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CBProAds login comprises 6 main subjects of CBProAds customer review; Easy ClickBank affiliate store; ClickBank store builder, storefronts/stores, script, and ad rotator.

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Let’s get down to business and look at the first one.

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1. Clickbank Store Builder

Clickbank WordPress Plugin


Clickbank WordPress Plugin (Storefront)

Clickbank ® is the Globe’s Largest Digital Info Product Shop. As a Clickbank affiliate, one can make lots of CASH MONEY by selling these items.

Utilizing this plugin, you can promote greater than 10,000 clickbank items on your internet site as a wordpress plugin with simply a couple of clicks. Special Characteristics

  1. They are the sole plugin provider that provides IMPROVED title & summaries of every clickbank items.

They rewrite the title and also summary of each item according to the final consumers’ viewpoint. Several of their rival plugins reveal the raw title and summary from Clickbank’s marketplace which is non-informative to end users. Those are provided by Clickbank sellers simply for bringing in clickbank affiliates to promote their items.

Here below is an example that gives you an idea of the difference between the two.

Raw Clickbank title and also summary:

[Fat Loss4 Idiots.  Our Top Affiliate Has Banked More than $1,00,000 In Just few Months! Earn 66% and get paid $23.15 per sale!]

CBproAds Enhanced title as well as summary:

[Fat Loss4 Idiots. Learn the 10 idiot proof rules of dieting & fat loss And lose 9lbs every 11 Days!]

2. In various other plugins, you are needed to upgrade your store with clickbank’s data feed everyday. If you don’t upgrade it often, your storefront might not be integrated with Clickbank ®’s maketplace information which is important not to miss your commissions.

At CBproAds, as opposed to importing Clickbank XML feed straight on to your storefront, you share their main XML data feed.

Their main XML data feed is upgraded on a daily basis and also includes just BETTER title and also summaries of each item.

As quickly as they upgrade it with Clickbank’s data feed everyday, it will certainly be reflected on your plugins additionally automatically.

Simply put, there is no more maintenance/actions required from your side with their plugin.

You simply set up and forget. They do take care of all the rest.

3. ® frequently alters its matketplace data XML feed framework. With

CBProAds’ plugin, Clickbank’s adjustments will certainly never ever influence your

storefront as you share their BETTER main XML feed instead of making use directly of clickbank’s XML feed.

They make certain that whenever an adjustment is made by Clickbank, CBProAds’ main XML feed is also upgraded according to that framework therefore your own as well.

4. They are the only website that gives item picture cover of each items in your shop.

5. They are the only website that gives price details of each items in your store.

6. NO conceptualizing setups. It is very easy to set up as well as rarely takes only a

couple of seconds to set up.

7. Quickly integrates with any type of WordPress theme.


Which Third Party ClickBank Storefront(s) Should You Use to Promote ClickBank?


CbproAds’ WordPress Plugin compared to Other Vendors’


We are happy to report that our number one recommendation for building a successful affiliate marketing business is now ready to get you started today for free!

2. Cbproads Review



What do users say about cbproads?

CBProAds, as an affiliate program, puts several tools at the disposal of the marketer so that they can successfully promote Clickbank physical and digital products. These include Clickbank Ad Rotator, Affiliate Storefronts, Niche Storefronts, WordPress Affiliate Storefront Plugins, and WordPress Niche Storefront Plugins.

My Experience-The Pros and Cons

Since this writing, I have actually been an affiliate of CBProAds for not much than a month. I began as a free participant. But when I became much more acquainted with the program, I instantly went for a life time pro subscription, for I desired the complete advantages that the membership gives.

As for some of the Pros, I did discover the website and also tools were simple to use. There is help products as you go along, as well as each tool that you desire to set up is in a step-by-step style to get them up and also running.

The storefronts can be customized by adding logos and other branding options. However I found that some of these customizing elements needed not only to be better explained but also have a previewing feature. This will enable you to step back if things went otherwise.

The Ad Rotator is extremely simple to use, and can be quickly installed onto websites or blogs. There is also a Niche Storefront which serves as a menu item on one of my blogs.

There was no hassle or headaches in getting the advertisements in place. You can choose from many forms of ad formats. Their preview features allow you to know what will be displayed.

When it comes to any kind of Cons concerning CBProAds, as I have actually pointed out above, I am very new to the program and truly I have not faced any type of problems with the program. I would certainly claim that if your computer system skills/knowledge is marginal, you could have some trouble with the storefronts. If you follow up each section, it should not create any kind of issues. However I might see a person getting puzzled at numerous factors.

Who can benefit from using CBProAds?

The simplest answer is any kind of affiliate marketing expert would certainly profit from using CBProAds. Do you just want to monetize your blog with a supplementary income stream? CBProAds would serve that purpose very well.

Let’s say you have a blog site on which you have installed Google Adsense. You might additionally run CBProAds. Every click on an ad could mean Clickbank sales for you.

Each ad rotator contains a CBProAds Caption. When your reader clicks on it, it will send them to CBProAds own affiliate program where your affiliate ID is attached. The caption drops a 30-day cookie onto the visitors’ website, so also if they choose to sign up with CBProads at a later day, you would certainly still obtain payment.

I would certainly claim that CBProAds is for any person that has an interest in internet marketing, from newbies to experienced marketing professionals.



I have actually talked a little above on some of the weak points in the training and/or help items. I assume that this assistance or training can be broadened on to help newbies that might not be acquainted with all elements of computer systems, scripts and similar things.

CBProAds really have a good FAQ page that deals with most issues one might come across. However I did not see any support page and/or option to submit a support ticket. This is something that I think seriously they should consider putting in place.


CBProAds offers a totally free subscription, as well as a one-time payment for Life time Pro Membership. The cost is US$59.95 regular price. There is a special price going on currently for the Pro Subscription at $34.95 USD.



My final opinion is that I love the program. Although I’m a new member and haven’t had much to do with the program, but I can see that all the tools offer superb potentials.

I have actually just offered CBProAds 4 out of 5 stars. However that might change as I work the program. I will certainly upload updates occasionally regarding CBProAds.


I’ll publish updates as I work with CBProAds and get to know it better.

I find CBproAds awesome. The advertisements run via Clickbank, so you do get paid directly. And also as for the CBpro Advertisements affiliate program, they have actually paid me numerous times currently, so it is legit.

I had not been enthusiastic or really optimistic when I set up CBproADS. But what a surprise awaited me! It was cost-effective. I really did not have to do much. The icing on the cake was – it all of a sudden began dropping cash on me!

There’s no question about it – I’m more than satisfied with the program.

CBProAds is a membership-based site that wishes to aid individuals get commissions with ClickBank.

CBProAds works as a membership-based site that uses 2 different types of memberships.

The first is a simple basic membership that considerably restricts your performance. It is offered free of charge.

You ought to be a PRO participant to sign up right into the affiliate program which is run by CBproAds. You can attempt it even if you do not desire to upgrade to PRO.

CBProads with the associate program run by

I have actually been participant of CBProads for 6 months and also I assume there are some impressive advantages by this program.

Here are a few benefits you get from CBProAds:

1. You have access to countless different participating products or services publishers can

make use of for your CBProAds digital storefront.

2. Helps with the marketing of affiliate items and also boosts direct exposure to your site


3. Helps you channel even more web traffic straight to the item sales web page.

4. You can check out CBProAds completely free, prior to making any kind of choice

ending up being a paid participant.

5. Capability to create various and also lots of kinds of advertisements straight on your

internet site.

6. CBProAds uses a generous affiliate program you can make use of to recruit others, and also

get a commission every single time a referal chooses to upgrade.


However there are some drawbacks by this program.

I discover in spite of the discussed advantages and also its intents in assisting you to produce your very own Clickbank storefront, that CBProAds is truly second best as well as is really restricted in its capacity to assist.

Directly, I think that by becoming a participant of this item, I can enhance my possibilities of making even more commissions as a Clickbank affiliate.

As well as Clickbank is really a well-known paying affiliate network system, that has actually been of raising the advantage to several on the internet marketing experts around today.

To your success,


I signed up with Cbproads some time back as well as questioned whether it would help me in any way at all. It took some time to become accustomed to it yet eventually it came to be simple to navigate all the various alternatives inside the back office. I am currently utilizing it each day as well as feel it is in fact really beneficial.

I am in love with all the affiliate tools they put at my disposal. There are many of them and they are all of top quality.

They have all type of tools, yet they likewise have extremely unique ones like wp plugins to add items to your web site.

They have also complete product ready-made specific niche internet sites that you can simply advertise as soon as possible without any demand to do anything as they all have your Clickbank id embedded right into them. These are simply a couple of points out of lots of that I like concerning this affiliate item internet site. It offers a lot more fantastic choices.

I did not like the idea that I need to ask as well as email for my gains from the affiliate side of matters and now I do not care a lot because I recognize they pay without delay. All various other repayments from the Clickbank items will certainly be paid with Clickbank but not through Cbproads.

The Cbproads website as well as the tools are upgraded constantly as well as well kept. They have some extremely wonderful looking specific niche website there currently. I have actually made quite a number of referrals from them. Some are free participants but others are paid members.

You can message the free participants at any time to attempt to get them to upgrade.

Overall I like this site and hope to work with them for a long time. I would certainly encourage this to anyone to try it. I am extremely delighted with it as well as make it my full-time affiliate advertising work currently as well as I do ok from it.


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Clickbank Login

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3. Easy Clickbank Affiliate Store



Making Money With Clickbank Hasn’t Been This Easy Before!

The possibilities to make money with ClickBank® is almost limitless. Imagine that you get the highest commission rates at 50 – 75 percent!

By using CBProAds’ unique promotional tools, you may multiply your ClickBank commissions even more and faster!


Ad Rotator

Short, Clickbank Ad Rotator is an incredibly lucrative alternative to Google Adsense that you can’t simply overlook.

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Clickbank Affiliate

You don’t have a website/blog, but would like to promote clickbank products…CBProAds is a great option for you.

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Clickbank Affiliate
Niche Storefronts

Do you know the most effective way to earn with Clickbank products? It is targeted marketing. This is also known as niche marketing…

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WordPress plugin for
Clickbank Storefront

WordPress is somply one of the world’s best content management systems. No doubt it is used by mist people to create their websites. And it is a great choice for those who …

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WordPress Plugin for
Niche storefronts

CBProAds provides more than 100+ niche storefronts that you can host in your WordPress site with just a click!

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ClickBank® – One of the largest paying affiliate network systems around

Are you really looking for an opportunity that will make life easier and better for you?

Then what you need to do is take a look at the amazing income potential that Clickbank products offer you.

The potential to make money with Clickbank products has virtually no limits. Imagine making 50 – 75 percent
of commission as an affiliate on sales. Wouldn’t you call that fantastic?

To give you a better idea, please check below the commissions offered by the major competitors of Clickbank and judge if Clickbank is not more lucrative than others.


Amazon – 4% commission

Ebay – $5 per referral

CJ – 12% commission

Clickbank – 50-75% Commission


Review: Free ClickBank Mall, Scam or Legit?

A Review: Does ClickBank work?

CBproAds – Your Ultimate ToolKit To Make Money With Clickbank®

Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate network online today. It pays millions of dollars to its affiliates each year! However gives just a restricted number of tools as well as sites to its affiliates to advertise Clickbank items.

Ths is where CBProAds steps in to solve the problem.

It is a perfect way to promote Clickbank products. It is the ONLY platform that supplies the optimal variety of Clickbank Affiliate Marketing tools to Clickbank’s affilates!

The tools CbProAds makes available to you such as Affiliate storefronts, Ad Rotator and also WordPress plugins are identified as the very best ones offered on the market to boost your Clickbank affiliate earnings.

Research study carried out by CBProads reveals that you can boost your Clickbank associate revenue by 185% by utilizing the CBProAds devices.


Here below you can find some reasons why CBProAds is the MOST EFFECTIVE!

    • Relied on by 48,000+ members since 2006
    • Offer the largest number of tools to the members!
    • Give you FREE and PREMIUM membership options
    • Display only REDEFINED title and descriptions of ClickBank products
    • Delete JUNK/Domain-Expired ClickBank products
    • Display Cover Images/Banners of each ClickBank product
    • UPDATE ClickBank Marketplace automatically EACH DAY!

Clickbank Product Ad Rotators

To phrase it in a simple manner, ClickBank Ad Rotator is an unbelievably profitable option to Google Adsense. There are Pay per click systems like Google Adsense that would certainly generate just a few pennies per click. But when it comes to promoting products from Clickbank, you receive a pay per sale. This means that you could be earning up to $75 on just one single sale. A couple of lines of code will display the latest Clickbank marketplace ads on your site, with your Clickbank ID embedded in all your links.

CBproADS has a remarkable Ad generation tool set which permits CBproADS participants to develop top notch ClickBank advertisements which significantly boosts the revenue-generating possibility of their blog sites and also web sites. By showing Clickbank advertisements on your website, you can monetize your site visitors immediately! There’s nothing like not making the cash as soon as you begin displaying advertisements.


Affiliate Storefronts – Own A Storefront Quickly!

Exactly how does one advertise Clickbank Products, if they do not have a website or WordPress blog site on which to present clickbank item advertisements?

Yes, CBProAds do supply affiliate storefronts which you can start promoting immediately as they are pre-configured. In other words, it is a wonderful alternative for newbies and also those that wish to advertise Clickbank items without much worrying about technological matters.

Currently, they supply 5 versions of affiliate storefronts.


Affiliate Niche Storefronts

They understand a number of their participants like to advertise ONLY particular groups of items to make their advertising initiatives extra result-oriented. Yes, by limiting the target market, you are enhancing your marketing initiatives.

They supply greater than 20 Clickbank affiliate niche storefronts. Here are a few of them:

Clickbank WordPress Plugins

Clickbank WordPress Storefront Plugin

With their WordPress plugin
feature, you have the possibility to integrate an online storefront to your existing WordPress website/blog in just a few seconds. Yes, CBProAds do offer Clickbank Storefronts as a WordPress plugin.

Yes, they do supply Clickbank Storefronts as a WordPress plugin. You simply fail to remember and also set up regarding upkeep; they will certainly take treatment of every little thing relevant with Clickbank item updates in your blog site.


Clickbank WordPress Plugin for Specific Niche Storefronts

Together with this plugin, they give over 100 prefabricated particular niche blog sites in various particular niches. A few of the ready-made complete blog site packages are listed here.

CBproAds has the distinct attribute of upgrading your WordPress Plugin immediately daily with most current Clickbank Market items!



Let us show you how to build your own successful home business with step by step instructions! Just check out our number one recommendation for more details!


4. Clickbank Storefront / Clickbank Stores

You get your very own customizable and searchable ClickBank Affiliate Storefront!

More than 13,000+ products are integrated with your own ClickBank ID. Make commissions as high as 75%!

It is all set and also pre-configured and to promote! Be in business from the next minute onwards.


The product titles and also summaries they present on your storefronts are redefined for leveraged efficiency. Please visit this site to see the distinction in between them.

CBProAds gives you a fully featured CB Storefront to earn with Clickbank. This is especially true for affiliates who don’t have their own websites/blogs.

You will certainly get your very own completely indexed as well as entirely searchable CB Marketplace website (StoreFront). CBProAds not only offer you your very own site, they also host it for you. Moreover, they upgrade your Clickbank Marketplace each day.

On your Clickbank Storefront Internet site featuring 13,000+ items, all product web links are integrated and also cloaked with your very own Clickbank ID in the background. So all earnings go straight into your Clickbank account PROMPTLY.

Clickbank Affiliate Storefront Versions

Check out the hottest place on the internet to build your own successful home business, and it also happens to be our number one recommendation!


5. Clickbank Script



Redirect Scripts Page

A redirect manuscript admits query string parameters and also enables an inbound demand to be transmitted to a certain item or landing web page. This way you to have one ClickBank seller account that accepts affiliate HopLinks to several products. The redirect script must be made to maintain all inbound query string parameters upon redirection.


As soon as it is hosted as well as tested on your web server, you would certainly upgrade your account’s HopLink Target UTLs under Settings > My Site > Marketplace Information Details.

Keep in mind: this is for advanced users that knowhow to manage their website files themselves.

The example script this tool will certainly create remains in PHP.


URL For First Product Landing Page:

URL for Second Product Landing Page:

Tracking ID (optional):




1) Generate Script

2) Download the generated script by copying what is in the box below and creating a new file

and pasting the text.

3) Save your new file on your system with a .php extension, not a .txt or other extension. Ex:


4) **Advanced** upload the generated script to your webserver’s folder, via your domain

host provider (godaddy, blue host, media temple, etc).

5) Test: Browse to that page with pid=1 and/or pid=2 and make sure that it redirects properly.


6) Set the new URL you have tested as the HopLink Target URL in your ClickBank Account,

MySite> Marketplace

7) Update the marketplace description for your products to inform affiliates regarding which

PID to use for which product landing page


Check out our number one choice for building your own business online!


6. Clickbank ad rotator


Produce redefined ClickBank item advertisements that will certainly assist you to optimize your internet site INCOME potential!

The advertisements CBproAds present on your web sites are redefined for leveraged efficiency. Please click on this link to see the distinction between them.

CBproADS has actually created an impressive Clickbank Advertisement generation tool set which permits CBproADS participants to develop top quality Clickbank Advertisement which, when shown, considerably enhances the income creating capacity of their blog sites and also web sites.


Utilizing the built in customisation facilities of the Tool Set, members can produce Clickbank Advertisements by category, display kind, size, colour as well as format. Our couple of lines of code will certainly show the current Clickbank marketplace advertisements on your website, installing your Clickbank ID in all your web links.

These sorts of advertisements are indicated for those that possess blog/website. You can decide to show any type of sort of advertisement styles that you want to display.

When you have actually generated your advertisement code by visiting the proper advertisement block generator and also adhering to the steps to pick an advertisement kind, format, as well as colours, you’ll have to include the code to your pages. In the last stage of the configuration, you’ll see your code in the Code box. This is the code that you will certainly cut-and-paste right into your websites.


Clickbank Ad Rotator Display Formats

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  1. Well, this is a very wonderful post you have given here. I have to say that I am very happy to see what you have given here on the details of cbproads. I have been thinking of becoming an affiliate with click bank and I think that this is going to be a great tool for me to use to make more money with it. The tools are really great. I see that there are a lot of disadvantages but I would like to take my chances though.

    • Hi Riley,

      I’m tickled that you found this a very wonderful post. Yes, any Clickbank affiliate must think of using CBProAds to promote its products to make more money with it. I’ve listed a lot of disadvantages but I think the advantages are higher so go ahead and take your chances.

  2. Wow! Though I have never heard of this cbproAds before but going by what I read here, I really fancy this post a lot and thank you for sharing. I’m an affiliate marketer, and I know this would always give me a better opportunity to making better income with this. Running the ads rightly and getting the much needed desired result. Thanks for this and I’d check it out

    • Hello Ella,

      I’m tickled that my article wowed you! I’ve been using cbproAds for a long time now and highly recommend it. I was happy to share this post. I wish you good luck with this Clickbank tool. I hope when you have enough experience with it you will come back here and let us know about it. Thank you for the present contribution and others to come.

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  4. What a lovely post we have here! Whilst reading this review I came to understand that CBProAds offers a totally free subscription, as well as a one-time payment for Life time Pro Membership. The cost is US$59.95 regular price. There is a special price going on currently for the Pro Subscription at $34.95 USD.This is a very nice offer,not all affiliate sites can give this offer.



    • Hello Wilson,

      It’s nice to see you qualify this post as lovely! Yes, you can be a free CBProAds member. But with all such matters, the one-time payment for Life time Pro Membership gives you more. Just recruiting people to create a downline can enable you get this money back quickly. As for the money you can make on Clickbank, it makes this offer superb!

  5. I found your article on CBProAds very interesting. It is great how they are continually finding ways to make it easier for the affiliate marketer to do their job. It takes a while for a newbie to learn how the process works, I imagine. It sounds like a very powerful tool. Thank you for sharing this information with your readers.

    • Hello Carolyn,

      Thanks for finding my article very interesting. Sure, this Clikbank tool makes it easy to become a successful affiliate marketer on the platform. You’re right, although it’s easy to use, when I joined as a newbie the lack of experience paralyzed me in using it. CBProAds is really a very powerful tool. It was my pleasure sharing this information with my readers. I thank you too for your contribution to this discussion.  

  6. Interesting post, Akoli. As you point out Clinkbank is a very attractive option due to the high commissions that it offers. I looked at the products that they sell before and I wasn’t sure if they would be popular. Do you find that there is a market for the courses that they promote? Also, in your opinion at what point do you think you should install this plug in…say after 6 months after creating the web site or after you start getting say 100 visitors a day to your site?

    • Hey James,

      Thanks for finding my post interesting. Yes, Clickbank’s high commissions rates of 50-75% make it an interesting platform for affiliates. Not all Clickbank products are popular. When you go to the marketplace, they have filters that you can manipulate to have all sorts of information about the products, such as the most popular, etc. To find out if there is a market for the courses that they promote, just carry out a Google search for each one and carefully read the reviews and check the ratings. There is no right time to install this plugin. As a song said, “Right now is the right time.” The only secret is to find the right way(s) to drive traffic to the offers.


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