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About my affiliate marketing Blog

The genesis of this affiliate marketing blog goes back to the year 2012.

I had gotten tired of living the wretched life of a part-time teacher in my small country of Togo in the middle of the West African coast.

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What brought me to blogging?

But I had a dream. Not only for myself and my family (both nuclear and extended) but also for other Africans.

I was used to working online sourcing products for buyers on the B2B site called I had success getting sellers and buyers and putting them into contact with each other but the greedy nature of human nature robbed me of my gains. My “bosses” would tell me stories about the business till I got tired and went on to another.

So, going on Google to do research to look for a supplier ready to supply me goods on Cash against Documents was as easy as a, b, c.

Research done. But instead of such a supplier, Google served me details about affiliate marketing blogging.

Click this link to listen to the Blog Profits Blueprint by the Great Influencer Blogger YaroStarak.

I only checked the first result out of curiosity. I had never heard of the words “blogging” and “affiliate”. Of course, I knew about marketing. Maybe it was that word which made me read the piece.

The first blogging training I followed

It was by a company called Web Colleagues. For $59, they offered to train people to master blogging in affiliate marketing.

I sighed and looked into the wall.

I had the money but there was no way I could pay by credit card or even Paypal. These were simply not available in my country. What I had access to is bank money transfer. But the company didn’t have that as a payment method. Besides, I once sent a payment that way to a company in Britain and the bank charges kept me grinding my teeth for months.

Going through my mind’s map, my sight fell on a friend who was a lecturer in an Australian University. I had proposed a business to him before and he had refused it. Now I was afraid to tell him about this but tell him I must.

Surprisingly he accepted to help me pay. More surprisingly, he decided that I shouldn’t send him money by Western Union before he paid for me. He would do it out of his pocket. And he did.

I received the course and started the training. It was interesting. And all along I started to create my affiliate marketing blog.

The training marketing promised that if I continued posting content on the blog, in the course of 5 months, I would have enough traffic to start making money.

Five months passed and the traffic I had was just a handful. Disappointed, I abandoned the blog.

The second blogging training I followed

But once bitten, they say, is twice shy. Back to Google I went and searched again.

A review about Wealthy Affiliate came up. The blood pounded in my veins as I read it.

I applied immediately for the 7-day free trial. What I saw as training was so thorough that I signed up for the premium membership before the 7 days expired.

Then I began to create this very blog you’re reading. It also has a checkered history.

After working on it from August 2015, my progress in getting traffic was so small that I neglected it momentarily.

The problem was that I needed keyword tools, email marketing tools and other things to work methodically but my American Express credit card was not accepted in many places abroad for payment.  I again cursed living in Africa.

But about a year later, a bank began advertising the sale of Visa credit cards. I rushed there and bought one immediately.

I began to see progress.

My blogging journey hits a stumbling block

Problems come severally, they say.

The moment for repayment of my web hosting, domain name hosting and Wealthy Affiliate membership came. This was the time my bank had whatever problem with the visa card. So, although I had money I couldn’t renew all those things.

Soon, I lost the hosting and my blog disappeared from the internet. Then my Wealthy Affiliate membership also went and I cursed the whole world.

Friends overseas didn’t accept to cooperate for the payment. I didn’t want to trouble the friend in Australia who had paid for me before. It took him a lot of time to pay for the Web Colleagues training. He said that his lecturing don’t give him time. Besides, the university was far from the town’s post office.

A friend contacted his sister in the United States and she accepted to pay. She did so only for the domain name renewal and declined for the rest because she had problems with her bank.

Then I remembered somebody in the US and he accepted to pay even before I sent him the money by Western Union.

My site came back on the internet, and I resumed my affiliate marketing training. To my dismay I had lost all the little traffic I had on my blog. And it was said that once you lose your traffic under such circumstances, getting it back is a herculean task. And that is what I have been going through.

I’m accepted into the Wealthy Affiliate 2019/2020 Super Affiliate Challenge

Fortunately in April Wealthy Affiliate accepted me to do the Super Affiliate Challenge. Now, I feel confident the real success is coming.

I said in my getting started page post that I wasn’t a 5-, 6- or 7-figure earner but that I would be. That was 4 years ago. The task has been an uphill one. But my sites are still set on my goal.

Look out for that post one day.

Meanwhile, I will like to know what your feelings are on the question of affiliate marketing blogs. So, go down to the comments box and let us know what you think.


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10 thoughts on “About my affiliate marketing Blog”

  1. Affiliate marketing is a fascinating concept and something that most people are at least a little curious about. We’re all connected to the online world where niche concepts can find big markets from among internet users worldwide! 

    Any tips that you can share to help people find the easiest ways to understand the big picture concepts of affiliate marketing and find their way to profitable platforms is going to be super valuable to readers!!

    • Hi Aly,

      Many people who want to work online readily embrace Affiliate marketing. Not that it is forcibly the best or the easiest but because “gurus” make them believe so. When I got into Affiliate markeing, I also believed I was going to make it in a very short period. Then I found out, it needed training, time, effort, some money (if you have it), etc. to make it work.

      Concerning tips to help
      people find the best way to do affiliate marketing, there are many on this site. An example is 7 ways to affiliate marketing success. Many others can also be found if you search “affiliate marketing” on the site.

      Thank you


  2. Hello Akoli, it is very nice to hear your story and i think that that person that helped you is an angel because not everyone can be as selfless as that. I am also a member of wealthy affiliate and I have to say that it is very good to see that someone who has been on the platform for many years can say a few things about. This is very nice. Great work here and I am also an affiliate marketer like you.

    • Hello John,

      The story of my online journey is very similar to that of most people online. Everyone went round in circles, got scammed, spent a lot on shiny objects before finding the light.

      Yes, I’m forever grateful to my Wealthy Affiliate sponsor whose Wealthy Affiliate review introduced me to the platform.

      So this blog that you’re reading has a history behind it. And I will never forget it sincethe past sheds light on the future.

      Keep up your online journey.


  3. I would like to congratulate you on the journey so far. It is not a disadvantage to come from Africa. It is infact a blessing. You have been able to weather the storm and scaled through the challenges you encountered along the way to where you are now. You are an inspiration to many who may want to give up or stop believing in their abilities to achieve their dreams and goals.

    You did not give up or quit. Thanks for sharing. I can’t tell you enough how much encouragement you have brought to a lot of Africans who are interested in affiliate marketing but have issues making payments with payment gateways who don’t do business with their country. I am a firm believer in you and anyone from Africa who is determined to reach their goals.

    • Hi Temidayo,

      Thank you for your words of encouragement on my online journey so far. No, it is not a
      disadvantage to come from Africa, but there certainly is a handicap. Matters like slow internet connection, unstable electricity supply, etc. Can delay your succeess. In fact, there might be a blessing, but I don’t see it at all. How many times haven’t I wished I was in the developed world? I would havesucceeded long ago.

      Yes, it took a lot of sacrifices to weather the storm and sail through the challenges I have
      encountered along the way to be where I am now. I will be glad if my story can motivate other Africans not to give up or stop believing in their abilities to
      achieve their dreams and goals. It’s difficult, even maddening, but not impossible.

      I will continue inspiring people from my continent. One thing is sure, when you succeed in working online, there is no better place to be than Africa.

      Keep it up, brother.


  4. Hello Akoli, very cool to read about the Super Affiliate Challenge at Wealthy Affiliate. I want to be a  Super Challenge participant this year or whenever one can join again. I have a very brandable domain that I started building here at WA. Right now it doesn’t look like a whole lot but I am working on making some content first before I worry about making it “pretty” haha. I enjoyed reading about your story and journey into internet marketing. Starting and stopping sounds so familiar to my history with it. I’m hoping this go around I will have patience and perseverance. Take care my friend and have a great weekend.

    • Hello Riverdogg,

      I’m embarrassed about addressing you that way but I have no other one to use for you.

      When I got accepted into the Super Affiliate Challenge at

      Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t know it was also going to be a lot of work. There is even some pressure, because there is a new challenge every month. We’re almost half-way through, and then all will be okay.

      I will encourage you to a  Super Challenge participant in 2020/2021. The problem is that Kyle chooses the potential participants. Then you apply. And only a certain number of people are accepted. I didn’t do anything exceptional to be accepted, and so can you.

      I also worked a lot on my website before polishing it up. Anyway, the more you add content to your website, the more you will have to tidy it up at one time or another.

      My story and journey into internet marketing mirrors that of many. Starting and stopping, and even the desire to give up, haunts all of us all the time. One therefore needs a high dose of patience and


      Take care too and do come back again to comment on another post.


  5. Great article. Success come to those who don’t give up.  Reading through your article I could see that you are a hustler. Living in a country where the technology has not been yet  effective didn’t stop you from coming and fight.  And at this time you are going to win.  Great post.

    • Hi Randy Levy,

      Thanks for your nice compliment on my article. Yes, I agree with you, “success comes to those who don’t give up.” 

      Yes, I have been hustling for as long as I could remember. It’s difficult to bear some times, but one can one do. Yes, at a moment when technology is doing wonders for people, Africans still have to struggle to achieve the most elementary things in the old ways or in primitive modern ways.

      Thanks for your best wishes. Success for me, is not a wish. It’s a must.

      Please come back and contribute to discussions on this blog again.



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