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Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you publish a website or a blog that no one sees, can you achieve your objective of showcasing your company and its products to potential customers or sharing your passion with others?

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The answer obviously is no.

That’s why the question webmasters constantly ask themselves is “how can I drive traffic to my website?”

The many ebooks and blog posts I have read and written on this matter furnish a myriad of ways you can use to get traffic to your website or blog, but I’m going to talk only about a few of them here.

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1. Publish Quality Content to Attract People

People visit websites to look for answers to problems or queries that they have. So offering them something worthwhile to read on your site means you will attract visitors. Publishing quality content will convince a visitor to check other contents on your site, to come back again and to tell other people about your site. Of course, this word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to get more visitors to your site.

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2. Publish Quality Content to Let Search Engines Send You Traffic

Search engines continually crawl web pages to index the contents on them. So, the content on your site becomes part of the worldwide directory people get search results from when they type keywords (e.g. “affiliate marketing”, “email marketing”, “how to make money online from home”, “how to build a website”, etc.) into search engine windows.

So far as you’re publishing a unique perspective on a topic, the search engines, especially Google, will help new people reach your website.

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3. Publish a Blog as a Company or an Individual

Blogging is an excellent way to fill a website with content in a highly readable manner. As we said above, this will attract people in search of information. The search engines will also constantly find information to index for people to search. The confluence of people coming themselves to your website and those directed there through search engine results could potentially drive a significant amount of traffic to your website. 

You don’t have a blog? Go here for one, many free. You can even create up to 2 WordPress websites here FREE.

Want to build a base of regular readers? Then syndicate your blog content using AWeber’s RSS to email feature.

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4. Advertise Your Website Content

Many website owners and bloggers, thinking that the only way to drive traffic to their sites is through filling it with content, concentrate hard on publishing content to the exclusion of other methods. This is tantamount to overlooking the obvious. If you are in this case and wondering “how do I increase traffic to my website?” know that you must advertise your website.

If you have some amount of content on your website or blog, spending on advertising the contents may be the key to early success.

Now, where do you advertise?

5. Search Engine Advertising

Search engines do not only index your site and send you free traffic but you can also get paid traffic from them.

Pay Per Click

When you advertise by Pay Per Click on search engines, you bid on the advertising space people see when performing searches on what they’re interested in finding.

This can be done with Google AdWordsYahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter. The fact that Google have grown a lot mainly from search engine advertising is a serious indication that this type of advertising works effectively in driving quality traffic to websites. Otherwise why do people continue to patronize it in their numbers?

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  1. Classified ads

Classified ads still plain work because many people still search in the print medium for what they need. And readers clicking on your classified ad to come to your site are highly interested in your information.

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  1. On Site Advertising Platforms

A site like NET4U enables you to advertise your site contents or affiliate urls to drive traffic to them.

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Advertising on Websites & Newsletters

  1. Referral / Sponsorship Advertising

    Some webmasters will install an advertisement block, such as Google AdSenseBidvertizer, or Speedyads on their websites to display advertisements whose contents are similar to the one on their sites.

If you use this type of advertising, a link to your website will appear on pages the agency you use deems worthwhile. You pay on the number of impressions (views) or of clicks.



  1. Banner & Skyscraper Ads

    These are graphic ads contrary to the often plain-text search ads we have been talking about and appear directly on a person’s website, often via a third-party service like

    10. Website ads

Webmasters of site receiving a large number of visitors also accept advertisements on their sites. You can contact them to discuss a paid agreement for an exclusive ad on their site.

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11. Offline Advertising

It’s not because you work online that your site or blog cannot be advertised offline. Remember, your website visitors spend time both on and off the net.

So you can still fall on the old standby, traditional means of print and points of sale advertising to solve the problem of “how can I increase traffic to my website?” 

As the novelty of everything online begins to wear off because they have become more and more ubiquitous in the lives of people, they will begin to pay attention once again to offline advertising and this should translate into benefit for your website.

You may use all the types of print materials available, both at your physical location and as materials you use for business promotion (flyers, posters, notices on notice boards, business cards, advertisements, etc.)

12. Build a Reputation

The traffic building techniques we have discussed above are highly visible and easily measured. Your reputation is less so but equally as effective and important.

We all know how powerful word of mouth advertising is in the offline world but it may even be more so online where reputation is everything.  

What is the main way to build a reputation online that helps to drive traffic to your site or blog? It can as simple as providing an exclusive product or service that people find useful.

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Other ways are by leaving your name at places where people interested in your industry tend to interact. So:

  • Make your blog articles easy to link to and share with others, and also link to other blogs in your articles. When informed, the blog owner may recommend your site to their readers.
  • Go to blogs similar in content to yours and post highly relevant commentsthere: it will make other visitors wish to check your site whose address is asked for with the comments form. But especially the webmaster may recommend you to their readers.
  • Participate in related forum discussions with meaningful commentsand curious members would check out your blog: This will make other members to find out what you have to offer on your site.
  • Encourage your email subscribers to forward your messages, which should contain a link to a page where the recipients can sign up easily.

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Traffic Generation Methods to be avoided at all Costs

 To round off this blog post, we will mention a few things you must never do in an attempt to drive traffic to your site.

All the traffic generation methods mentioned above will help you to build your business for years to come but the ones we’re going to list below are a threat to the longevity of your success.

  • Purchased Leads and Traffic: Purchased leads suddenly flood your site with worthless traffic which may make the newbie feel that something was finally happening on their site. Know that inflated numbers of visitors often inevitably lead to a deflated conversion rate. With some affiliate programs like AWeber, purchased leads are prohibited from use with their service. Some of my affiliate contracts have been terminated for this same reason.
  • Reproducing others’ content on your website without permission: Copying other people’s content and displaying it on your website as if you wrote it is plagiarism, punishable by law. Rather, link to these articles like you would reference in a research paper. 
  • Spamming blogs, forums, or emails with advertisements for your website or email campaign. This will get you into trouble as the blogs will spam or block you, the forums will cancel your membership your email marketing campaign will become permanently ineffective, as ISPs will filter your messages to the junk folder.

The question “Can I increase traffic to my website?” can also be solved by the AWeber resources below:


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