Chew is the Founder of Asia Forex Mentor Home Study Program. He is a full-time Forex trader with over a decade of experience.

Ezekiel grew up in a family of six. When he was fourteen his dad went bankrupt trading stocks. Consequently he had to sell their house and use his and his wife’s savings to clear the debt. For some years the family lived on the barest minimum.

Ezekiel went to the library to research what had caused his family that tragedy.

The more he read about stocks, the more Ezekiel became interested in it. This took him to research other “paper investment vehicles” such as mutual funds/unit trusts, commodities, stock options/warrants and eventually… Forex.

The Forbidden Fruit Becomes More Alluring

Forex sparked Ezekiel’s interest more than the other instruments. This is probably because his dad always warned them to keep away from stocks.

Today, Ezekiel is glad his dad so strongly warned them from approaching stocks as he wouldn’t have chosen Forex trading as his route.

They who Seek Find

Ezekiel spent two years reading and researching about Forex trading.

Though a mere kid and working part-time, he was able to squeeze himself into Forex seminars and practiced trading on his virtual account.

Like the saying “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” Ezekiel met challenges but that rather strengthened his resolve.

He devoured all the strategies and systems he could lay his hands on. He kept practicing, failing, learning and practicing – and finally, after another year went by… he became consistently profitable.

Today, Ezekiel Chew trades millions of dollars.

Yet after becoming profitable, and despite being in the business for so long that nothing is new to him, Ezekiel never stopped learning as that is the key to success in Forex.

Ezekiel’s First Million

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In 42 months Ezekiel had earned his first million in Forex while still studying full-time and spending all of his remaining hours trading.

No wonder, today Ezekiel Chew is one of the Best Forex Traders in the world.

Not only is Ezekiel an 8-figure forex trader, but also he is a highly-acclaimed coach, speaker, seminar leader, and business consultant.

His famous training courses are changing people’s lives each day. And it can change yours too.

Ezekiel Chew’s clients have included thousands of trainee traders and entrepreneurs who have learnt his forex trading techniques through speeches, seminars and the Internet.

His forex teachings have been sponsored by Avafx, UfxBank, ThinkForex and other major companies.

Ezekiel’s newsletters, products and appearances now inspire nearly hundreds of thousands of people a month.

It’s Your Turn

Ezekiel has created his Asia Mentor program for you.

He wants to show you that with determination and perseverance, you can do it too.

He started Forex from scratch, and made it with leveraging and compounding. So can you.

Besides, Ezekiel’s goal is to return to the Forex community and share his teachings with both inexperienced and experienced traders.

And if you would like to take a step further on your forex route to success, I encourage you to join Ezekiel’s price action forex course.

It’s the full forex trading system professional traders and Ezekiel himself use.

Who is this Forex Trading Course for?

If you are thinking that this forex course is only for beginners, think again.

Students range from complete beginners to those who have spent thousands of dollars on Forex training and have been actively trading for years.

Have you been trading in forex?

How consistent is YOUR ROI and your income?

What’s your average ROI?

Could you quit your job tomorrow and still pay your bills using forex trading alone and still have enough money to keep trading?


Now, what if this system could help you do all of the above?

Let’s face it: whether you’re advanced or just getting started, what really matters is results.

Are you consistently getting the results you want?

If yes, fine.

But if no, then you owe it to yourself to join the mentor program which is making people get results.

Isn’t Forex Trading Risky?

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Maybe you’ve never dealt in forex before and you’re wondering if it isn’t too risky.

Watch the video below

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Know that any kind of investing is fraught with risk, especially so if you don’t have the right knowledge, the right tools, a good mentor and if you don’t manage your own internal sense of urgency.

People have lost money trading stocks, bonds, options, currency and even investing in real estate and mutual funds, all of which are supposed to be safe.

Even the money sitting in your savings account isn’t safe if you don’t have a plan for managing it.

That Said, How Many Succeed in Forex?

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Only 4% of forex traders make profit. That is extremely low. But the good news is that those 4% are consistently profitable. That is not fortuitous.

If they are profitable it is because they know something the 96% don’t. In fact, they have a dependable system which they follow without qualms.

You can be Part of the 4%

Ezekiel Chew is convinced that anyone can make forex trading safe and profitable if they’re reasonably smart and have a little bit of patience.

He knows because he’s been among the 4% for over a decade.
What Will You Learn with this Forex Trading Course?

Asia mentor home study program
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This is a summary of what you’ll learn using AFM Price Action forex trading system:

Money Management Skills: How to manage your funds so you always have enough money to trade with.

Risk Calculation: How to calculate and manage the maximum risk involved in every trade.

Trading Psychology: How to take the emotions of fear and greed out of trading and time your trades for ultimate profitability. (This is probably the most important, and most neglected trading principle)

Stop Loss Strategies: How to put a lid on your risk if a trade goes ill.

Entry Strategies: The best way to enter any trading position. Dozens of strategies are covered so that you can choose the one best suited for your trading style.

Profit Taking Strategies: Strategies for creating consistent and predictable profits and income.

In depth Price Actions Skills: This is the most powerful, yet least understood trading principle. Most people think they’re doing price action analysis when they’re really just guessing. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest differences between the 96% and the 4% and the course will show you how to get on the ride side of that statistic.


At this stage you may want to know if you can get rich with forex trading. Yes, you can. But it is first important for you to know why so many forex traders lose money.

Why Do So Many Forex Traders Lose Money?

You already know that 96% of Forex Traders don’t make any money at all.

Isn’t it surprising that even former hedge fund owners and former bankers lose money trading on their own? But there’s a reason for that.

Those people trade in accordance with the rules set by their employers. But when they leave their employers, those traders have to manage their own internal motivations.

Then greed and fear step in.

Unfortunately these are the people many unsuspecting students pay thousands of dollars to for a training seminar.

However Ezekiel Chew, as a self-taught trader, was obliged to discipline himself, and he helps his students do the same.

Thus, his system takes the emotion out of trading and helps you become one of the 4% by teaching you more than just strategies.

Can You Get Rich with Forex Trading?

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While it’s possible to get rich with forext trading, Ezekiel thinks this is the wrong mindset to approach forex trading, especially in the beginning.

He’d made a lot of money over the past 14 years, but he hadn’t started out that way.

Ezekiel had spent a lot of time studying first to get the necessary knowledge for trading, even consciously letting a good number of opportunities slip by.

Coaching forex trading for nearly a decade, Ezekiel has found that people who get into forex trading eager to succeed quickly lose money.

Not most of them, he says, but ALL of them!

Ezekiel thinks a good forex trader shouldn’t be driven by the need to get rich quick but by a strategic way of thinking and making decisions.

This is why his system teaches you to trade without being driven by urgency or by the need to make a ton of money overnight.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. So he teaches you to go slowly but surely.

How Popular is the Forex Trading Course?

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Students who take the forex trading course come from all over the world:

United Kingdom
United States
New Zealand
Japan, Korea
Asia – Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines

Will Trading and Learning this System Affect Your Day Job?

Not in the least. All you need is just one or two hours a week minimum. And all trading takes is not more than one hour a day.

This is a good schedule because traders who spend too much time analyzing and studying at their keyboards usually end up making decisions too late or too early. Not surprisingly, they miss opportunities or lose money.


What are the Biggest Mistakes Forex Traders Make?

Inconsistency: many forex traders make huge amounts of money in just a few days, then lose it all. This shows why it is dangerous to focus on getting rich quick instead of concentrating on making consistent income. If you do this well and manage what you do, you’ll be better positioned to start creating wealth from your earnings.

Wrong Forex Trading Strategy or System: most traders spend thousands on forex trading seminars where they are taught only a fraction of what they need and have no guidance for applying what they’ve learned. Other’s waste money on junk “Robots” and other forex scams.

Using Forex Indicators that have Lags in Data Analysis: even the best analysis tools have delays. This is why Ezekiel teaches price action which helps you predict the movement of a position before the move comes. This is the second most significant difference between the 96% and the 4% (the first, you remember, is the ability to manage your internal urgency and make smart trading decisions).

Watching their Screen too much: over analysis leads to procrastination and failure to act on opportunities due to fear or information overload. This is why Ezekiel discourages spending too much time at your computer analyzing trades and trading positions.

Their Experience Works Against Them: traders who have experience working for large companies believe they can do just as well for themselves, but underestimate their ability to self-manage their trading decisions. When they leave their employer, they have no one to hold them accountable and they start making impulsive decisions based on fear or urgency instead of knowledge and strategy.

AFM Famous Home Study Program – Worldwide

“I have the ability to allow you to quit your job and live life comfortably from now on.”

“You can live the life you want, buy the house you want, drive the fancy car you want and do whatever you want without needing to concern yourself with money again.”

You are no doubt familiar with these fantastic promises from most forex trading courses and seminars.
But what is the reality?

Time and time again, they fail to deliver what they promise.

Ezekiel does not promise you that you will be a millionaire. He does not promise either that you can buy a sea-side bungalow, drive a Lamborghini and have sexy girls by your side.

Rather he promises to show you the way to replace the income you are making in your day job working no more than just two hours a day.

What he promises further is that, you can scale up your results if you want to. You can make even more money than you do in your job.


Go here to watch 16 videos

Some of them are Forex Trading SystemThe “Correct” Way to trade forex, Trading against the trend, How to Use Moving Average, Simple Trick to Getting GREAT Forex Trades.

Why Should You Listen to Ezekiel Chew?

Ezekiel is one of the rare guys who truly make a living in forex trading and NOT by teaching. But most so-called “gurus” make money by teaching and not by applying it on their own actual trading.

Therefore Ezekiel trashed all the useless stuff taught by the so-called “gurus” that didn’t work and started “looking at the charts,” that is, to really experiment and find out on his own what worked and what didn’t.

Really he has tested hundreds of strategies to eventually find the potential money-makers. It took him several years of researching, tweaking and testing to eventually find success in forex trading.

Life Style Forex Trader

Over the years, Ezekiel became recognized as a highly acclaimed life style forex trader.
The ROI that he achieved yearly almost always exceeds the 100% mark, the dream of hedge fund institutions.

If a kid like Ezekiel from a poor family can do it, so can you. The difference however will be that he’s not going to let you go through it the hard way he did.

Besides, Ezekiel is different from the ex-banker and ex-hedge fund manager “gurus”. The truth is, while many of them were highly successful in their banks or firms, they couldn’t make it with their own trading.


In their banks and firms, they had been trading the bank’s money, not their own money. But if you have been trading, you know what a great emotional factor it is to be trading your own hard-earned savings.

Another reason: in the banks, these traders have to follow strict rules. For example, if they made a profitable trade but broke the rules, they were penalized.

However, when they are out trading on their own, they are not hard bound by any rules. They are their own boss. And sure enough, they start breaking all the rules.

This is why they are out teaching and no longer trading on their own.

How is Ezekiel Different? And how does that Affect You?

Asia mentor teaching
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Ezekiel has never worked for a bank or any other institution. He has learned forex trading from his house computer. One can say he was brought up from the “streets of forex” not from “banks or institutions of forex.” Because of that he knows how to manage his money and also how to follow the rules of trading. And this is what Ezekiel will teach you.

You are the type who can’t follow rules? Ezekiel was also. But he got over it. He will show you how to go about it too.

Now, you may be wondering why Ezekiel is out teaching too.


He has achieved quite a lot from forex trading and would like to impart his knowledge and teachings to you. A way of giving back. What companies today call social responsibility—giving back to the community some of what you got from it.

Ezekiel feels teaching others as his mission to help them create wealth to cater for their families and eventually others too.

What Ezekiel will be Teaching You

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From his experience, Ezekiel Chew has created a complete forex trading home study program adapted for students worldwide.

As he rarely teaches live, Ezekiel had his video crew record his last live event where he revealed everything about how to make money in forex. Then he spent a lot of time crafting and editing the recording into a perfect home study program which can make an expert of a complete newbie.

The first thing Ezekiel teaches you (newbie or experienced trader as you too will get something out of it) is the basics of forex trading.

Then he will show you to understand how and why the market moves up or down or sideways.
Next he will show you how to “predict” where the market will go. (Once you have learned this, you will be already in the top 5% of the forex trading community!)

Most traders boast about how much money they make in a single trade in a day, a week or a month, but- then you never hear from them again. Forex is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Because 95% of the traders whom you have heard making those big bucks in a short period of time eventually lose it all.

So Ezekiel will teach you from his experiences how to be CONSISTENTLY profitable day-in, day-out, week-in, week-out, month-in, month-out and year-in, year-out. N.B.: This is never taught in the forex industry.

Why do gurus’ seminars and trainings cost so much?

First there is the high cost of newspaper advertising: five digits for a reasonably-sized advertisement in order to get people to attend their previews. Then comes the high cost of booking a “preview” room daily and eventually a hotel function room and buffet for the seminar. All these costs are then passed on to you in the fee.

You will be paying thousands of dollars to attend such a session held by a forex “guru” and then come to the bitter realisation that what you have been taught doesn’t work in real life.

Learn the Useful Things with Asia Forex Mentor

Asia forex mentor will teach you to understand forex trading in depth and to appreciate each and every aspect of the market. You will get the How’s and the Why’s of trading successfully which have been accomplished for over the past 14 years so that you can trade successfully in the business.

More About the Course

Asia forex mentor has a combined module of what Ezekiel Chew has been through as a forex trader. The advantages and disadvantages of the reality of the market is explained. Ezekiel will share with you what most experts may not be readily willing to share, including the price he has paid for some common mistakes in the market these many years.

The course also covers the price action used by banks and institutions, to help you better understand this modern trend. Forex trading strategies are also explained as well as the entire forex trading system. You will also learn how Ezekiel has traded through the system and made huge profits constantly, to use in your own trading later.

You will be taught the whole truth about the practical forex trading course, which will equip you with the skills and knowledge to overcome the challenges. You will also be warned on how to avoid using robots or other untrustworthy alert signals which are sold elsewhere. This will surely make you wiser as you go through the jargon.

In summary, the Course List Includes:-

• All price action materials
• Forex trading strategies & system developed by the mentor over many years.
• Money management
• Risk management
• Trading Psychology
• How to trail your profits and let it run
• How to remove your emotions in trading
• How to cut your losses
• A simple formula to learn and understand the market
• The Asian Mentor’s 5 Super A trades inside
• The Road to Millions Formula that has never been revealed before.

Can You Take an Online Course?

The Asia Mentor has an online course that is accessible to people from every corner of the world. They have a unique physical Home study Program where you can learn at your own pace. All you need to do is email them your details and you will be taken through it smoothly.

Why Invest in Forex?

If you wonder why you should invest in forex and not in any other investment vehicle, it is because forex is the only vehicle out there that is able to make you such huge returns and profits.

This will be your business. As one of Ezekiel Chew’s students said: ‘You have given me an “ATM machine’.”

What is Your Category Right Now?

Category 1: You have been able to save money from your day job and wondering where to invest it for good returns.

Forex trading is the answer. Imagine growing your savings by 100% a year. Let’s say you have a savings of $10k. At the end of the first year trading in forex, you will have $20k. The second year will bring you $40k. The third, $80k.By end of year four you have $160k. By year seven, you are already a millionaire! (This is possible income estimation and not a promise of what you will earn.)

Category 2: You have a day job and are looking to supplement your income and eventually quit it. Forex trading is the answer.

Category 3: You are a business owner and looking for places to invest your money. Forex trading is your answer.

Category 4: You are looking to build a business. Forex trading is the answer. Not only can it make you lots of money but also you only need to work less than two hours a day, leaving you lots of time to devote to your family, leisure activities, travelling, etc.

Category 5: You are an investor and are looking for more investing opportunities. Forex trading is the answer. Once you begin trading using Ezekiel Chew’s techniques and seeing the results, there’s no doubt you will move all your assets into it.

Category 6: You are not working and are looking for a source of income. Forex trading is the answer.

(N.B.: Forex trading is not like other online work where you can start with $0. Capital is necessary to trade with. The good news is, you can start trading with even as little as $200 and grow it from there.

What Will You Pay?

First, here are two questions for you: How much will you be prepared to pay to learn from someone who makes 100% ROI year in, year out? And how much money do you think that wil make you?

For all the information offered by Ezekiel Chew, he can easily charge $10k a person and it will still be cheap.

Ezekiel Chew will reveal HIS #1 FOREX TRADING SECRET. No trader in his right mind would share with you the secret that makes him millions a year. Never.

But here is Ezekiel Chew, the crazy dude breaking all rules in the forex and teaching industry.

He will reveal ALL his 5 Super A trades that he uses to consistently make money day in and day out.

With these 5 Super A Trades alone, you can quit your day job. Seriously.

You can read some of the feedback Ezekiel gets from his students using the trade secrets in his forex trading course.

Did the 5 Super A Trade Secrets Serve Ezekiel Chew’s Students?

This secret is so powerful that Ezekiel Chew believes he is mad to charge the insanely low price he takes. He can easily sell these techniques to the banks, institutions, and hedge fund companies for millions. But that’s not what Ezekiel wants to do.

He wants to spread the wealth out to as many people as he can, who, in turn, will help their families and the people around them and eventually do charitable work.

Noble idea, isn’t it?

In fact, what Ezekiel can do alone is limited.

But what if he could help spread wealth and happiness to students from all parts of the world? Then his action will have a worldwide impact.

With more and more people gaining access to the 5 secrets, wouldn’t they be saturated one day?

Ezekiel says no.

In fact, the more the number of students who know of his secrets, the more effective it’ll be.

For, the more the number of people buying than selling at a time, the more the market will move up and vice versa. That’s how the forex market works.

So, as you see, the 5 super secret A trades will never become saturated nor outdated. Ezekiel himself has been using these methods for years now. These trades are all Ezekiel really needs nowadays, and they are all you need as well.

What Ezekiel wants from you is that after you have taken the course, mastered the 5 super A trades methods and are living the good life, you will send him a letter with your family’s photo. Nothing satisfies him more than learning that he has helped change the lives of people.

As much as Ezekiel wants to share all of this for free, he knows for sure that people rarely take seriously what they get for free. Even at the price he is charging, it is as if he was giving away the secrets for free since what he is teaching is worth millions, because it has made him millions.

All that Ezekiel wants from you is the promise that you will spend time learning the valuable information and above all take action. Asking you to take action is very important as most people buy things with good intentions but never apply them. But all of us know that action speaks louder than words.

Remember, what you will get in this course is worth far more than all the seminars and courses out there COMBINED!

In effect, Ezekiel has spent a lot of time developing and structuring the home study program for you and hopes you can appreciate the work he’s done.

Asia mentor classes
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Know that some years back, Ezekiel’s trainees paid a ticket price of $10k a person to attend an intensive session jammed pack with powerful yet simple to understand forex trading strategies.

Many of the attendees have become full time forex traders. But years later Ezekiel’s concept of money has changed and he no longer teaches it for money. It’s more of fulfilling his mission to touch and change people’s lives.

When you register for the online course, you will be learning the same life changing program and the same strategies that Ezekiel taught the trainees in the $10k program.

With one difference: back then Ezekiel did not reveal his 5 Super A trades as he felt it was a secret to be jealously guarded.

At that time Ezekiel was like all masters who thought they should not reveal their most powerful secret to their students. He was acting selfish. Now he views life differently.

He feels it is time to impart his knowledge and experience to people who are really keen to change their lives.

How will the Course Change You?

With the knowledge and skill set that you will learn, you can:

  • Become a fund manager and manage money for your clients. Your success will be so resounding that clients will be looking for you, and not you them.
  • Trade for trading firms. When you acquired these great trading skills, big and small trading firms will be looking for you and not you them.
  • Trade on your own in just a few minutes a day, leaving you the rest of your time to enjoy your family, leisure activities, travelling to dream destinations, etc.
  • Pass this skill and knowledge to your children and grandchildren but you are not allowed to teach this commercially. You will be bound by copyright laws to respect the time that Ezekiel Chew has put into structuring this forex course.

Very important: Once you have attained your desired wealth, Ezekiel hopes you will contribute to your community with charitable works. Remember, those who give receive. (But never give with the intention to receive. Let nature do its work.)

Join Now!

The Asia Forex Mentor program isn’t going to be like any other forex trading courses or seminars you have attended or heard about.

This is the REAL deal.

You will not find any screenshots in the program. Only live charts. Live charts are the best teachers. Screenshots teach nothing but just the moment a strategy worked and capturing it on the screen.

Need the real thing? Click here to sign up now!

I hope you have enjoyed this post. But you may have some comments to make. If so, just scroll down to the comments box and leave them there. And I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Join the site which will give you training to trade online and build a website for it.

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