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Checking Out DXN Reviews

Today’s article will be checking out DXN reviews.

This company has many different reviews available, including DXN product reviews. We will be looking at all of them and creating our very own review just for this article.


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DXN is a company that manufactures and sells skincare products, household appliances, and health and food beverages.

They are number 21 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world. They have an annual income of 1.10 billion dollars.

These numbers make it a good candidate for one of our MLM reviews.

We will take a look at the company, the products, the business model, and how they treat their employees and distributors. Then we will give them either a thumbs up or a thumbs down at the end of this review.


So let’s get started with the company details and move on from there!


Affiliate marketing is the wave of the future and we would like to share our number one recommendation in the affiliate marketing field and we will gladly give you a free tour!


The company


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DXN is an MLM company and it is based in Malaysia.

It was founded in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin and is mainly a manufacturer of dietary supplements. But they do have many other product lines.

These supplements contain Ganoderma and Lingzhi mushrooms.

They have affiliated companies, Daxon and Daehsan LTD. They distribute their products in Europe and Asia. Daeshsan LTD is solely responsible for all of their product lines worldwide.

DNX Holdings also own Daxen Biotechnology. This arm manufactures fruit enzymes, vinegar, monascus, and various other beverages.


The products


Pictures of DXN products such as health food supplements, home appliances, apparel and clothing, etc.
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The DXN company has the following product categories:

  • Food and beverage items
  • Skincare
  • Personal products
  • Healthcare products
  • They also manufacture household products, home appliances, and water treatment products.

The Ganoderma Product categories are:

  • RD powder and GL powder
  • DXN MycoVita
  • Reishi Gano
  • NXN Hong T Powder
  • DXN Andro-G
  • DXN Bee Pollen
  • DXN Pearl Powder
  • DXN Spirulina
  • DXN Monascus
  • DXN Roselle Tablet

Mushroom products available are:

  • DXN Poria S
  • DXN Lions Main Tablet
  • DXN Cordyceps
  • DXN Lingo-L Powder
  • DXN Agaricus Blazei Murill

And lastly, the Premix powder products are:

  • DXN Potenzhi
  • DXN Black Cumin Plus
  • DXN Shaker
  • DXN MycoVeggie

This is a considerable product line and are all manufactured in house by the company. We feel this is always a good sign. This is because it shows they care about their products and how well they work.

DXN products are also sold on Amazon and this bothers us a bit. But considering how many distributors they have working for them this must not be too much of a pull off of their distributor’s customer base.

This company puts great pride in its product lines and stands behind every product with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.


The business model

We were very impressed with the business model DXN follows.

The first thing we liked is the fact that it is free to join DXN and become a distributor.

All you need to do is go to their website and sign up for your distributorship and you will be on your way.

There are currently over 8 million active distributors worldwide in 180 countries working out of 70 different branches.

Once you are registered you will have access to all of the online training and tools the company offers. This is all for free, to help you get started and build your very own downline and start making money.

They are claiming this is risk-free and all you need to invest to make this work is your time.

They have 20 different ranking positions that start at the distributor level and moves up to the crown Ambassador level.

The company uses a 9 income stream template to achieve all of the different levels required to reach the top.

DXN do care about their distributors and offer many different ways for them to earn money including:

  • International profit-sharing
  • Group bonuses
  • Leadership bonuses
  • Handphone cash incentive
  • Travel seminar incentive
  • Star group bonus
  • Overseas trip cash incentive
  • Development bonus

As you can see by the list, they appear to be set up for their distributors to succeed. By offering so many different levels and different ways to reach those levels, advancement can happen quickly for those who can work hard and stay focused.

The Pros

  1. 1. Large product line
  2. 2. Established company
  3. 3. Large compensation plan
  4. 4. Excellent reputation
  5. 5. In house product line
  6. 6. Priority is on products first
  7. 7. Treats distributors with respect
  8. 8. In house training
  9. 9. Free tools
  10. 10. Online support

The Cons

There really are not any cons we could find for working with this company except that we did find the DXN products available on Amazon.



This was a truly refreshing review to write as we fell in love with this company from the start.

They have every element we look for in a successful multi-level marketing company. They are established and have a great reputation. They put their products first, and take care of their workers.

After checking out all of the DXN reviews online we cannot find a reason to not give this company a huge thumbs up and recommend it to anyone who is willing to work hard to make this work.

All of the tools and training needed to make this work are provided. And best of all, it is free to join!

One thing to note is: with a large number of distributors and the availability of DXN products on Amazon, to be successful in this program you will need to put the time in and really understand what you are selling.

We hope this review helps you in your search for a good multi-level marketing company to invest your time and money in for the return of good income potential. And we wish you the very best in your future in the MLM niche!

Be sure to check out our many other MLM reviews posted at our reviews tab and until next time, happy marketing!


Affiliate marketing is the wave of the future and we would like to share our number one recommendation in the affiliate marketing field and we will gladly give you a free tour!


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12 thoughts on “Checking Out DXN Reviews”

  1. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say that you have done a great unbiased job on this article…as DXN is one of the best company when it comes to skin care products and MLM scheme is one of the best too,I once had an aunty who once with them and I swear she never complained…..I would recommend this company for every one

    • Hello Feji,

      Thanks also for your comment. Thanks for finding my article a great job. You seem to have an aunty who works in each MLM company. You should have many aunties then! Yes, go ahead and recommend the DXN company to everyone. Thanks.

  2. Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing article and explanation given about DXN products.

    For me is the first time when i hear about this DXN products. You really convinced me to promote this kind of products. I have an online business by using affiliate marketing. I’m a premium member on Wealthy Affiliate and this was my best decision i ever made. I created a lot of website where i promote healthy supplements and different products. Do you know if i can use my website created there and promote DXN products too? 

    Thank again for this and keep in touch! 

    • Hello there,

      Thanks a lot too for commenting on this article.

      So, you’ve never heard about DXN products? Now that you do and besides are convinced to promote them, I’ll advice you to go ahead and do it. Yes, you can use your website created with Wealthy Affiliate to promote DXN products too. As you see, I’m using this very website to write about various MLM companies. Nothing stops you from becoming a member and doing the same thing.

      I wish you good luck!

  3. Whenever I come across an opportunity to earn online, be it SaaS, DFYs, affiliate marketing, MLM you name it, the first criteria I use to determine legitimacy is the number of years it has existed. This might not always indicate that a program is legit. It does, however, helps in most cases.

    The aspect of this company that surprised me the most is it’s array of products across multiple industries. Most companies utilizing MLM as their primary marketing strategy usually focuses on one product type. From what I’ve gathered so far though, they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

    But you mentioned that DXN’s products are sold on amazon, isn’t that going to prove counterproductive to their distributor’s efforts?

    • Hello Rhain,

      I don’t think you’re far from right by using the number of years a company exists to determine its legitimacy. For, how did it manage to survive for so long if people didn’t like it, its products, compensation plan, and business model?

      Yes, the wide range of DXN’s products across multiple industries is really surprising, especially to people used to seeing an MLM company deal in only one sort of product. This is the style of Asian companies, the big ones of which love to create a conglomerate of different businesses.

      Yes, the fact that DXN sells its products on amazon is really not good for their distributor’s efforts. Why should I buy from a distributor if I can have the same product on amazon, and even cheaper? That’s creating unnecessary and unfair competition.

  4. Awesome review! Thank you very much for this complete review of DXN. I agree with what you write that DXN is a bona fide MLM company because I was once an agent of this DXN too.
    However, for one reason or another, I finally decided to quit the agency. But for those who want to try to become their agent are very welcome. DXN has a broad product range. Because the products they sell are high quality, and have a fairly wide market share.
    So why did I quit? Actually, I still sell this product by way of affiliate marketing from Amazon. And to be honest, it still provides a very good income until now. Because of affiliate marketing, I can stop working 9 to 5 and get a good passive income.
    So, do not ever be afraid to “give a try” to the recommendations of the author. Am I right?

    • Hi Kylie,

      Thanks for your compliment on my review! It’s heartening to find someone who was once a member of DXN to agree with what I wrote about the company.

      I would have love for you to fully explain the reason for leaving the company. That could have helped people to decide to join or not. But for the fact that you still encourage those who want to try to become their agent to do so shows that you did not quit them for terrible reasons, and that you still have confidence in this company. I think your valuable comment add to the veracity of this review.

      Now, it seems to me you left being a member of DXN to become an Amazon affiliate to sell the same product. I’m happy to hear you still make a decent income with them this way. Yes, affiliate marketing has enabled many people to stop their day work and work online earning a good passive income.

      Thanks for encouraging my readers to give DXN a try.

  5. Hello Akoli. Nice to see you share this amazing review of this amazing MLM Company “DXN”. I must admit that I am totally dazed and blown away by the awesomeness of this company and their products line. I haven’t seen anything like it before. I have always wanted to join an MLM but in the future. I think DXN is the way to since there are no fees to pay. I hope I’m correct? So how do we market their products? Aren’t we going to pay for them first, get them shipped to us before we can Sell?


    • Hello there,

      It’s always a pleasure for me to see you here comment on a blog post. Yes, seen the extensiveness of their products line, one cannot help but be amazed by this company. DXN is in a class of its own. Since you have always wanted to join an MLM, why do you push it to the future? Don’t wait till tomorrow what you can do today. Give DXN a try. It might just be what you’ve been waiting for. I guess the company has information on how to market their products. Of course, if you’re buying products from any company, you must first pay for them, then follows shipment before you can begin to sell. It’s very classic.

  6. It seems like DXM is a very prestigious company despite the business being based mostly on referral model and not necessarily on the products it sells. I am sure the company’s reputation may be better or worse depending on how its products are. Are their products worth it for what they are?

    • Hi Jon,

      Yes, DXN is a very prestigious company. It’d have been more so without being based mostly on referral model instead of on the products itself. I guess I will have to do a separate review of their products since there are many questions about them. So, keep coming back.


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