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Affiliate Matters

Are you looking for best paying affiliate programs?

I can help.

Because I’ve been where you are now.

I first discovered affiliate marketing companies in 2011 when I was searching online for something to supplement, or better still, replace my 9 to 5 job which was not leading me anywhere.

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Then I discovered blogging.

This activity hooked me because it offered not only the possibility to do business inexpensively but also allied my other two passions: teaching and writing. And to monetize the blog that I built, the training that I followed suggested companies where I could become an affiliate marketer free of charge. And I jumped at the idea more than I had done at the blog’s.

Affiliate business is enticing

Signing up to any affiliate network programs is the simplest thing to do, as it takes just a few clicks. It is also free. Moreover in the days when it was complicated and expensive to have your own websites, affiliate networks offered the network’s own website from which to promote a multitude of great products and earn good commissions.

Could somebody (especially cash-strapped like me) looking to earn online hope for better? So, I signed up to Clickbank, PayDotCom, Rakuten Linkshare and Commission Junction and received affiliate links and banners to begin promoting the products of merchants on these sites.

I signed up to a few of the thousands of products on these top affiliate networks and began promoting them on my website and on social networking sites.

Later on I discovered and signed up to other best free affiliate programs like Clicksure, Ebay and Amazon. I stopped short of signing up for others like Kowabunga since I was making very little money with the ones I was associated with.

But I learnt some lessons.

Lessons learnt

I can sum up the lessons thus:

I was using a free website platform with limited functionalities for my promotions which, of course, sucked. But if you want to be taken seriously as an affiliate marketer, click this link to Get Your Own Domain and Create a free but fully functional WordPress Website to Promote Your Affiliate Offers.

I was promoting ‘blindly’ (while method was what was needed; and this comes with training). Click this link to Get Training which is free to start and Learn to Promote Your Website’s Offers Professionally.

I wrote content ‘old school’ (that is, without regard to keywords to optimize them for SEO and drive traffic to achieve conversions and make profit. To Get the right keywords for your content and campaigns, click this link to try Jaaxy keyword research tool (the most powerful) free for 30 searches

I shared content and promoted offers not to target audiences (I posted on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. to my followers who could careless (and really did because nobody reacted to my content or products!). Click this link to learn how to target your audience with keywords.

Search for Ways to Promote my ClickBank Affiliate Program led me to Wealthy Affiliate

Before I tackle this, I would like you to click the following link to watch a video walk-through of Wealthy Affiliate and how to benefit from it.

Click this link to join Wealthy Affiliate, one of the best affiliate programs to make money.

Okay, let’s continue with the story.

In 2011 I bought a ClickBank Data Report showing which products to promote, when to promote them, to which countries, etc. Since then ClickBank has been sending me information about how I could become one of the 1,000+ millionaires they have made. That rekindled my interest in promoting the company’s offers.

But this time I wanted to do it right and carried out a Google search to find out how. It was then I fell on a blog post saying that the most helpful site they had found for affiliates and the one which helped the writer to succeed as an affiliate is Wealthy Affiliate.

Another shiny object? I wondered.

But the article being a review and Wealthy Affiliate a recommendation, I had more trust.
I headed over to the site and was wowed. It had everything one needed for starting a business or growing an existing one: free WordPress websites, powerful keyword research tool, getting help and motivation, networking with other affiliate network workers online, and saving yourself from the abundance of scams out there.
I signed up immediately to the free option.

I started training right on the spot and began creating a free website. Seeing that this place offered all that was needed to succeed with free affiliate programs, a week later I became a PREMIUM member.

Your Wise Step to Top Paying Affiliate Companies

So, if you are looking to promote top paying affiliate companies, the best advice I can give you is to sign up first as a Wealthy Affiliate member. You’d not only learn to succeed BIG online in Wealthy Affiliate and other affiliate programs but also have a website that will help you efficiently promote Wealthy Affiliate and the other affiliate programs.

Trust experience and do it NOW! Click on this link.

Here is some affiliate networks list for you:


But should something still be bothering you, just leave your concerns in the comment box below and I’ll get right back to you. Let’s keep talking to secure your future with us.

Your personal guide to securing your future online

N.B.: This is an updated version (27th September 2016) of my page “Affiliate Companies”.

11 thoughts on “Affiliate Matters”

    • Yes, scams have been the bane of people eager to earn online. Fortunately programs like Wealthy Affiliate exist to help people out. Its is therefore our duty to let the world know this. People will only be grateful to us.

  1. Thanks for telling us about your journey and I am sure that lots of people made the same experience. Wealthy Affiliate seems to be the right place for affiliate marketers to learn and to be successful.

    • My passion is affiliate marketing and didn’t the training ask us to share our passion? Yes, what runs through most of the stories onine at Wealthy Affiliate is the bitter experience many have gone through. Fortunately that we all found a place where our dreams of success online can come true. Thanks for your time, Anne.

  2. I learned a whole new world from your website. WA is my first affiliate-blogger site. Your webpages are very interesting and very well set up.
    Thank you Akoli!

    • What’s a website worth if it can’t allow a visitor to learn something new? Thank God that WA is your first affiliate site. Maybe you’ll eventually branch out into others but with all the training here you’d not leap into the dark like many of us did. Is there a page of yours I can visit and comment on? Thanks for stopping by, Cathy.

    • Hi Martha,
      I’m happy you like the way I write. In fact I have a formal training in writing articles and stories and have had some published here and in the US. I hope to use this knowledge to educate my site visitors.

    • Yes, Mark, formerly I had the Hiero theme which did not allow comments on pages. So I searched further and got this theme called Ares. It’s fully responsive, which means that it displays on smaller devices like smartphones. I’m going over to your website to see how it looks like.


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