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Best blogging tools for professional bloggers in 2021


Best blogging tools for professional bloggers are easily available online.
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People who become bloggers followed their passion and decided to share their knowledge and talents with others.

To many, blogging is a way to expose and communicate what most traditional jobs do not support – expressing one’s uniqueness, creativity, and distinctive way of thinking.

There’s nothing wrong in cashing on this individuality. However, a talented blogger will still need a bit of help. This is where blogging tools for professional bloggers come into the spotlight.

Everything that blogging involves

Note that creating captivating content is only a part of what blogging is about. It also includes a vast range of tasks that can seem overwhelming for one person. And they certainly would be if there weren’t helpful tools specially designed to assist prospective bloggers.

Emerging as a recognized blogger and growing your loyal community take time and effort but are attainable goals. To achieve them sooner and easier, get familiar with the elements of one fully developed and successful blog.

The process of blog creation goes beyond content and falls into several categories. Namely, you should

  • Find an affordable but reliable web host and consider managed WordPress hosting.
  • Choose (an available) domain name.
  • Find the right WordPress theme.
  • Design your own images and graphics.
  • Implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and install SEO plugins.
  • Learn how to receive international payments.
  • Earn from your blog through successful affiliate marketing or start an affiliate program yourself.
  • Explore other blog monetization options.
  • Share your content on Social Media and install SM plugins.
  • Build attention-capturing landing pages.
  • Utilize the CDN (Content Delivery Networks).
  • Manage your team and allow yourself and your brand to grow.

Over time, you will tweak and polish your creation to better suit your requirements and goals. And you can do it with the help of specially designed blogging tools for professional bloggers.

Web Hosting Tools

You should choose the most reliable and cost-efficient host, i.e., that offers the most for your money.

If you wish to build a website, use WordPress. But if you want to store your site, make it easily accessible to others 24/7, and enable it to endure heavy web traffic – choose a web hosting service.

While WordPress recommends Bluehost, others are also worth your attention, like DreamHost, Siteground, HostGator, Inmotion, and Kinsta.

If handling technical aspects of WordPress takes too much of your time, opt for managed WordPress hosting. This includes tasks like updates, backups, and speed and security features.

Among managed hosting providers, WPX, WP Engine, Kinsta, SiteGround, Bluehost, DreamPress, Liquid Web, and DreamHost are all good, reliable choices. Although, you might need to compare their price lists before deciding.

Domain Registrars

Get your unique domain name and IP address with the help of a domain name registrar. These tools will help you generate and reserve a unique name for your website and assign it an IP address.

One of the most popular and widely used registrars is However, note that hosts like Bluehost, DreamHost, and HostGator also offer domain names and extensions next to their hosting services.

WordPress Theme Markets

You don’t have to pay for a WP theme if you are a novice blogger. Now offers thousands of free themes. Perfectly optimized, their free themes will not provide as many features as their premium counterparts, but you won’t need them initially anyway.

Other great options you can use to look for the ideal theme include StudioPress, MOJO Marketplace, CSSIgniter, Elegant Themes, and Themeforest.

If you know your niche, you will easily find a suitable theme in one of their categories. And yes, it pays off to invest in a premium theme and start creating quality content on a sound basis.

Image and Design Tools

Use Canva graphic design tools and their vast database of templates and stock images to design perfect graphics for your website and social media. While not free, it does offer a free trial and is worth the price later.

If you need more practice with image and graphics design before you pay for the engines like Canva, use some free blogging tools for professional bloggers and hobbyists alike. For example, Stencil and Snappa.

You can create infographics with Piktochart, logos and social media graphics with PicMonkey, design vectors with powerful Gravit Designer, or edit photos with Polarr.

SEO Tools and Plugins

SEO tools come in great numbers and varieties, but in essence, they serve to build some quality backlinks for you, research your competitors, find the best keywords and boost your rankings, traffic, and sales.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console provide the extensive data and tools to tweak them to your favor.

Ubersugest is a comprehensive SEO suite just like Semrush and Mangools, incorporating tools for a site audit, keyword research, and backlink building. A backlink checker tool such as LinkMiner helps you find strong backlinks directly on your competitors’ sites so you can learn the secret of their success.

Content marketing is an essential part of blogging, and quality content can do a lot for your brand and public image. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of tools that bring your content out to the public and use the public to help you create your content.

With search listening tools such as AnswerThePublic, you can create relevant content by letting the tool find what people ask in Google search that is related to your keyword.

Among the best and most straightforward SEO plugins are Yoast andAll in One SEO Pack, which have user-friendly interfaces and features that make a great starting point for beginners.

A bit more advanced is Rank Math, which incorporates the abovementioned Google Search Console, allows you to create Rich Snippets, and helps you find and fix 404 errors, among other things.

Shortpixel improves your page loading speed by compressing and optimizing the images on the page, whilea3 Lazy Load improves it by loading images only once you reach them scrolling.

Tools That Let You Receive International Payments

Bloggers engaging in affiliate marketing would need a reliable payment system on their side. The best options are PayPal, Payoneer, PingPong, and TransferWise.

Choosing one of the global payment gateways allows your business to grow by accepting payments from every part of the world quickly and securely.

Earn from Your Blog Through Affiliate Marketing

The sooner your blog gets organic traffic, the higher the chance to earn from affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate marketing programs that dip into every niche, and you shouldn’t have a problem joining an affiliate program that suits your blog.

You will find excellent offers worth promoting on ShareASale, Amazon Associates, Awin, Avangate Affiliate Network, FlexOffers, eBay Partner Network, and many others.

But just in an unlikely case that they don’t cover your niche, start your own program. Get your affiliates to sell your product and boost traffic to your website and increase your brand’s reach, sales, and influence.

Tools for Blog Monetization

The sweetest way of earning income is through passive income. However, blog monetization through affiliate marketing is not the only option.

You can use Google Adsense to make money when a guest clicks an ad on your blog. Also, you can insert ads on your WordPress site with the help ofAdSanity. If you wish to use your blog to sell digital products like eBooks,Easy Digital Downloads is a tool for you.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with accepting donations from your fans. If you create valuable content for free, they may feel inclined to support you with a small donation. You would just need the Typeform tool.

Social Media Management Tools

Among the best social media management tools, you’ll find Social Pilot, Buffer, Revive Old Post, andHootsuite. These tools will help you save time by connecting all your social media accounts, scheduling your posts, and analyzing your social media performance.

However, if you wish to allow your visitors to share content from your blog, you should integrate social media plugins into your website. The most widely used tools are AddThis, Blog2Social, Mashshare, Monarch, and Social Warfare.

Utilize the Content Delivery Networks

Speed up your website loading and optimize its performance by using a CDN of your choice. CDNs are blogging tools for professional bloggers that run websites with heavy traffic.

While most CDNs offer free plans, you should consider investing in one of these valuable tools. Bloggers most often use Fastly, CloudFront, KeyCDN, Cloudflare, and

Tools That Help You Build Landing Pages

Achieve high conversions with the help of attractive, captivating landing pages. And create landing pages with the right tools. Some of the most popular landing page builders are Unbounce, Elementor, LeadPages, Launchrock, HubSpot, and OptimizePress.

Creating personalized landing pages will ensure that your visitors turn into leads. You can boost clicks, conversion rate, and profit without any coding or designing knowledge.

Team Management Tools

Finally, let us assume you have a team of content writers, developers, graphic designers, and other specialists to help you run your website. What better way to organize your team and stay on schedule than with the team management tools?

Big and small teams alike rely on Toggl, Podio, Slack, andBitrix24, but also onTrello, Neetrix, andProWorkflow. In a sea of blogging tools for professional bloggers, there is something for every blogger and every task they need to accomplish.

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