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Cutco cutlery set
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Cutco Cutlery Review

Today’s article will be a Cutco Cutlery review and we feel this one is long overdue.

We have seen many Cutco Cutlery reviews online and many of them are negative and this always sends out a red flag.


Meanwhile, watch this video:


Secure Your Future With Us wanted to do our own so we could give our own first-hand opinion on this company. We especially wanted to know why there are so many unhappy people with a company that is 70 years old.

As always when we look at these companies we want to make sure they are putting their customers and distributors first.

Another thing we look at is their business plan.


Have you ever given Cutco as a gift for cutco cutlery review
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When doing this we want to make sure the company is looking out for the people who are working their program. We also want to know that it is not a pyramid scheme of any kind.

Another task we will tackle is researching posted Cutco Cutlery reviews online to see what people are saying about this company.

And last but not least we look at their products and make sure they are high quality and not overpriced.

On that note, let’s take a look at how they rate in our eyes!


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Cutco Cutlery


This private company was founded 70 years ago in 1949 by Alcoa and case Cutlery and was named after its founder Alcoa.

It is currently based in Olean, New York.

Alcoa sold the company and the new owners changed the name to Cutco.

They are currently owned by Ka-Bar, Vector Marketing, and Schilling Forge.

Cutco markets cutting knives through one of its parent companies, Vector Marketing


Their products



Cutco is a brand name for an assortment of over 100 knives, kitchen accessories including cookware, utensils and a line of outdoor knives.

They are sold mostly at home demonstrations and their main sales crew consists of college students.

You can also find their products at any of the six company-owned stores located in Novi, Michigan, Edina, Minnesota, Indianapolis, Indiana, Erie, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Missouri, and Okemos Michigan.

Knives are made from low-grade stainless steel but they are reliable and the warranties are iron clad 100 percent replacement if a product should fail in any way, no questions asked.


MLM business model

Cutco products are marketed through their Vector Marketing division and the program is what is called a single-level direct sales marketing system.

What that means is they recruit students who are looking for work through flyers distributed to colleges and high schools.

They also advertise in newspapers, word of mouth and the use of various internment media and boast a sales force of about 60,000 students.

Recruits are called representatives. They are asked to start selling to family and then expand to friends and anyone they can find who will come to an in-home demonstration.

Each in-home demonstration earns the representatives a $15.00 commissions above any sales.

Starter kits are free to the sellers. They are required to attend free training sessions to learn how to create the demonstrations and make the sales.

Representatives are paid commissions on sales starting at 10% for the first $1000.00 in sales and capping at 25% on sales of $6000.00 to $10.000 and 30% commissions above the $10.000 mark.


  • Sales commissions are paid directly from selling the products
  • Knife sets can bring $500.00 in total sales for one set
  • Good part-time job for students looking for extra cash
  • Informative training program
  • Quality products
  • Excellent warranties
  • Solid company with years of experience


  • Unpaid training sessions
  • Warm sales to friends and family
  • Set up times and demonstration are unpaid and up to the representatives.
  • Only for those who do not mind warm sales settings
  • Several legal issues
  • Bad reviews by former representatives

Legal Issues

A Class action lawsuit by former representatives was just settled by the company in February.

Former workers claimed they were required to take training sessions without pay. And they actually won a settlement for 6.75 million dollars.

Vector company’s spokesman claimed they settled the suits to move on and focus on business and not a court battle.

They stated that their sales force are independent contractors and not paid employees. Therefore they have no right to be getting paid for attending the training.

Cutco offers all of its training for free and feels that it is an adequate return for their representative’s attendance.

Another class-action lawsuit is pending between independent division managers claiming the same thing as the previous lawsuit.


This was an interesting review. For the simple reason that it is a very old company that has established great training. It has also made a single-level direct sales program not only work and but work well.

While this is not for everyone, those who are comfortable doing warm sales can make some serious extra cash in a part-time setting.

Legal issues do come up for every company in business. That is why we feel that what Cutco is going through is just a normal process of changing times and ideas. And we feel they will get it all sorted out.

Negative reviews from former workers are expected in this kind of business model as warm selling is not for everyone. Therefore this does not raise any red flags with us.

We are convinced this company is not in any way running a pyramid scheme and really is legit.

Cutco Cutlery gets a thumbs up from us as a way for young people to get into the sales force and get their feet wet. And we are sure they will be introducing new ideas in this new online social era!

Thanks for checking out this article and be sure to check out our other reviews on our websites’ reviews tab.

Please be nice to us and share this article on your social media so others can check it out too. And until next time, happy marketing!


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10 thoughts on “Cutco Cutlery Review”

  1. This certainly is a very interesting article.  I do not think I would particularly want to work for Cutco.  Their commission rates are incredibly low for a very tough job.  There seem to be too many issues with the company.

    I am always on the lookout to make extra money though, so i will certainly be returning to your website for more tips!

    Anything that you would immediately recommend?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Renée,

      Thank you for appreciating my article. You’re right not towant to work for Cutco.  And you hammered the nail righ ton the head by saying that their commission rates are
      incredibly low for a very tough job. And then the legal issues . Who wants to be associated
      with a company figting legal battles?

      Sure, come back to my website for more tips. You’d just find something to help you secure your future!

      In the immediate, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

      Stay blessed.

  2. Hello. It is so nice of you to write a review on cutco cutlery.. There is no doubt that the company is real and not a scam. They also have good products.. I have some knifes that was gotten from them. But getting to their multilevel marketing structure, I have a sour feeling about it. A former colleague of mine worked for them and it wasn’t a good feed back. So I’ll advise care for anyone interested 

    • Hello Benny,

      Yes, it was shear pleasure writing this review for my readers. Of course, this company is real and not a scam. But one thing which shocked me is that I couldn’t go into any of their websites. I was only able to access their Facebook page. They not only have good products but very useful ones. Something that everybody needs and uses on a daiIy basis. You’re right, while their products are good, their multilevel marketing structure leavesmuch to be desired. Thanks for your advice for people to take care before working with this company.

  3. I found this post very useful and informative. I always research the product before purchasing .Now its easy for me  to buy the right kichen knife after reading your review.Good to know that cutco cutlery got  life time warranty. and I hope the product will last forever.

    Thanks for sharing your review of Cutco cutlery.

    • Hello out there,

      Thank you for finding this post very useful and informative. You’re right to always research
      the product before purchasing. That’s what everybody should be doing. Okay, it’s Christmas time. The moment when the knife is used a lot. So go buy one. They have life time warranty on their products but that they could last forever depends on how you use it.

      Thanks too for commenting.

  4. Thanks for giving the reviews about “Cutco Cutlery”.My Whatsapp friend recommended me to join this Cutco Cutlery and i see your reviews about the websites it gives clear information about the overall site and then only i realized the truth of the Cutco Cutlery. And thanks for giving the valuable information and your video review helps me a lot. and keep doing more articles for people use.

    • Hi Yoge,

      It was my pleasure to write this review about “Cutco Cutlery”. I find it curious that it’s always your Whatsapp friend recommending you to join one mlm program or another. Don’t you decide something for yourself sometimes? Or, is your friend very knowledgeable? Trust me to put out at least one mlm video every day.

      Thank you again for commenting.

  5. I have never been a part of the Cutco company but I have purchased a set of knives from them. Actually, a niece of mine came to my home and did a presentation. So, I ended up buying a set from her for my husband. You know what though? We love the Cutco cutlery. The quality of the knives is exquisite actually. The sets are quite pricey but they do have a payment plan in which you can over a number of months.

    • Hi Geri,

      Ah, so you’re not a member but you actually purchased Cutco knives? This means the niece who came to you did a  good job with her presentation. I’m happy to hear that you and your husband love the Cutco cutlery. I will like everybody to know that you said “The quality of the knives is exquisite”. I think the instalment plan payments offsets the the high price.

      Thank you for your comment.


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