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The aim of this post is simple: to offer you literature and videos directly from AWeber (the horse’s own mouth). These are to help boost your referrals as an affiliate. And also to boost your sales with AWeber’s email marketing if you are an internet marketer.

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 Do you want to succeed as a referral? Get set up for success with AWeber’s “What to Write” pdf

You would find the pdf includes AWeber’s fill-in-the-blank email templates as an extra incentive to make getting started even easier.


Learn about email marketing and be set up for long-term success as a referral with Aweber’s guide to “Growing Your Business with Email Marketing” pdf. 


Click here to watch the video “Create an email newsletter with Aweber”


Click here to watch the video “Email autoresponders from Aweber”


Click here to watch the video “RSS to email with Aweber”


Click here to watch the video “Manage multiple email campaigns”


Click for AWeber’s overview of email marketing guides


Click here to watch the video “Webinars/intro to AWeber’s affiliate program” 


Click here to see “The ultimate guide to email marketing”

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