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Cutco Cutlery vs Pampered Chef

Do you know that Cutco Cutlery is a competitor of Pampered Chef? Now, how do they contrast in their details, managers, position among the leading 100 MLMs, products, number of countries where they work, business models, yearly sales, pros and cons, legal issues, and our views of them?


Cutco knoves laid down on a table top to signify Cutco Cutlery vs Pampered Chef
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Pampered chet's products to signify Cutco Cutlery vs Pampered Chef
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Year of creation / Number of years of companies and other details


This private company was started in 1949 by Alcoa and case Cutlery and was given the name of its founder Alcoa.

It is presently based in Olean, New York.

Alcoa offered the business and the brand-new proprietors changed the name to Cutco.

They are presently owned by Ka-Bar, Vector Marketing, as well as Schilling Forge.

Cutco markets cutting knives via one of its parent companies called Vector Marketing.


This is a business that got its beginning in a basement in 1980.

Practically every person has actually come across it as it has actually been around for fairly a long time now.

Currently it has actually become over 35000 distributors and also 400 company employees.

The UK department has actually been closed down since 2015 as well as is no more in service.

In 2002 Warren Buffet acquired the firm via his Berkshire Hathaway Corporation. He set up Tracy Britt Cool as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm.


Founder(s) and/or Director(s) of the company


This private company was established by Alcoa and case Cutlery and was named after its founder Alcoa.

Alcoa offered the business and also the brand-new proprietors transformed the name to Cutco.

It is presently based in Olean, New York City.


It was started in River Forest, Illinois, PC by Doris Christopher. She did this in her Chicago, Illinois, home in the basement.

Doris established the party strategy where she sold items during cooking preparation presentations. And she was able to expand the firm initially into Canada in 1996, after that in 1999 into the UK. Next off, came Austria in 1999 and also ultimately Germany in 2000.

The UK division has actually since been closed down as of 2015.

In 2002 Warren Buffet bought the company through his Berkshire Hathaway Corporation. He installed Tracy Britt Cool as the CEO of the company.


Position among top 100 MLM companies in the world


Cutco Flatware is detailed at number 85 amongst the leading 100 multi-level business on the planet.


Pampered Chef are number 64 on the listing of the leading 100 multi-level advertising business worldwide in 2019.


Products and/or services offered


Cutco markets cutting knives via one of its parent companies, Vector Marketing.

Cutco is a trademark name for an array of over 100 knives, kitchen accessories consisting of cookware, utensils and a range of outside blades.

They are marketed mainly in the home presentations and also their major sales staff consists of university students.

You can additionally locate their items at any one of the 6 company-owned shops situated in Novi, Michigan, Edina, Minnesota, Indianapolis, Indiana, Erie, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Missouri, and also Okemos Michigan.

Knives are made from low-grade stainless-steel yet they are trustworthy as well as the service warranties are iron clad one hundred percent substitute if an item must fall short by any means, without any questions whatsoever asked.


The items provided by this firm are stoneware, cookware, and kitchen tools. Others are garden tools, cookbooks, bake ware, food products, and cutlery.

The Pampered Chef’s line of items are popular as well as of the very best high quality. And also they guarantee them with a one hundred percent cash back warranty.

Number of countries in which the companies do business


Cutco Cutlery works in Australia, Costa Rica, Germany, Korea and United Kingdom.


They are currently working in 4 nations today. These are the USA, Germany, Canada, as well as Austria.

Doris the owner has actually expanded the business initially right into Canada in 1996, after that in 1999 right into the UK. Next off, off to Austria in 1999 as well as last but not least Germany in 2000.

The UK division has since been shut down as of 2015 and is no longer in business.


Business model / Compensation plan


Cutco items are sold via their Vector Marketing department. The program is what is called a single-level straight sales advertising and marketing system.

What that indicates is they hire students that are trying to find work via flyers dispersed to universities and also senior high schools.

They additionally put ads in newspapers, word of mouth as well as using different internet media. They boast a sales force of some 60,000 students.

Such recruits are called reps. They are asked to begin marketing to family and then extend to good friends and also anybody they can discover that will like to participate in an in-home demonstration.

Each at home demo makes the reps a $15.00 payments over any kind of sales.

Starter packages are free to the vendors. They are needed to go to cost-free training sessions to discover exactly how to develop the presentations and also make the sales.

Agents are paid commissions for sales beginning at 10% for the very first $1000.00 in sales and also capping at 25% for sales of $6000.00 to $10.000 as well as 30% compensations over the $10.000 mark.


This business is established in what we call the old fashioned way regarding Multi-Level Marketing.

This company is set up in what we call the as far as MLM goes.

You organize parties as well as market items at them for a commission while hiring others to do likewise.

Building your down line can enhance your commissions promptly. And the firm asserts that with around 25 hours of work a week you might make typically 45 k a year part-time.

The even more you work the even more you sell. As well as the even more you make that a full time initiative, it might bring consultants about 100 k a year. Which is not bad money at all.

Initial commissions are 20 percent of sales with a cap at 27 percent as you expand.

You earn money with 2 down payments a month right into your banking account.

To start with this business you are called for to purchase a starter package.

There are 2 kit choices, the $99.00 set as well as the bigger $159.00 kit.

The kits consist of items and also the sales pitch you will certainly utilize to offer said items.

You should learn more about every one of their items as well as exactly how to ideal utilize them to make sales. And they do offer training in this area.

You will certainly likewise obtain an individual site that you can market from. This was a reward to learn as several comparable firms assure you all kinds of things however do not provide. This one does, with a very easy website to get about.

The mix of the 2 will certainly function well with each other in making you a great revenue if you take pleasure in food preparation as well as like to make cash. In case that is your situation this is the course you want to take.

An additional fantastic advantage for individuals that like their items is by being a rep for the firm. You do obtain a wonderful price cut on individual acquisitions, as well as this things is not inexpensive!

One drawback of this type of business strategy is that the company desires its participants to begin by marketing to friends and family. This is an individual and also extremely restricted market that does not last.

In no time an individual runs out these kinds of leads and also who wishes to exercise on your loved ones such as friends and family?

This has actually constantly looked inexpensive to us. It is utilized by numerous multi-level advertising and marketing business. And we know why.

Because it works.

Still we do not like it.


Annual sales


The company reports 226 million dollars.


They have an annual income of 0.20 billion dollars.


Pros and cons



  • Sales commissions are paid straight from marketing the products
  • Knife sets can bring $500.00 in overall sales for one collection
  • Excellent part-time task for students trying to find extra cash
  • Helpful and valuable training program
  • Quality products
  • Exceptional service warranties
  • Solid company with years of experience


  • Unpaid training sessions
  • Warm sales to friends and family
  • Set up times and demonstration are unpaid and up to the representatives.
  • Just for those who do not mind warm sales setups
  • A number of legal issues
  • Negative reviews by previous representatives


The pros

  • Fantastic company
  • Terrific products
  • Great business plan
  • Confirmed business model
  • Personal website
  • Easy to browse the company website
  • Terrific discount rates on personal products
  • Great commissions
  • Capacity to build downlines
  • Economical start-up expense

The cons

  • You are required to love to cook
  • Must understand cookware and kitchenware
  • Do not like the warm market selling to friends and family

Bans / Complaints / Legal issues


A Class action lawsuit filed by previous reps has actually simply been settled by the firm in February.

Previous employees grumbled they were made to take training sessions without pay. And they in fact won a negotiated settlement for 6.75 million dollars.

A Cutco Cutlery/Vector company representative proclaimed they resolved the suits in order to go on and also concentrate on business and also not be slowed down by a court fight.

They asserted that their sales force are independent professionals and not paid workers. Because of that they have no right to be making money for going to the training.

Cutco provides every one of its training for free and for this reason really feels that it is a sufficient return for their representatives’ participation.

An additional class-action legal action is pending in between independent department supervisors that are declaring the exact same point as the previous legal action.

Our view of / take on the company


This is a very old company that has actually developed excellent training. It has actually additionally made a single-level straight sales program not just function but also function well.

Real, this is not indicated for every person. For those that are comfy doing warm sales, it can make some serious additional money in a part-time setup.

Lawful issues do show up for each company in business. We assume that what Cutco is going through currently is absolutely nothing even more than a regular procedure of changing times and ideas. So we believe they will certainly get it all ironed out.

As warm selling is not for every person negative testimonials from previous employees are bound to surface in this type of company setup. For us, this does not raise any type of red flags.

Our conviction is that this firm is never running a pyramid plan and also actually is legit.

Cutco Cutlery obtains a thumbs up from us as a method for youths to get involved in the sales force as well as get their feet wet. And also we are certain they will certainly be presenting original ideas in this brand-new internet social period!


We actually love this old-fashioned firm as well as feel it has a tried and tested performance history. We likewise think it uses terrific products available via a tested business model.

While this multi-level advertising program is not likely to be for every person, individuals that like to cook, and also recognize the operations of a kitchen as well as all of its elements will certainly discover this business a wonderful match.

The compensation strategy is what you would certainly anticipate: strong. We have to give them a big thumbs up. This suggests that we recommend the company for those that fulfill the qualifications discussed earlier.

We do not actually mind the warm selling element of the program that much. That is an individual consideration and also lots of people in fact like this manner of starting.



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  1. Hey Akoli,

    Thanks for this post as I wasn’t aware of either of these 2 companies. Cutco’s cutlery does look pretty good & sleek though. My wife is a ‘masterchef’ (well, at least for me) and has her own food blog, so im sure she would be interested in buying some of their cutlery. Anyway, this is a pretty well written article with great details & valuable info related to Cutco Cutlery & Pampered Chef. Will surely share it with my wife for her to check out as well 🙂

    • Hey there,

      It was my pleasure sharing this post with you. I thank you too for commenting on it. Yes, Cutco’s cutlery looks pretty good. Sure, your ‘master chef’ wife owing her own food blog should surely be interested in this. She might even buy one and review it on her blog. Thanks for sharing the piece with her.

  2. Hello there,  thank you so much for this very detailed and informative post on cutco culery versus pampered chef,  i understand that for a comorehensive post as this,  alot of concious,  calculated and dekibrate effort have been put in bringing this together,  i like that pampared chef really have a good conpensation strategy  and I really think its worth investing in.

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  3. Hello there this was an amazing read, am grateful for the insight into both companies (cutco cutlery and master chef). In terms of comparison which of both companies has a better remuneration to  employer? Also for both companies in the various countries they operate how well do they fend with their various competitors?

    • Hello Philebur,

      Thanks for your appreciation of my article. Unfortunately I don’t have sufficient information to tell you which of both companies has a better remuneration to employee (I suppose, instead of employer) Both companies have other competitors I will be writing about. So, keep coming back for more.


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