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CBproAds’ Affiliate Program versus Clickbank’s

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CBproAds is one of the best affiliates programs’ companies registered at as a vendor. To register with them as an affiliate you must first register with Clickbank as an affiliate.


Because you will need your Clickbank nickname (the name you registered with as affiliate) to register with CBproAds.


Because CBproAds will need your Clickbank nickname to link to the Clickbank products displayed on your main and niche storefronts.


In this post we are going to see the best free affiliate programs and the best paying affiliate programs run exclusively by CBproAds and that run by Clickbank with CBproAds exclusively as a vendor.

Now let’s see the affiliate program run exclusively by CBproAds.

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  1. Affiliate Program Run by CBproAds

First, click on the following two links to watch the short videos (less than 5 minutes in total):

Make money by promoting clickbank products (CB ads and storefronts)

World’s largest digital infoproduct store (more than 10,000 CB products

You like what you saw? Then click here to register as affiliate in cbproads’ affiliate program 

Not ready yet? Okay, let’s go to the powerful features of CBproAds’ best affiliates program.

  • As per CBproAds’ terms, if you are registered with them as a FREE member, 50% of the ad displays are linked with your own ClickBank affiliate ID and the remaining 50% with their own Clickbank ID.

However, if you are a PRO member, CBproAds will not link their own ClickBank affiliate ID on the ad display block of your affiliates. Instead, they will embed your own ClickBank affiliate ID on 50% of the product links of your downline members’ ad display block if they are a free member.

Isn’t it therefore a good idea to get more sales automatically in your favour?

Yes, with a PRO membership, you are boosting the potentiality for more earnings from ClickBank®.

Click here to register as a CBproAds’ PRO affiliate 

  • Further, you will be given 50% commission on your referral’s PRO membership fee!

The CBproAds’ affiliate earnings that you make referring others with your CBproAds’ affiliate link is an addition to your ClickBank earnings.

Your can request your CBproAds’ affiliate commissions either by check or by Paypal/ Alertpay at any time subject to a maximum of 2 times a month. (Minimum USD30 payout limit and 15-20% reserve applicable).

Those earnins are different from the ClickBank earnings that you get from the sale of any Clickbank products from your or your free members’ storefronts.

Your ClickBank earnings are displayed when you log in to, and are paid by ClickBank® either by check or by Paypal.

Click here to earn with CBproAds and with Clickbank 

If you can drive traffic to your referral link, you will find that it is easy to get referrals and to earn extra income automatically.

Once a visitor clicks on your referral ID, it will be stored on their computer for 30 days. So if the visitor cuts off your affiliate ID or closes the browser and joins on some other day, they will still be credited to you. So you will never miss a referral!

Click here to have your own CBproAds’ referral link to get referrals and earn extra income automatically 


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Although the benefits of being a CBproAds’ PRO member is obvious, not everybody may want to enroll in to the PRO paying affiliate programs. So if you don’t want to upgrade to PRO, you can still try CBproAds through the free affiliate programs run by

So now let’s see the top earning affiliate program run by Clickbank with CBproAds exclusively as a vendor.

  1. Affiliate Program Run by ClickBank®

As a Clickbank affiliate (and not forcibly a CBproAds’ PRO member), you can enroll in to the affiliate program which is run by Clickbank® because CBproAds are registered at as a vendor with the Clickbank ID: GO4BUCK.

However the benefits of promoting CBproAds’ affiliate program in this case is limited to only the 50% commission handled and paid out exclusively by Clickbank.

Your CBproAds-Clickbank affilite link will look like this

Click here to see mine. You will be amazed!

Now that you know all about the benefits of CBproAds’ own affiliate program and that run by Clickbank, what are you waiting for?

Click on this link now and sign up! 


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