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Crafting New Content from Your Existing Posts

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Webinar by magistudios Recorded on May 21, 2016


Let’s face it.. writing good content all the time can be daunting. And coming up with fresh new ideas can be just as exhausting.

Well, there’s a cure to your new content woes and the solution is right within your own content.

Jay (magistudios) on May 20th walked participants through how to gather content ideas from your existing posts.

This is a very important live training session as Jay revealed new information that has never been discussed before inside of WA! Very exciting!

Click here to watch it now

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes

This is Not Curating!
Which Posts Should Be Prioritized
How Site Comments will Ignite Ideas
The Nifty GWT 10x Trick Revealed!
Let’s Craft Some Content LIVE!
Live Q & A Session

strong>Click here to watch it now!

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