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A newspaper with the front page splashed EXTRA BREAKING NEWS
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Breaking News

A newspaper with the front page splashed EXTRA BREAKING NEWS
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Breaking News

This new page is a place for publishing news about new products released in my niche: affiliate marketing as well as in blogging.

I’ve just learnt this from Will Nicholls in his guest blog 6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Blog and decided to implement it for my blog under a “Breaking News” page.
My blog is in the affiliate marketing niche, and when new products are released I will publish a post about it.

Here are the ingredients if you want to do it too.

You need some images, the press release, a little personal summary and it’s ready to go. Then you just post it to your blog’s social media feeds. This can result in an instant spike in traffic.

I just wish I’d started doing this sooner.

To stay ahead of the game, Will advises to find out who already breaks news in your niche. In my case these are the big bloggers and the big affiliate marketing blogs.

You need to download an RSS reader called RSS Bot for MAC users, or many others, such as Feedly for Microsoft users, which is what I’ll be using. What Will loves about this is that it pushes notifications straight through to his Mac laptop when websites he follows publish posts. What this means is that he is always at the ready to publish news as it is broken.

This is what I will be doing too on this page.

If you have any comments to make on this, just go down to the comments box and leave them there. Thanks.

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