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Can you make money with Avon?

We have written many reviews but we have never really touched Avon. So today it is going to be all about one of the kings of the multi-level marketing industry!

Women showing off the avon looks to signify can you make money with avon
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Today’s article will be all about the question can you make money with Avon. For that, what we will be looking at is an overview of the company, its products, and its compensation plan.

Many people swear by this company and personally having some experience using many of their products, we have to say they are some of the finest in the industry. So we are excited to take a look at Avon.

What is Avon?


Avon is a company worldwide with representatives in North America including Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States as well as around the globe.

They have been around for over 120 years and have a proven track record of award-winning products and a compensation program second to none in the industry.

Many of their product brands are known worldwide and are at the top of their category for quality and reliability. For example Skin So Soft, and ANEW.

Avon is also huge in the fight against domestic violence and is huge as well in the fight to cure breast cancer.

Not a bad start for an overview at all!

The Products


Avon products for women
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Avon is exclusive to well, Avon which is a huge reason why they can have such complete quality control and stand behind their products so well.

You can only buy from Avon distributors and the prices are very reasonable for the quality you are receiving.

Some examples of the products they offer are:

  • Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Hand Cream Avon Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night Cream
  • Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil Original 25 fl oz
  • Avon True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner
  • Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Hand Cream
  • Avon True Color Flawless Cream-to-Powder Foundation
  • Avon Today Tomorrow Always Eau De Parfum Spray – 1.7 fl oz bottle
  • Avon Far Away Eau de Parfum
  • Avon Mesmerize Bonus Size Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant

These are just a few of the many products this company offers and you will be surprised at how competitive their prices are with the general market. But the quality exceeds anything out there off the shelf.

Avon’s Compensation Plan


Here is where this company excels above most other multi-level marketing companies as they have a proven program that has been feeding their distributors for over 130 years. Also, they have so many success stories it would be impossible to list them all in a book!

How it works is simple: they sell exclusively through their distributors, thus making it impossible to be undercut anywhere. This system gives them total control of their products and costs.

You will not find their product on Amazon or like sites for less than you can buy them through the company. And this is the biggest part of their success.

They have a program for women who want to enjoy quality products and make money doing it!

They claim that no dream is too small or too large. And they can make it happen for their distributors and they really have a family-based atmosphere.

To become a distributor for Avon you first purchase a starter kit for $25.00. That is full of samples to get you going on building your customer base. You will agree that is a very small out of pocket expense to open the door to an awesome business opportunity.

Selling products is their number one priority and it is the distributors’ also. That is the second reason why this company does not bend. The compensation is the direct result of your sales, and by having the best product available it is a set up for a win-win situation all around.

You begin making money on the dollar of your fist sale and as you grow you will be in charge of how far up the ladder you would like to climb.

The next step is to reach the President’s club which happens after you reach sales of $10.000. This opens many great perks.

You will now enjoy a 40% commission on all sales and be part of many of the companies’ VIP privileges. And there are many of them!

The next level is building a downline of distributors you have personally recruited. And this is where the money really starts to happen. This will lead you to the opportunity to be a member of the advanced leadership program. This program is for the career-minded people who want to do this for a very healthy living.



With your $25.00 starter kit you will have enough to run three campaigns and get started on a customer base. You will also have access to setting up an online store of your own and have access to unlimited training from the company. These ensure you have all the tools you need to make this a success.

You will build your business up to the level you want it to be at, be that with just enough customers for some extra cash to the level of a full-time lifestyle change. This is all up to your desires!

Our Take on Avon


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This company is on our list of top MLM programs and we are completely sold on their products and their compensation plan. No doubt we give them a huge thumbs up!

They have the reputation of a leader and they deserve it!

Not all MLM companies care as much about their members as their profits but this one does and it shows.

So in answer to our title of this article, can you make money with Avon, it is a resounding yes. Not only can you make money with this company but also you can make as much as you desire. So the sky is the limit!

Thanks for checking out this article and keep in mind there are many ways of making money working for yourself. So be sure to check out our number one recommendation for starting your own successful home business and keep checking back for more reviews and information on home-based businesses!

Please share us on your social media and help us get the word out on what is good and what is bad in the MLM world.

Happy Marketing!

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18 thoughts on “Can you make money with Avon?”

  1. Great post you have here and surely a worthy one to read. Surely, Avon is among the best best MLM around and can only get better. Though I have bad reputations with mlm but then, the products sold by Avon are great and surely I have made UE of some in the past and they were very effective. This is good and thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      I’m tickled that you found my post great. Thank you. Since you found it a worthy one to read, I think you would want to share it with your friends.

      You’re right, Avon hasavery good place among the best of the best of MLM around. It’s unfortunate the bad reputations with mlm could affect Avon’s sales. This would be unfortunate as their products are great.

      What do you mean by you have “made UE of some in the past?” Did you want  to say “use”?.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi, Avon is a big player in the beauty industry. They have a solid reputation and the majority of people have some familiarity with the brand name.

    Avon is like “Cadillac” when you are talking about beauty products. The brand name is known for its quality and performance..

    You can definitely make money with Avon and add it to your business. It practically sells itself. Thanks for this.

    • Hi Jake,

      Sure, Avon is a big player in the beauty industry. Their reputation isbeyond any shadow of doubt and of course, many people know the
      brand name. That’s another positive side for them.

      Yeah, Avon is the “Cadillac” of beauty products. Thanks for reminding me about that. And naybrand of that caliber will certainly hold its place for quality and performance..

      This is certainly one of the few MLM companies to be highly recommended for its generous compensation plan and its ability to make you money.

      Yes, like any good product, Avon’s sell like hot cakes.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. That’s so funny.  I’ve been a fan of Avon my whole life.  I’ve always purchased products, especially around the holidays, from a variety of distributors.  I’ve even had “book parties” where I get other people (then in my office) to buy from my book and I got free stuff.  However, in the whole time, I don’t remember ever being “recruited.”  I’ve been in several MLM’s, and I think I would have really enjoyed being a rep for Avon because I truly love their products.  We use the famous Skin So Soft to repel bugs in the summer.  Thanks for sharing this information on Avon.  It gives me something to think about for my daughter.  She’s looking for an opportunity.  This might fit the bill for her.

    • Hello Babsie Wagner,

      How nice to come across somebody who has been a fan of Avon their whole life. I’m not surprised to hear that you’ve “always purchased products, especially around the holidays, from a variety of distributors.” With such great products, one can’t do otherwise.

      Oh, you’ve even had “book parties”? And did you sell a lot? It must be fun working from your office, and especially getting free stuff. 

      If in all that time you were never bothered with being recruited, that only goes to show how good the Avon sales plan is. 

      I don’t know why with all that experience, you didn’t choose to become an Avon representative.

      Thanks for coming over to visit and for commenting on this review of Avon. I’m even happier that this gives you something to think about for your daughter. Please, show her this opportunity. I’m sure she will love it  And as you say, fill a need for her!


  4. I had no idea that Avon was still being sold, my mother used to sell these products when I was a young boy. I guess that means there’s still opportunities, because of it wasn’t successful they wouldn’t still be around after all these years. How does Avon compare with Mary Kay? I am going to share this with my wife, she was talking about getting into something like this. Thank you for the review! 

    • Hi Travis,

      Oh yes, Avon is still being sold. Oh, your mother used to sell these products when you were a young boy? Yes, there’re still opportunities for distributors to make money with the company. Yes, Avon’s success has enabled it to be around after all these years.

      How does Avon compare with Mary Kay? I will refer you to an article on Mary Kay I will be posting soon.

      Yes, please, go ahead and share this with your wife. Let her get into something she will never regret.

      Thank you for your comment.


  5. What an interesting review, which has made me wish I could turn the clock back a few years and choose Avon as my way in to Multi-Level marketing because maybe I could have made a success of it, unlike the company I made the mistake of trying and failing at MLM with. Never mind, its good to see that there are good, decent MLM companies and I wish anyone who signs up with Avon every success.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for finding my review interesting. You wish you could turn back the hand of the clock a few years and choose Avon as your way in to Multi-Level marketing. But it’s not too late! Better late than never! You can start today and maybe you could make a success of it. Just forget the company you made the mistake of trying and failing at MLM with.

      Yes, there are good and decent MLM companies out there and Avon is certainly one of them. I will also urge anybody reading this to sign up, work hard and see success.

      Thank you again for  your comment.


  6. It sounds great! And they offer you wonderful incentives such as reaching the president’s club. The fact that they have been around for 120 years also speaks very well for them. I have seen some “Avon ladies” and they all seem very happy with the program. $25 for a starter kit is a small investment, and the company already has a good name, so the name will sell itself. I think it is great that Avon is also involved in the fight against domestic violence and breast cancer. Excellent company! With so many scams online, I am really glad to come across a positive review 🙂 it is refreshing to read this. 

    • Hi Christine,

      I’m happy that you said my Avon review sounds great! And you’re not wrong. The company offers (as you said) its distributors wonderful incentives such as reaching the president’s club. Yes, a company which has been around for 120 years must be pretty solid.

      Oh, you have seen some “Avon ladies” who all seem very happy with the program? That’s nice to hear. Sure, $25 for a starter kit is a small investment, coupled with the good name of Avon which as you said, sells itself.

      Certainly, Avon, like other great companies has a philanthropic side, and that is, the fight against domestic violence and breast cancer.

      I’m happy to have let you seen a positively reviewed company since you’re tired of scams online.

      Thanks for your contribution.


  7. Great piece of review on Avon here. Well! This is really interesting and sure worth reading. Avon cannot be overlooked when addressing MLM businesses. In fact, I have friends working here and though I don’t get really thrilled by mlm, their results and returns has been remarkable. Well! Avon is great and anyone who is willing to try out mlm should give it a go. Thumbs up

    • Hello Shelley,

      Thanks for your compliment on my Avon review. I’m glad that you found it worth reading. Sure, when you’re talking about MLM businesses worth talking about, no one can overlook Avon.

      I’m happy to learn that your friends have good results and returns.

      Yes, anyone interested in going into MLM must give Avon high credit.

      Thanks for your comment and for your thumbs up for Avon.


  8. Yeah Avon has really been a life saver to my family  because last year my younger sister had breast  cancer she tried so many products they dont work the doctor told her they were going to perform  an operation  on here not until a friend of ours said no that he has a product that can cure it and he introduced  us to Avon really it doesn’t  take more than few weeks it disappeared  on her this product really saved her life I ll recommend  it anywhere thanks for this post 

    • Hi Rose,

      I’m happy to see you on my site again and to hear that Avon has really been a life saver to your family. The story of your sister’s breast cancer is highly emotional. But I’m happy that instead of an operation a friend of yours proposed a product that can cure it and that was an Avon. And in just a few weeks it all disappeared.

      This is a story I hope many people will hear and thanks for sharing it.


  9. This a very nice company and its money making system is really nice indeed.  Selling products for companies that are already known in the market isn’t as difficult as bringing in a new product where you’ll have to do much talking. Considering its use which is skincare, I would go with it always. It’s MLM program, are you only involved in bringing in new members only ?

    • Hello Benson,

      Sure, Avon is a very nice company and there’s nothing to complain about its money making system. Yes, with a widely known company like Avon, selling their products isas easy as a, b, c. Sure, you wouldn’t need to do too much talking.

      Oh, you’re sold on skincare? It’s nice to hear that.

      It’s MLM program, but you are not involved in bringing in new members only.

      Thanks for your comment.



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