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EasyCash4ads, a home based business that works

A full-bodied woman showing her thrill with a wide simile and 2 thumbs up
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A good product sells itself, so the saying goods.

EasyCash4ads logo constituted of the words in multi colors and 3 orange horizontal bars at right
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It’s a long time now since I have been looking for a legitimate home based business that really works.

On February 23, 2017 a certain Kevin Miller, now my sponsor in EasyCash4ads, proposed me EasyCash4ads.

Naturally my former bad experiences with internet programs made me hesitant to even read the mail. But what is bound for you in heaven will be revealed on earth. So miraculously I read it.

What hooked me was the fact that Kevin said if I joined as a paid member under him, he will personally sponsor EasyCash4Ads url till I got 3 paid sign ups, that’s my 3 qualifiers and 3 paid members under me.

If he will do that then this is a home based businesses that really works. Therefore I signed up on the spot and today I have no regrets.

What is EashCash4ads?

EasyCash4ads master resell products
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EasyCash4ads is an advertising and income program. People who join under you will see the primary program you are promoting on the site and anyone who joins under you pays you.

How does it work?

First, you must get a membership consisting of only a lifetime hosting account for a mere $9…Once-off. Then, once you’ve created your account, you buy ad space from your sponsor for $10, making a total of $19 and never pay another cent again!


This is where the going gets interesting.

You now promote your affiliate link. The first 2 people you refer are what they call: Qualifier sales.


Because your first 2 sales will join directly under your sponsor.

After 2 sales you are now qualified and can start your own EasyCash4Ads legs.

Once you are qualified, this is what will happen when you refer just 1 single person


Image with mascots and image saying how the EasyCash4ads referral system works
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The above image explains it all.

Do you see the power?

Click here to sign up to a home business that really works now

Various parts of the site

Now, let’s get into details…

EasyCash4ads annoincements
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The first big image you see on signing in is the one above.

EasyCash4ads menu
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Above is the menu Scott, the mascot, is asking you to click on. So, let’s click on the menu and see what happens.

EasyCash4Ads menu items
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Above is the image you see. Let’s go in and see.

Referrals written in yellow letters over a black rectangular background
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This part explains Qualifier legs, Qualified legs and shows all your referrals when you click on a link below. For more information, see this blog post.

Bonus Income Builders written in violet letters over a black rectangular background
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Although you can make money only with the EasyCash4ads program, the owner has added 2 other programs: FunMouse and GDI.

Each of these programs are money makers in their own right. Receiving them as bonus makes this program tops.

Above all, if you were not a member of these programs before joining EasyCash4ads, you join under your sponsor, thus making it easier to build your downlines.

Recruit strangers written in green letters over a black rectangular background
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Here, you’ll find your affiliate links and the 2 options below:

I am new to on-line marketing / This is not my first rodeo

Clicking on the first option will take you to a page where you’ll find a Case Study of Admin’s deadly effective classified ad campaign that you can use to duplicate their success. There are also flyers and how to use them, including advice as to where to put them up. And at the button you’ll find Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons to share the opportunity to your friend.

Clicking on the second option will take you to not only information on capture pages, splash pages, website banners, email swipes, blog post/Review/Press release, but also information on how and where to use them.

Your ad written in blue letters over a black rectangular background
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Here you enter the site you want to promote to your downlines.

You are shown the lazy and the smart way to approach this.

Member Contributions written in red letters over a black rectangular background
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This is the part of the website I call the goldmine.

This is where successful members share the secrets of their marketing making them sign up tens of referrals in less than a month. With their advice I am getting leads and signups too in just 3 days of marketing.

Below is proof that EasyCash4ads is a business that plain works.

Email messages from my Gmail inbox showing my EashCash4Ads leads and prospects
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The above are from today (16/03/17) alone, that’s why there’s no date.

Email messages from my Gmail inbox showing my EashCash4Ads showing a new lead
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Email messages from my Gmail inbox showing my EashCash4Ads showing a new lead
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Some announceùents from Scott, the EasyCash4Ads mascot, making some announcements
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In fact, I did not sit down and the system worked. I did some work as the image above says.

That’s a nice piece of advice from the Founder, Developer and Admin

A black & white image showing the EasyCash4Ads logo and a message from the founder
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Money & Profile written in violet letters over a black rectangular background
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This is where you choose to receive your commission payments, by:

  • PayPal instant payments
  • Paypal commission account
  • Payza commission account
  • LeuPay Wallet commission account

Monthly Product Vault written in blue letters over a black rectangular background
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In the first two weeks of every month, EasyCash4ads releases a new product which you get free as a member.

Wherever possible, they try to develop products in-house that members can use regularly. Members are even asked to submit their ideas for what type of product they want in a particular month to the help desk.

If you opted to receive your sponsor payments via PayPal, you only need to promote the product link with your username included and payments will automatically go to you to keep them 100%.

Month 1 (February 2017) product is a Responsive Squeeze Page Generator below.

Image of a sgueeze box in white and blue colours
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This month’s (March 2017) is a $10 Sniper Assault below.

Picture of a $10 sniper assault shown as a colourful magazine
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You can download the products and their master resell right materials.


Can you think of a more useful program?



Series of colourful square images with the word like
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If this is something you think you can be part of (and I don’t think you don’t think so), then click the link below to learn more and sign up.

Click on me now to start your home based business that really works! 

Need time to reflect?

Normal, so click on the following link and let us send you more information


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