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54 steps to create and start a WordPress blog (That is appealing and generates revenue)

Create and start a blog

If you want to be successful online, I think you will agree with me that you have to create and start a WordPress blog. Should you think that is difficult, this blog post will demystify the process. You will have XX ways to create an appealing blog and XX ways to help it generate revenue for you.

A solution for 25 Challenges for Students and Their Parents

Students' challenges

When you earned your high school diploma, you did not opt for career training and career diploma although they could make a big income difference over your working life.
Instead you chose college because you know that university level studies can bring you much more in income.

But what you did not imagine, or maybe, what you ignored, were the problems students face in university.

A solution for 11 Common Struggles Every Student Will Face in College

You’ve been waiting for this great day for what seemed like eternity. But finally it did come and you’re going to college. What an exciting time!
Already you’re basking in the captivating campus environment, new peers to mingle with, great professors to interact with, new things to learn for your bright future, frequent hangouts and party sessions, taking your exams differently, taking holidays to common destinations, and so on.