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AWeber Affiliate FAQ for current and future affiliates


Are you a current AWeber affiliate or looking forward to becoming one?

Did you know that as of July 21, 2014, AWeber has updated their Affiliate Agreement for their affiliate program?

If you didn’t, this article will help current affiliates stay compliant and future ones know what is in stock for them.

Want the full thing?

Then click here to review the updated Affiliate Agreement. 

We are going to cover some frequently asked questions concerning the New Affiliate Agreement and how it affects affiliates. Also, Acceptance into the AWeber Affiliate Program, and Affiliate Payments.


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New Affiliate Agreement


Why are you receiving communications about Affiliates?

AWeber contacts you about its affiliate program simply because you have signed up for an Affiliate account.

You no longer wish to keep your affiliate account?

Then, contact AWeber’s Affiliate team and they will compliantly remove you from the program.

Note that it costs you nothing to be part of the AWeber Affiliate Program. And having yourself removed from the program will not affect your customer account at all.


You are a current affiliate, do you have to reapply?

No. All current affiliates in the program are considered approved for the time being.

However if you are not currently in compliance with AWeber’s updated agreement, they reserve the right to remove you from the affiliate program.


Do you have to sign anything?

No. As a current affiliate, you have already consented to AWeber’s original Affiliate Agreement. It is good for this updated version of that document.


How do you know if you are compliant or not?

The “dos and don’ts” as an affiliate are outlined in the Affiliate Agreement. For any specific concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Aweber.

Their program manager will be happy to help you to stay safely within the limits of their guidelines. They will also help you to be on the threshold to becoming a successful AWeber Affiliate.


Will you be notified if you’re not in compliance with the AWeber Affiliate Agreement?


The AWeber affiliate team will contact the email address and/or phone numbers listed in your Affiliate account.


Their only concern is to work with you to make you a successful AWeber Affiliate.


Can you use “Paid Search” ads to promote your Aweber affiliate link?

Of course. But refrain from including AWeber’s trademarks or any variations or misspelling in your keyword bidding.

While you can create an ad like “AWeber’s Autoresponders are AWesome!” you are not allowed to promote that ad using keywords like “AWeber Autoresponders”, “AWebber”, “A Weber”,”, etc.

Need more clarifications?

Then contact AWeber with any keywords you intend using in your ad campaign and their Affiliate team will tell you whether they are compliant or not.


Can you send a newsletter to an email list you purchased to promote AWeber?

This is a double no.

It is against both AWeber’s Affiliate Agreement and their customer terms of service.

Not sure how to promote the AWeber program?

Don’t lose your sleep.

AWeber provides you resources to become a successful Affiliate.

You like to be original?

Then reach out to AWeber’s Affiliate team to help strategize.


Can you run traffic from multiple people under one AWeber affiliate ID? Especially if you work with many other Affiliate marketers/internet marketers/partners or own an Affiliate network?

Not at all.

AWeber does not allow for rebrokering. And it is in order to effectively monitor for compliance  that they require each company/Affiliate to have their own account.


Do you need to be an AWeber customer to become an AWeber Affiliate?

Not at all. Yet AWeber absolutely recommend it.

In any affiliate program, affiliates are advised to try the product/service they are promoting.


Only someone personally familiar with a product/service can talk about it authoritatively. Thus they will be able to convince others to patronize it.

Concerning AWeber, customers who are very familiar with the platform understand how it works. So they can better make their customers see how they can help them become excellent email marketers.


Do you need to have an AWeber affiliate account to become an AWeber customer?

Not in the least. The AWeber Affiliate Program and the AWeber customer account are two separate things. You can sign up for an AWeber affiliate account without having an AWeber customer account and vice versa.

Sign up for an AWeber Affiliate or customer Account now!


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Acceptance into the AWeber Affiliate Program


What happens when you apply for the Affiliate program?

Immediately you received AWeber’s “Welcome” email showing you how to log in to your account.

But the approval process is not as immediate as the sign-up one. It takes AWeber at least 3 days to review and determine whether or not you are approved to participate in their program.

However if you do not pass their criteria screening, they will notify you via email.


For which reasons can you not be approved as an AWeber affiliate?

There could be many reasons why AWeber has decided not to approve your application to participate in their affiliate program. You can consult AWeber’s Affiliate Agreement to see if you are not aligned with their guidelines.

Then if you think their decision not to approve you as an affiliate was made in error, you email their Affiliate team. Let them know how you’d be a great asset to their Affiliate Program.


Once accepted, do you have the go ahead?

Of course. AWeber approved you because they believed your business offering/solution could be a good fit for their program. They also presumed you will conform to their compliance standards and program guidelines.


Can you cancel your affiliate account?


Simply contact AWeber’s Affiliate team and they will respect your wish and remove you from the program.

Sign up now for acceptance into the AWeber Affiliate Program


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Affiliate Payments


How will you make money with the AWeber Affiliate Program?

Log into your affiliate account and grab your dedicated affiliate link.

Use it promote to your audience via email, banner ads on your site or any other approved marketing method.

Then when someone signs up through your Affiliate link, you will receive credit for that signup. Then you will be paid 30% monthly recurring income. That is, you get paid any month that customer pays.


When will AWeber pay you?

AWeber currently pay Affiliates on Net 30 terms.

What does this mean?

It means that at the end of the month, AWeber add up all of the commissions you have earned. Then 30 days after the close of the month, they send out your check.


How does AWeber pay affiliate commissions?

By check.

They have recently added payment by Paypal.


Can AWeber in exceptional cases send payments electronically (via wire transfers, etc.)?

No. The check and recently Paypal remain their only method of payment at this time.

There are no exceptions even if the bank charges for cashing checks in your country are too high. And also even if your country doesn’t accept checks from the United States.

How did I solve this problem?

I endorse my checks to the order of a trusted childhood friend in the United States of America. He cashes them and sends me the money through Western Union.

Without him my AWeber checks will become decorations for me just as others had in the beginning of my writing career.

But be careful in confiding your check to another person.

I was in the Pennymatrix program where most of the affiliates preferred to make the payments by Paypal. In order not to lose affiliates, I asked my upline in Thailand to receive the payment to his Paypal account on my behalf. For more than 2 years now I have been trying in vain to get my money. And this guy has just created a Church and now a blog! And he has the courage to send me his blog newsletter!!


What if you did not receive your check within the payment period?

Has it been more than 30 days since you didn’t receive your check?

Don’t worry. Just wait up to 10-15 business days after the 30-day mark to allow for processing and delivery.


If you still have not received your check after that period, contact AWeber’s support team. They will be more than happy to check what is happening and solve the problem for you.


When should you cash your check?

The sooner you cash your check the better.


Checks not cashed in a timely manner need to be recut and that attracts a $25 fee.


Sign up to the AWeber Affiliate Program now to receive Affiliate Payments by check 

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