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Captain Tortue

Today we are going to take a look at Captain Tortue Children’s Clothing.

Many people just love this company and its product line. And the numbers show that as they come in at number 39 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world.

Captain Tortue sprng summer 2020 with a smiling woman to signify Captain Tortue
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They reported an annual income of 0.71 billion dollars last year and that makes them a force in their niche.

We will share the details on this company based in the United Kingdom and check out how they do business and treat their marketing partners. These, along with any possible pros and cons we may find in our research.

We will cap off the review with our views and recommendations on Captain Tortue.

So, let’s start at the beginning.

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The company

The Captain Tortue Group was founded in1993 in France.

They sell children’s clothing and accessories through what they call consultants. Their product line is seasonal. This means that it changes with the seasons and it is only available through their consultants.

We really like this part as having an exclusive product is a good sign. They have a solid business plan and we will get into that later in this review.

There are 4660 salespeople (consultants) selling products for the company and about 92 employees.

The headquarters are located in Aix-en-Provence, France.

It is really hard to get much more information about the company and their website is very hard to navigate and very vague to the general public.

In order to really get a good view, you must sign up to be a consultant.

We did find out that the company has a 100 percent women-driven executive committee. And they have a charity that supports women in breast cancer care.

There is an in house designer named Lilian, who is the co-founder and Artistic Director of the brand, and she designs all of their looks.

The products

Smiling woman with a bouquet of jasmine flowers to signify Captain Tortue products
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The products are the rave of the internet.

Captain Tortue offers an exclusive and originally designed line of clothes, lingerie, jewelry, and accessories.

Their big selling point is having personal parties where the consultants can also give tips and advice to potential customers.

They can be found through a number of consultants on Facebook and they have a really cute product line.

These products are all competitively priced and the great part about the home parties is you can shop at home, have a consultant bring you an assortment of products to choose from. And when they arrive, the host will personally drop them off to you. Now that is service!

The business model

Business models for multi-level marketing programs are all pretty similar in that they pay commissions for product sales and building a customer base first. Then they pay commissions for recruiting new members and building a downline.

Then they pay residual commissions on your downline sales and lastly add incentives like bonuses and perks.

Posts on the company website explain a family atmosphere between consultants and the company and we also see this in the reviews we have read by current and former consultants’ experiences working there.

Answers to the following questions are posted on their website:

Question: Do I need to invest money to become a consultant?

Answer: No, you can try it out for free and see if it is what you are looking for.

Question: How do I sell the products?

Answer: You have home parties or throw parties at customers’ homes using a pop-up store.

Question: What is a pop up stare?

Answer: At a pop-up shop, our consultant presents the Captain Tortue collections. She gives you great advice on style. It’s like having a personal shopper…but with all your friends!

There are many other questions and answers posted there and we suggest a visit to really get the feel for this company.

The pros

  • Solid company
  • Great reputation
  • Awesome product line
  • A personal touch sales model
  • Family atmosphere
  • Full training available
  • No signup cost
  • Exclusive in house line of products
  • Exclusive availability of products
  • Woman based sales force.

The cons

  • High prices for retail customers
  • Woman based sales force (This is really not a con, just a fact that may make it hard for guys to get into it, although it should not, that is why we listed it under pros also. It would be a guy thing getting in the way, not the company, loosen up guys!)

Our view

We feel this company has every single element that is needed to be an awesome multi-level marketing company to work for.

It is product sales first based. Then, it has an exclusive product line that is only available through their consultants. And finally, they have a great MLM model.

They do not focus on recruitment and they treat their consultants like family. And that makes them a great place to us. So we give them a huge thumbs up!

Both newbies to marketing and veterans should be able to go far with this company. And come on guys, show your feminine side and get on this!

As long as you are OK with giving home parties, you should be able to take this as far as you wish. And that is all we ask for when looking for a good MLM program to work!

We hope our Captain Tortue review has helped you understand what this company is all about.

And if you do have any questions you would like to ask, or if you just want to say hello, please do so in the comments section below. Because we love hearing from you!

Be sure and check out the other reviews we have posted above under our reviews tab.

And until next time, happy marketing!

We have a place that we would love to share with you where you can build your online business step by step with your very own hands-on guide! See our number one recommendation for more info on a free tour of this awesome place!

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4 thoughts on “Captain Tortue”

  1. I’m glad I found this article.

    I understand that the Captain Tortue Group is a multi-level marketing company that deals on clothing and accessories. Somewhere along the line I came across where you wrote about children’s clothing.

    I want to ask if the company deals on children’s clothing and accessories alone, or on both kids’ and adult clothing? And do they have specifications, as in with male and female clothing, or do they deal on all types of clothing?

    Thanks in anticipation of a favourable response.

    • Hey John,

      I’m glad I found this article.

      Yes, Captain Tortue Group is a multi-level marketing company that deals in clothing and accessories. In addition to children’s clothing, they also deal in adult clothing.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I have heard of Captain Tortue,  they are like an exclusive club, They sound like a solid company I mean being in business since 1993, means they are doing things right. I know that there are many MLM companies that are a bit… Shall we say fishy, but Captain Tortue, has found a way to make themselves into a respectable brand.

    The fact that they don’t focus so much on recruitment makes them more attractive than the other MLM companies that focus so much on recruitment which means your income will depend on how many new people you bring in and how many those people will be able to recruit. Which in my opinion is not a secure way for sellers to grow their businesses.

    Also, I guess the fact that their products are seasonal, and the majority of executives are women make people want their products even more regardless of the fact that they are on the pricy side. Besides, we know that women are the main shoppers in families so, if they like the Captain Tortue products, of course, they will order them and I think the fact that the company is also involved in charity work like supporting women in breast cancer care, gives the company the compassion factor.

    Plus the home parties sound like fun, cucumber sandwiches, and sparkling wine, while we talk fashion, sounds delightful to me.

    • Hi Rose,

      Women love fashion, so I’m not surprised you have heard of Captain Tortue. I wonder why people create companies and turn fishy. How long and how often can you fool people? Once. Maximum twice. But it’ll be difficult to find a third fool. When you treat people well, they stick with you.

      Recruitment is one of the MLM requirements that drive people away from them. A company which does not place a premium on this becomes attractive.

      Being in fashion, it’s understandable that Captain Tortue’s products are seasonal. Being a company run by a majority of women executives gives this company a modern and progressive touch. Women’ solidarity will also drive women shoppers to them. Being involved in charity work supporting women in breast cancer care is another winning factor for them.

      I like the picture you painted of home parties. Makes me feel like holding one!


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