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DXN vs. Forever Living

Do you know that DXN is a competitor of Forever Living? Now, how do they compare in their details, managers, position among the top 100 MLMs, products, number of countries where they do business, business models, annual sales, pros and cons, legal issues, and our views of them?

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That’s what we’re going to see using the 10 factors we draw on to write our MLM reviews.

That said, let’s dive in to see the first one.

Year of creation / Number of years of companies and other details


DXN was started in 1993 and is located in Malaysia.

Their affiliated companies are called Daxon and Daehsan LTD. Europe and Asia are the regions where they distribute their products. Daeshsan LTD is the division solely in charge of all of their product lines sold in the whole world.

DNX Holdings likewise own Daxen Biotechnology. This division produces fruit enzymes, vinegar, monascus, and various other beverages.

Forever Living   

Forever Living International, located out of Scottsville, Arizona, USA, was actually established in 1978.

In 2018 this specific firm was actually called the multi marketing company that offers the highest paying commissions.

Forever Living International is privately owned.

In 1978 CEO Rex Maughan in association with Carl Jenson established the business in Tempe, Arizona and did not wait to buy out the Texas-based Aloe Vera of America. Thereby Aloe Vera of America began selling its own items to Forever Living to distribute.

For life Living are actually based upon a breakaway payment strategy as well as additionally boasts on their own on the most extensive payments paid for every item on the market place today for MLM firms.

Forever Living is run on a breakaway compensation plan. They hold out their chests for paying the largest commissions per product on the market nowadays among MLM companies.

Founder(s) and/or Director(s) of the company


DXN was founded by Dr. Lim Siow Jin.

Forever Living

Forever Living International is a company owned privately and is based out of Scottsville, Arizona.

In 1978 CEO Rex Maughan along with Carl Jenson founded the company in Tempe, Arizona.

Position among top 100 MLM companies in the world


They are found at number 21 on the list of the leading 100 multi-level marketing companies everywhere in the world.

Forever Living

This company was listed in the top ten coming in on the chart at number nine.

Products and/or services offered


DXN manufactures skincare products, household appliances, and health and food beverages and sells them.

The DXN company has the following product categories:

  • Food and beverage products
  • Skincare
  • Personal care products
  • Healthcare products
  • They also manufacture household products, home appliances, and water treatment products.

The Ganoderma Product categories are made up of:

  • RD powder and GL powder
  • DXN MycoVita
  • Reishi Gano
  • NXN Hong T Powder
  • DXN Andro-G
  • DXN Bee Pollen
  • DXN Pearl Powder
  • DXN Spirulina
  • DXN Monascus
  • DXN Roselle Tablet

The following five mushroom products are available:

  • DXN Poria S
  • DXN Lions Main Tablet
  • DXN Cordyceps
  • DXN Lingo-L Powder
  • DXN Agaricus Blazei Murill

And lastly, the Premix powder products they have are:

  • DXN Potenzhi
  • DXN Black Cumin Plus
  • DXN Shaker
  • DXN MycoVeggie

As you can note, this is a large product range and are all made in-house. If you would ask us we would say that this is always a good sign. We say that because it shows that they cherish their products and how well they work.

DXN products are also offered for sale on Amazon and we do not like this too much. But looking at the number of distributors working for them, obviously this is not too much of a pull off of their distributor’s customer base.

This company takes great pride in its product lines and stands behind every one of them with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Forever Living  

They distribute personal care products, bee-derived cosmetics, aloe vera-based drinks, and nutritional supplements. These consist of toothpaste, laundry aids, deodorants, and about some three dozen other products.

These products are all made from the ingredient Aloe Vera and its health benefits. But the company has been hit with many suits over the years from the state of California and from The Environmental Research Center. Their claim is that most of Forever Living’s products contain high levels of lead.

And after the lawsuits the company has taken down the incriminated products including bee pollen, Forever Lite shakes, and Garcinia Plus.

It should be kept in mind that these products are said to be part of this company’s detox program. This really raises a red flag on this program.

Number of countries in which the companies do business


They distribute their products in Europe and also Asia. Daeshsan Ltd. has sole responsibility for all of their product lines in the whole world.

There are actually presently over 8 million active distributors worldwide in 180 countries working out of 70 different branches.

Forever Living

Forever Living operates its business in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, and also the Pacific Rim.

You can visit their website and click on each region above to see the countries they work in. They’re too many to be listed here.

On the other hand, here is a list of countries from which you can purchase online Aloe Vera products from Forever Living’s Aloe Vera Store. Find your country: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Nederlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, and USA.

This site also gives you a listing of Forever Living world locations.

Business model / Compensation plan


We were pretty much excited by the business model DXN follows.

The very first thing we liked is actually the fact that it is cost-free to sign up with DXN as a distributor.

All it takes you to sign up for your distributorship is go to their website and you will be on your way.

As soon as you are registered you will be given access to all of the company’s online training and tools. You will have all this for free, so that you can get started and build your very own downline and then start making money.

They declare this is without any risks and all you need to invest to make this work is your time.

They have put in place 20 different ranking positions. They start at the distributor level and moves up to the crown Ambassador level.

The company uses a 9 income stream template to attain all of the different levels needed to arrive at the top.

DXN cares about their distributors and therefore has many different ways for them to earn money. These include:

  • International profit-sharing
  • Group bonuses
  • Leadership bonuses
  • Handphone cash incentive
  • Travel seminar incentive
  • Star group bonus
  • Overseas trip cash incentive
  • Development bonus

As you may observe through the listing, they are apparently set up for their distributors to succeed. Through putting in place several different levels and different ways to reach those levels, advancement can happen quickly for those who can work hard and stay focused.

Forever Living  

In our research, we noticed a lot of interesting figures related to the ability to make money as a distributor with the company that we will share here.

The costs to become a Forever Living distributor range from 87.92 to $364.65 and are set up as follows:

  • Clean 9 Pak — Chocolate Lite Ultra ($87.92)
  • Clean 9 Pak — Vanilla Lite Ultra ($87.92)
  • Start Your Journey Business Pak ($253)
  • Start Your Journey Skincare Pak ($253)
  • Touch of Forever ($364.65)

In terms of training the company takes it upon itself to provide all the training necessary to become a successful distributor.

You will find them in the forms of videos, brochures, workshops, and meetings. It suggests to team up with a fellow distributor if you know one in the company. But should that not be the case they will find one for you to team up with.

Distributors resell the products at retail prices by using either direct distribution or through the company’s MLM program. The difference between the wholesale purchase price and the retail sale is theirs to keep.

Distributors receive a 30% discount on all of the products they buy, a figure which can increase by 18% as they sign up new recruits.

This can easily add up together with 48% commissions which are very attractive. And it does get even better with more discounts in accordance with the level the distributor is on at any given time.

Regarding more recruiting incentives they can go as high as from between $800 to $2000 a month according to how well your recruits perform.

 It is at this point that we come to another potential red flag in the company that is hard to imagine with any hard numbers.

They assert that 88.6% of their distributors do not so much as earn any monthly commissions. This comes from the fact that they are actually just customers getting their products for personal use at wholesale prices. And this could very well be the fact.

From that point on the numbers are remarkable, with 69% of the distributors who do obtain monthly commissions get around $110 a month, while 30% receive about $1500 monthly and the whopping 1 percent club is making some 29K a month.

The possibility to earn good money with this company is real. But to do that you must build a huge downline and be very aggressive. And should you succeed you will be set for life with Forever Living.

Annual sales


They make an annual income of 1.10 billion dollars.

Forever Living

In 2010 they raked in sales of 1.7 billion using over 9.3 million distributors and 4100 plus employees.

Pros and cons


The Pros

  1. Sizable product line
  2. Established company
  3. Extensive compensation plan
  4. Good credibility
  5. In house product line
  6. Priority is on products first
  7. Treats distributors with respect
  8. In house training
  9. Free tools
  10. Online support

The Cons

We could really not find any cons for working with this company with the exception that their products are offered for sale on Amazon.

Forever Living


  • High quality health and beauty products.
  • Health is gold. And prevention is the key.
  • Possibility to be in business for yourself (superb tax benefit).
  • Not much risk and no overhead cost.
  • No salary Cap.
  • Excellent recurring revenue.
  • No Pass-Ups.
  • No Demotions.
  • Bonuses paid on the retail price of the products.
  • Proven Financial Security.
  • At least 5 year minimum industry experience.
  • Divers Income Opportunity.
  • Consumable Products.
  • Comprehensive Support Network.
  • International Presence.


Based on our own personal expertise, none (just the opportunity to begin), but with any sort of company you owe it to yourself to put in effort and time at the very beginning for it to become worthwhile at the end.

Bans / Complaints / Legal issues

None for both companies

Our view of / take on the company


Let’s admit that we fell in love with this company right from the very beginning.

This is for the simple reason that they exhibit every element we look for in a successful multi-level marketing company. They are well established and have a great credibility. For them, their products come first. Besides, they take good care of their workers.

 After looking at each of the DXN reviews online we couldn’t find a single reason not to give this company a huge thumbs up. We therefore recommend it to any person that has the will to work hard to make this work for them.

All the tools and training which will make this work are provided. And above all, it is free to join!

There’s one point to keep in mind: with a large number of distributors and the display of DXN products on Amazon, to be able to succeed in this program you will have to put the necessary time in and really understand what you are selling.

Forever Living

While there are a couple of red flag concerns with legal problems, with the biggest one being the detection of high levels of lead in their products, the company apparently is sound and the potential to make money with them is still there.

An individual convinced about their products could go far with Forever Living as an aggressive distributor. But it would no doubt require huge commitment levels and a person who is much focused to succeed.

In view of the preceding we have to give it a thumbs up, but with a bit of recommendation. There are actually numerous other MLM companies out there with which a person can make a living that needs considerably less work without the legal concerns hanging over the program. But we find them not to be a scam but a legit investment.


Affiliate marketing is the wave of the future and we would like to share our number one recommendation in the affiliate marketing field and we will gladly give you a free tour!


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4 thoughts on “DXN vs. Forever Living”

  1. Make money by selling products at a competitive prices, that is a good proven way of making money.  Ideally, it’s good to be involved with a company have no legal issues, but that doesn’t business can’t keep making a good profit.  I want the most bang for my buck for money vs work.  So this would be a no go for me, I like Wealthy Affiliates for me.  But the company has a wide range of supplies for people to buy and sell.  

    • Hi Anthony,

      I agree with you that you make money by selling products at a competitive prices.Yes, working with a company that has no legal issues is also ideal. Thanks for the comment.  

  2. Hello Akoli,

    my name is Martina Hahn, Forever Living Distributors since 2002.
    Thanks for this article. I just want to point out that you might have some wrong information: you wrote that the Forever Bee Pollen, Forever Garcinia Plus and Forever Lite Ultra is not selled anymore because of legal issues.

    This is not right. They are still sold as you can see on:
    (shop for different countries).
    Where do you get that information? Maybe I can direct contact the person who told you that / or who has wrote that information.

    Best reguards and greetings from Italy,
    Martina Hahn

    • Hello Martina,

      I’m glad to see a commentfrom a Forever Living Distributors of long standing.

      Thanks for your comment too. What you pointed out as wrong wrong information, that the Forever Bee Pollen, Forever Garcinia Plus and Forever Lite Ultra are not sold anymore because of legal issues was not made out of scorn. A research material might have let me into that.

      And I thank you for your link which showed that they are still sold.

      Thanks again.

      Best reguards and greetings from Italy,
      Martina Hahn


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