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Does Affiliate Marketing Forcibly Need An Online Presence?

One question I often see asked on the question and answer site is: “Can affiliate marketing only be done if you have a large online presence already?”

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The answer is no. Technically one does not need to have a large online presence to succeed in affiliate marketing.

There are many reasons for that assertion.

Maybe many people do not know that affiliate marketing has been around long before the internet came. At that time this marketing was done through classified ads and with special phone numbers to track leads, for example.

Now you have lots of ways to do affiliate marketing without using a website or having a large online presence. You only need to find a way to send targeted, qualified traffic to your vendor’s site.


Here are some of the ways you can use.


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You can use ads on ad sites


This could be done via an ad posted on popular websites that sell ad space. Another way is to post a classified ad on websites like Craigslist and Classified Ads in traditional newspapers. Some of them are free.



You can use ads on social media


You can also place your ad containing your affiliate links within posts, profiles, and updates on any social platform like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. Why not try hugely successful websites like Google, Reddit, SoundCloud, SlideShare that allow anyone to post and create content on their platform?


But you must not go dropping links haphazardly in boards and forum discussions and in blog post comments relevant to your product. This is a spammy behavior and it can get you banned or shunned. Your duty is to make a meaningful contribution to the discussion and if possible direct readers to a content for more information. This content may contain a link to your affiliate offer.


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You can use video, photos and podcasts


You can also use videos on YouTube, photos on Instagram and Pinterest, and host a podcast. You can post your affiliate link in the comments section. These are trending ways of doing affiliate marketing without forcibly having an online presence.


One affiliate link and maybe another one to your lead magnet is all you need. More could create problems for you. 



You can create free training


Another way is to create a free training program for and monetize it by embedding affiliate links.


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You can use flyers and mailers


Outside the internet you could hand out flyers with your affiliate link on it, send out mailers, or any other number of ways you can share your affiliate link.


So, as you see, you can really make affiliate marketing work for you without any online presence at all.

But you’d have to spend a lot of money on a lot of testing before seeing a positive ROI.

Charles Ngo from is an example of a very successful affiliate marketer who has succeeded in the niche without a large online presence. But even he might be using a website now.

How does Charles go about doing his affiliate marketing?

Primarily he sends paid traffic (via ads) to his affiliate offers. That does not require any online presence at all. In such a case, what you do need is a fairly large budget.

This is because you need to do lots and lots of testing. Like, testing ad copy, testing images, testing audiences, etc. before you find the one that resonates best with the target audience.

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The other side of the question is: is it advisable to have a large online presence to succeed in affiliate marketing?

The straightforward answer is yes.

The straightforward reason?

Having a website brings you so many benefits that it makes no sense not to build one.

A website will enable you to leverage your existing skills if you master some SEO.

True, a website takes lots of work to set up but once that is done, it will enable you to generate truly passive income. Compare this to the case where you have to almost constantly test and optimize an ad campaign.

A website can also be a stepping stone to other business opportunities.

For example, if you have good traffic, you can sell your website for a good amount. You can also start creating your own product and sell that instead of, or, in addition to other people’s.

Many affiliates have reported how their business took off in a big way when they started selling their own products on their websites.

In conclusion, you can do affiliate marketing without forcibly having a large online presence. But that requires constant testing and a lot of money for ads.

On the contrary, a website requires a lot of work in the beginning. But once established, a website produces income on its own and brings you other long-term benefits


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Now, you’ve seen that having a website is the best way to do affiliate marketing. Why don’t you give this affiliate marketing training a try to build a website and a large online presence?


What’s your opinion about the question. Do you think that one does not need an online presence to succeed in affiliate marketing or not? Just scroll down and let’s hear you.



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2 thoughts on “Does Affiliate Marketing Forcibly Need An Online Presence?”

  1. I’ve read a lot about two ways to do affiliate marketing. Yes, it takes a lot of money and testing to do it without having a website. But then again, when I read all the benefits of having a website, I know that’s my direction. Thanks for sharing these ideas. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Ivan,

      Ah, you read a lot about just two ways to do affiliate marketing? But I know about seven. All the money it takes people to test goes into promotion, etc. The solution is to have a website. This gives you a lot of benefits. You’reright to make that your direction. I’m glad you liked these ideas I shared.

      Sure, I will tryto Keep up the good work.



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