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Do You Want to Succeed Online – Why Don’t You Use What You Have in Common with Your Prospects to Make Them Like You and Ensure That?

Maybe you are a blogger or an affiliate/Internet marketer. You have been spending time creating content and posing them on your website. But nobody seems to be interested. Or, maybe you have been trying hard to promote one or some of your affiliate/internet networking opportunities but your business is not attracting anybody.

Don’t think that people do not want your offers. No, far from it. The problem is that working with people online is based on trust. Prospects will not join your network if they don’t yet trust you. The truth is, if you like someone, you have much more trust in them. And you can confide in them, be they friend or a stranger that you have just met. It all depends on the impression made. That is why first impressions in the online world counts so much. Let’s consider an example from offline:

You’re sitting beside someone in a bus or on an airplane or a train. This person seizes the opportunity to make a complimentary remark about say the author of a book that you were reading. You turn to the person with a smile and before you know you’re talking passionately about the writer and their works.

This usually leads to a conversation about other matters where the fellow passenger has a “me too”. Should the conversation veer towards baseball for instance, the next thing you know they are telling you that they love baseball and their favourite team is the Tigers and they can’t believe they lost the other day in extra innings. You may step off the bus or the plane exchanging business cards or addresses.

This is how good waiters and waitresses get big tips: by relating to customers…naturally. They move into your “soft spot” very quickly.

This is the way to “get someone to like you”.

If you think about it, what makes you like someone?

By sharing something you have in common.

Now, what do you have in common with the audience that is visiting your site?

They are:

You hated your job at one time as they do theirs now

People are looking for an online opportunity because they are tired of their 9-5. They want to make the transition to an online work but do not know how or are afraid to take the plunge (The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know). How did you go from your offline to online job? What were the steps? What wee the difficulties? They want to know.

Recently I followed Alex Jeffrey’s seminar on Lead generation. His saying that he was a low-educated construction worker who now earns 6-7 figures online brought quite a buzz into the room and he won people’s hearts. If Alex could succeed online, they could do it too.

You sought out the same goals that your audience is looking for now

One of the most important goals people seek when trying to work online is to be able to spend more quality time with their families. For the moment their work does not enable them to do that. You have been able to extricate yourself from that problem and spending more time with your family now. Share stories and photos of it. They will want to work with you because they know that the best way to succeed is to follow a successful person who has been where they are now.

You have kids, so does your audience

Are you able to be around your kids a lot more now that you are working online? Was it otherwise before you came to fulltime online work? How did you do it? How do you feel now? How has that impacted the kids positively? Why don’t you share a story in relation to that? It will goad somebody to embrace online work and like birds of a feather, they will like to flock with you.

Did you go to college or uni? So did some of your prospects

If you did go to college or uni, chances are that a good deal of your audience did also. Imagine how me, an alumnus, felt when in one of the training videos, Kyle, the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate, revealed that at one moment in college it was a weird feeling for him to know that he was earning more online than the professors teaching him. I was able to relate to him because he had presented the opportunity as also geared towards college or uni graduates.

Do you like to go to the movies? So do your prospects

You like to go to the movies, so does everyone else. How is your online work making it possible for you to exercise this passion to the full? This will please a film or movie buff to death, and give him hope that working with you they can learn the ropes to do it too.

Do you hate being in traffic? They too!

Guess what, everybody hates traffic. For nothing makes anybody crazier than being caught in traffic. People commuting to and from their 9-5 have to fight traffic constantly. Added to their depressing work, they lose the joys of life. But who doesn’t want to be full of the joie de vivre?

How is your life now that you no longer have to put up with the awful traffic? That will motivate others to wish to join you.

Do you love relaxing and just not have any stresses? Why not they?

The need for profitability of enterprises now demands that a worker is kept busy throughout their working hours. Supervisors behind workers also make sure they don’t dawdle. Worse, competition now obliges companies to reduce costs and raise productivity to survive. Coupled with the unbridled search for profits, companies cannot help but heap pressure on workers. While some people may be able to take in this pressure, others just cannot put up with it. Where can the latter turn to? Online work. (Even if many people don’t know that online work is not easy, what they don’t ignore is that one can do one’s own work at one’s rhythm. Besides, after working so hard at the beginning, one will have the chance to relax later on.) And to whom? You.

Recently I read a report on Yahoo titled “Advice from a millionaire who runs 10 businesses while sailing the world with his family.” BOOM, that is relevance. I not only read this religiously but also filed it to consult frequently. Why? That relaxed lifestyle devoid of stress appealed to me. Unfortunately the man opted to remain anonymous, otherwise I would have wished to join his business to learn some of his secrets.

Somewhere last year I received a broadcast from Rick Katz which so much touched my soft zone that I saved it to my hard drive as “Working hours I crave!” Here is a summary of the mail:
Straightaway Rick invited prospects to work with him because he was online almost all day long working on getting sign-ups for his Team.

Here’s how his day looks like 7 days a week:

4:30 AM he is up. (Sometimes he sleeps in until 5:00 am!). He goes to the office at 6:00 AM. (Working out of an office keeps him focused as he found too many distractions at home.)

First thing he does is go through his email and add new members into their Turbo Income Charger marketing system. Next, he replies to emails and chats with prospects and members on Skype. He also buys advertising and all that traffic goes through his proprietary rotation system so each Member gets an equal share of leads.

At 10:30 AM Rick will usually start an hour or two break and go workout or go for a hike on the beach or do something else.

Rick was back at the office at 12:30 PM and basically repeats most of what he did in the morning. Then at 8:30 PM, or an hour or so later, he usually heads home where he may jump online for a little while to check his email. By that time he was burnt out and usually fell asleep on the chair watching Seinfeld or the cooking channel. He usually hits the bed around 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm. 5 or 6 hours sleep and he was back at it again!

What I found more interesting in Rick’s mail was this (and I would like to give it to you in his own words):

“Now, this may sound like a lot of work to you, but trust me…I have WORKED in my life (at all kinds of crappy jobs, from warehouse worker, truck driver, inside and outside sales rep) and this is NOTHING.

In fact, I LOVE it!

So, if you want to work with me… I CAN and WILL help you. It’s what I do!”

(I can believe Rick this “heavy schedule” is nothing. I onced worked here in Togo, West Africa, with an American from New York. This guy, who would work from dawn [4AM] to night [10PM], told me he didn’t get tired and he didn’t see it as work because he was doing it for himself)

From Rick’s mail, can you say he works when he wants? Not really. Does he work long hours? Yes. Does he find it drudgery? No. Do you feel like you would like to work with him? CERTAINLY! Rick has used what he has in common (Check especially the parts of the summary I have put in italics) with his prospects to make them like him and ensure they upgrade in Neucopia (which means getting their share of sign-ups through their Turbo Income Charger system).

Did alarm clocks drive you nuts? They too!

Alarm clocks drove you nuts; they still drive your prospects crazy. Everybody hates alarm clocks so much so that you’d think this appliance punishes instead of helps us. Without the alarm clock, some of us will sleep past the waking time and imagine the dire consequences on your job should this happen often! It’s clear that people’s grievance is not really with alarm clocks but with the jobs which oblige them to set those hated machines to haul them from sleep. That’s why instead of hurling the alarm clock across the room, people rather run to online work.

How did you win your battle with the alarm clocks? How is your life now without alarm clocks? People want to know to keep the hope burning.

Do you want to be able to travel to places you have never been before? Who doesn’t?

An ebook I love very much is “48 Laws of Wealth” by Johnnie Cass. It contains a lot of wisdom for creating wealth. What also endeared the book to me were stories, and especially pictures, of the author’s jaunts around the world. They fire one’s resolve to succeed online so that ‘I can travel all over all the world like Johnnie does.’

Did you struggle to be where you are now? They can relate to that

In his 357-page free ebook called “Dotcomology,” Stone Evans said that he was a restaurant owner who had the impression that the restaurant owned him. He worked long hours being the chief cook and bottle washer, in other words, he did everything from paying the bills to washing the dishes. And at the end of the day, he earned barely enough money. It goes without saying that he never had the opportunity to take a vacation. Short, Stone’s financial life was pretty difficult at that time.

But how is it now?

Stone is a very successful online worker now training others to succeed online.

Was it easy?

No, Stone had to struggle. After work and after his family had gone to bed, Stone will brew a big pot of coffee and get online for some hours (usually between midnight and 3 a.m.) trying to learn how to make money online. Finally he succeeded. But Stone confessed that to be honest it wasn’t easy.

Can people looking for work online identity with him? You bet!

Get the dotcomology ebook here.

You can join Stone Evan’s business here.

What’s the main lesson to learn from this post?

Don’t treat your audience as if they were just a visit or just a “click”. Treat them like YOU liked to be treated when you were starting out, because they are like YOU. This will condition your own success.

Instead of this common sense approach, what do we see?

Bloggers and affiliates get themselves embroiled in the process of content creation and marketing and ignore the essential fact that what they are trying to woo is a real, flesh and bone human being making the Google search for their content or the click-through from a social network for their offer.

If you want visitors to find your content interesting and prospects to find your offers irresistible; if you want people to like you and trust you, then you have to get into this mindset. Only in this way can you see your results skyrocket!

Do you want offers that your prospects would appreciate and help you succeed online?

There is no better advice I can give you than to ask you to head over right now to the Wealthy Affiliate site and see how to succeed online working from home, (and if you have been working unsuccessfully online), what you have been missing all this while. This is coming from somebody who had been where you are now.

Do you have any comments to make about this post? Kindly share them in the comments box below or simply contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile. I will react to it within 24 hours.

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