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Avon vs Mary Kay

Do you recognize that AVON is a rival of Mary Kay? Currently, exactly how do they contrast in their details, managers, position among the leading 100 MLMs, products, number of countries where they work, business models, annual sales, pros and cons, legal issues, and our views of them?


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That’s what we’re going to see using the 10 factors we draw on to write our MLM reviews.

That said, let’s dive in to see the first one.

Year of creation / Number of years of companies and other details


Avon is likewise an additional older firm that was established back in 1886. It did not carry that name up until 1932. As you see they will certainly be commemorating their 134 years this year!

One noteworthy aspect of Avon is that lots of people speak highly of them as well as directly have actually had some experience making use of a number of the business’s products. We need to confess they are some of the finest in the sector. We are delighted to take a look at this ONLINE MARKETING firm.

Avon have a tried and tested record of award-winning products as well as a payment program incomparable in the market.

This firm is outstanding in the battle against domestic physical violence along in the battle to treat breast cancer cells.

Would not you at this moment like to know just how everything started?

A man called David began by marketing books door to door and quickly changed his items to fragrances. He developed a business called “California Perfume Company” which via numerous mergers and also partner mergers ended up being Avon.

Via direct advertising methods, they have actually expanded to the fifth-largest beauty business as well as second on the listing of direct sales business worldwide.

Avon has over 6.4 million reps.

If you’re the kind that cannot swallow any kind of type of cruelty to animals, you’ll enjoy working with them. For a remarkable reality concerning them is that the firm is leading the battle against testing on animals. In this case Avon has actually taken a promise back in 1989 and also leads the charge against this technique around the globe.

However there is a drawback to the firm.

It is that sales have actually been decreasing for the last 5 years. They have actually also gone down to as much as 18% in one year alone.

The firm has actually likewise been going down out of significant markets around the globe. These consist of France, Australia, as well as New Zealand. This has absolutely nothing to do with the business however instead the markets which are not adhering to the company’s policies and also procedures in their business practices.

There is with any luck a brilliant side to this.

The business Natura purchased Avon Products Inc. this year hence creating the fourth biggest beauty company worldwide.

It is anticipated that Natura will certainly help to transform and also turn around the loss in sales for the business.

They additionally have celeb beauty ambassadors including Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale, and also Ashley Greene.

The business likewise runs the Avon Foundation which is a philanthropy that is devoted to women’s causes.

This foundation grants scholarships to its reps and also their family members and also is a remarkable perk for individuals that sell for them.

Avon is additionally contributes massively in sustaining the remedy for breast cancer cells. They do this with their Avon walk for breast cancer cells charity walks as well as the Avon Breast Cancer Cells Campaign. They give away every one of the earnings to cancer cells research as well as cures.


Mary Kay Ash created this firm in 1963.

It is based out of Addison Texas and also still belongs to and also run by the Ash family.

It is privately possessed and also is based upon its sales force of distributors called beauty consultants.

The business makes their very own items out of Dallas, Texas. They have an additional factory in China.

One really fascinating reality concerning Mary Ash is her pink Cadillac. This was a massive marketing automobile in the very early days of the firm

In 1968 Mary acquired a new Cadillac from a Dallas Dealership and also had it painted the very same color of pink as one of her items.

She after that compensated her leading 5 vendors in 1970 with their very one Cadillacs.

Up to now, GM declares they have actually made over 100.000 customized Cadillacs for the firm. You would certainly concur that is a couple of autos!

Much better, the business has actually increased its cars rewards program to several sales level objectives for its distributors. The auto selections currently cover BMWs, Malibus and also Mustangs.

That is a respectable motivation program to have!

Founder(s) and/or Director(s) of the company


David H. McConnell started by offering books door to door. He quickly modified his items to fragrances. Then David founded a business called “California Perfume Company” which with numerous mergers as well as partner mergers ended up being the business recognized today as Avon.


Mary Kay Ash created this firm. It is based out of Addison, Texas, and also it is still possessed as well as run by the Ash family.

Position among top 100 MLM companies in the world


AvonProducts Inc is number 2 on the checklist of top-performing multi-level advertising firms on the planet.


This firm is number 5 on the checklist of leading multi-level advertising and marketing opportunities.

Products and/or services offered


One point we kept in mind that lots of people speak highly of this firm. That is not at all unusual as they directly have some experience utilizing several of their items. We need to claim they are several of the finest in the market.

One thing we noted that many people swear by this company. But that is not at all surprising as they personally have some experience using many of their products. We have to say they are some of the finest in the industry.

The firm has a tested performance history of award-winning items.

A lot of their product brand names are recognized around the world. Not surprising that as they stay at the top of their group for top quality as well as reliability. Examples are Skin So Soft, and also ANEW.

Avon is exclusive also, as well as they are a massive reason they can have such total quality assurance as well as guarantee their items so well.

You can just purchase from Avon distributors and you will find the prices really affordable for the high quality you are getting.

Some examples of the products they offer are:

  • Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Hand Cream Avon Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night Cream
  • Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil Original 25 fl oz
  • Avon True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner
  • Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Hand Cream
  • Avon True Color Flawless Cream-to-Powder Foundation
  • Avon Today Tomorrow Always Eau De Parfum Spray – 1.7 fl oz bottle
  • Avon Far Away Eau de Parfum
  • Avon Mesmerize Bonus Size Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant

These are simply a few of the several items this business markets and also you will certainly be remarkably stunned at just how affordable their rates are with the general market. The high quality surpasses anything out there off the rack.


The product for Mary Kay is quite large. This suggests there just are too many to list right here. If one point is for certain it is that they are high quality as well as priced really fairly.

It takes a stand-alone product to back an effective ONLINE MARKETING program and also this business certainly has actually that covered.

With a product of this dimension, it unlocks the door to a substantial quantity of prospective consumers. And according to reviews, it is fairly very easy to build a customer base rather easily.

Number of countries in which the companies do business


Avon is a business worldwide with reps in North America including Canada, Puerto Rico as well as the USA in addition to around the world. Via direct advertising methods, they have actually expanded to sales in over 100 nations.


It has actually advanced right into a worldwide business.

Business model / Compensation plan


It is in this regard that this business succeeds over many various other multi-level marketing businesses as they have a tried and tested program that has actually been feeding their distributors for well over 130 years. They have so many success stories it would certainly be difficult to detail them all in a book!

Exactly how it functions is basic: they sell solely via their distributors, hence making it difficult to be undercut anywhere. This system provides complete control of their expenses as well as items.

You will certainly not see their item on or similar websites for much less than you can get them via the firm. And also this is the greatest component of their success.

They have a program for women that intend to enjoy top quality items as well as generate income doing it!

They declare that no desire is too small or too big. As well as they can make it come true for their distributors and also they actually have a family-based environment.

To be a representative for Avon you initially purchase a starter kit for $25.00. That has lots of samples to get you developing your consumer base. You will certainly agree that this is a really little expense cost to unlock the door to an outstanding business opportunity.

Selling products is their number one concern as well as it is the distributors’. That is the 2nd reason that this firm does not bend. The payment is the direct outcome of your sales, and also by having the most effective product available it is a setup for a mutually great deal around.

You start generating income on the dollar of your first sale and also as you expand you will certainly supervise exactly how much up the ladder you want to climb.

The following action is to get to the President’s club which occurs after you get to sales of $10.000. This opens up several excellent perks.

You will certainly currently take pleasure in a 40% commission on all sales as well as belong to a lot of the companies’ VIP benefits. And also there are a lot of them!

The following level is building a downline of distributors you have actually directly hired. As well as this is where the cash actually begins to roll in. This will certainly lead you to the chance to be a participant of the advanced leadership program. This program is for the career-minded individuals that intend to do this for a really healthy and balanced living.

With your $25.00 starter kit you will certainly have sufficient to run 3 campaigns as well as start on a client base. You will certainly additionally have access to establishing an on the internet shop of your very own and also have access to unrestricted training from the company. These guarantee you have all the tools you require to make this a success.

You will certainly build your business to the degree you desire it to be at, be that with simply adequate consumers for some additional money to the level of a full-time lifestyle change.

This is all up to your desires!

Avon was built off the backs of what they call Avon ladies and also Avon men. They would certainly go door to door marketing their items and also their sales brochures. They are additionally called sales reps as well as representatives, depending on which market you are in around the globe.

The firm still utilizes this model to a degree together with internet shops. They also have Avon parties comparable to what Tupperware utilizes.

Avon sells to their reps wholesale like comparable ONLINE MARKETING businesses do. The reps then sell those items at retail and keep the difference as profits.

The business additionally has a sponsor program where recruits under reps make money for the enrollers.

Avon has comprehensive training readily available to their reps. Several different incentive plans and sales goals awards are also available.

They additionally have a yearly Avon Repfest where they hold a three-day event that is open to all reps to go to.

The Repfest offers training workshops as well as is held at prestigious areas like the MGM Grand in Las Vega. This event moves around the nation from year to year and also attracts a fee.

The firm really appears to respect its causes as well as its employees. They remain real to those beliefs and also we can support that.


There are 2 methods to earn money with this business. You can offer their items as well as you can recruit brand-new distributors.

To enter into the program you should purchase a 100 dollar starter kit to certify you as a distributor.

Considering that Mary Kay is a private firm they do not need to divulge info on their distributors. There is not much offered to the public on the information of their program. In several reviews that we have actually checked out, the distributors declare some quite excellent revenue levels.

What we can find was recruiting commissions of 13% paid straight from the firm and not your downline, as well as retail sales payments of 50% over wholesale. Not something to complain about.

The business does have a yearly turnover rate of 68%. The bigger part of this is because of individuals that attempt to be distributors and then determine it is not for them and go back to being ordinary clients.

You recognize you should be concentrated as well as driven to make cash in any type of NETWORK MARKETING program if you are acquainted with Multi Level Marketing. And also you additionally recognize this is not for the typical individual.

Despite having the greater turnover rate, it appears like the majority wind up remaining as clients. Which is the heart of business. Without those consumers the remainder cannot function.

Annual sales


They report 5.67 billion dollars of revenue.


It has sales of over 3.25 billion dollars.

Pros and cons



  • It’s just $30 to begin
  • You can make your dreams come to life with them
  • Make $3.50 within your very first 4 months
  • The more you sell, the more you make
  • Make $3,250 within your initial 8 campaigns
  • There are no sales quotas
  • Free online store, training and help


  • You might face some competitors



  1. You can start extremely rapidly as an independent contractor.
  2. It offers you an opportunity for independence.
  3. You can earn a vehicle via this sales program.
  4. It offers you an opportunity to learn a useful skill.
  5. You receive high degrees of personal satisfaction with this work.
  6. You get commissions through more than just sales.
  7. This job will certainly help you find the good in people.
  8. There are men’s products you can sell as a consultant too.
  9. You can fix your own prices for the products you sell.
  10. You have to navigate fewer layers of multi-level marketing.
  11. You can earn bonuses working as a Mary Kay consultant.


  1. It needs a great deal of self-discipline to be successful.
  2. You do not have a surefire revenue with Mary Kay.
  3. It is a non-refundable purchase that’s required when you begin.
  4. You can get nickel-and-dimed by the various fees.
  5. It calls for even more cash to begin than simply the $100 starter set.


Bans / Complaints / Legal issues


None to report for this company.


You can envision exactly how shocked we were that a firm in this sort of business does not have any type of actual legal actions against them. Instead, they have actually taken others to court for violation as well as various other company problems!

We were able to find only two cases.

The first case was Woolf v. Mary Kay Cosmetics. The complainant won this suit. She asserted she was unlawfully released from the company for not making her quotas for 3 successive months.

Her point was that this was triggered by disease. Effectively, she had cancer cells so the case used workplace rights to an independent contractor for the very first time in history.

The 2nd case we discovered pitched them against Touch of the Pink Cosmetics. They were purchasing remaining stock cheap from previous consultants of Mary Kay and marketing them for a substantial price cut on their internet site.

This suit was won by Mary Kay.

On the subject of animal testing, Mary Kay has actually refuted it. They were also the first firm in this particular niche to do this by signing a Peta Pledge.

Our view of / take on the company


This company gets on our listing of leading MLM programs. As such we are completely sold on their products as well as their compensation plan. Not surprisingly we give them a huge thumbs up!

Avon has the reputation of a leader and this is not stolen!

Not all ONLINE MARKETING businesses care as much concerning their members as their revenues. This one does and also it shows.

In solution to the concern we commonly see, that is, can you make cash with Avon, ours is an unquestionable yes. Not just can you generate income with this firm however likewise you can make as high as you prefer. The skies is the limit, so to talk!

Despite the fact that sales have actually been down as well as they remain in the center of a reconstruction of types this business is still the second direct sales giant in the sector.

Avon is a caring company that is a force against animal testing. Coupled with the fact that it is a major player in the battle against breast cancer cells, that is tops in our book.

The firm cares for its distributors to the extent of granting them scholarships. They are additionally a significant advocate of philanthropic causes.

Now, to the question, “Do Avon distributors make money?” the answer is affirmative, they really do. In reality, Avon representatives even can make all kinds of it if they are excellent at direct sales.

Being an Avon agent is a smart option for those that have what it requires to make it in the area of direct marketing.


This company has a proven track record. They offer an outstanding product line. They also have years of success and seem to be very eco-friendly in their business dealings.

Mary Kay’s motivation strategy with the automobiles program and also several various other perks they offer make this an extremely preferable Multi-level marketing financial investment. And also we offer it a big thumbs up!

Keep in mind, when determining where to spend your money and time in an ONLINE MARKETING company, bear in mind just how much effort is needed. Don’t also forget if you are up to the constant pressure for sales.

Due to the fact that they are normally the factors why individuals go down out, we offered those cautions. If you believe you have what it takes, this firm is certainly a winner to go with.


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