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Email Marketing on Facebook using AWeber

Although AWeber is an excellent platform for you to use to connect with your audience, showcase your business and publicize your email campaigns, but there’s more to marketing your business online than just doing email marketing with AWeber. You can associate other media with it to do so. This post will look at email marketing with Facebook and AWeber.

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Being the largest social network with over 1.86 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the logical choice to associate with AWeber to effectively market your business online. Besides, what people use Facebook for is to connect with each other. What can be more normal than to use it to do the same with your customers? Furthermore, consumers are used to seeing brands and businesses marketing with Facebook, since 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business and 16 Million local business pages have been created as of May 2013.

Are you just starting out? Or do you already have an established presence there? Whatever your case, AWeber offers you many means to integrate your social media marketing email campaign with your Facebook page.


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Why Should You Use Facebook and Email Together?

Email marketing and Facebook marketing have the same goal: keep your business in front of consumers. But what they differ in is their way of doing this: while email lands in your subscribers’ inboxes, Facebook status updates will be displayed in your followers’ news feeds.

So using only email marketing will deliver your message only into your subscribers’ inbox. And depending only on Facebook for your marketing means you will be visible only in Facebook users’ newsfeeds. Besides, if you’re marketing only on Facebook, you may get lost in the flow. The average Facebook user has about 338 friends. That means at least 229 status updates, including your business posts, jamming their news feeds every day. If you’re not posting several times a day and if your customers don’t check their accounts more than once a day, you’re probably getting submerged in the overflow.

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How to make money with Facebook and AWeber

However your chances of being noticed in your customers’ inboxes (which could be less crammed) are better than in their news feeds. Emailing on a regular basis will help keep your business in your customers’ minds. So when they want to buy something, you’re the one they will come to.

Associating Facebook and email also enables your customers to not only interact with your business but to intimately do so. For if liking a page on Facebook needs very little commitment, subscribing to an email list however calls for much more. Your information must really interest Facebook users for them to go so far as give you their time and email address and also permit you to regularly send your information to their personal inbox!

The question now is how can you find these fans?

You can do so by posting details about your email list in your status updates. You can also post a copy of your latest newsletter on Facebook to attract more subscribers (more on that later).

The way email and Facebook work can help spread your business’s story. Email’s automated follow up series can present your company through its historical background, activities, objectives, products and services, organizational structure, prospects, and others. Facebook’s Timeline can highlight important milestones (while pointing people to your email list with some imaginative tweaks!).

How to Integrate AWeber with Facebook to Supercharge Your Email Campaign

AWeber puts several easy-to-use tools at your disposal for growing your list and to expand your presence beyond your business page.


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By Using Autoshare 

Posting your emails on Facebook is the ideal way to share them with an audience larger than your traditional one and help build your list.

To do so, you just create an archive and share the link of each message you send with your Facebook fans. Better still, the next time you create a new email newsletter in your account, check the box for “Enable Social Media/Sharing” before saving your message. Then add your Facebook account and your newsletter will be posted automatically.

Your message archive also includes your web form right in the sidebar! All you have to do to get your followers to sign up to your emails is to include a link to your web form in your messages!

Sharing your emails on Facebook is an excellent way to let your Facebook followers who have not yet subscribed to your emails know what they’ll get in their inbox when they subscribe.

Click here to learn more about autoposting your broadcasts to Facebook.

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By embedding Web Forms on Facebook

If autosharing broadcast messages is a good way to attract more subscribers to your list, an even easier one still is to place a web form directly on your Facebook page.

Use the AWeber Facebook web form app to add a custom tab to your page’s Timeline with a web form for your fans to sign up to your list.

On installing the Facebook app, you must change the name and image linked to the tab. Click here for the step-by-step instructions for installing the web form app on Timeline.

Learn more about installing a web form on your Facebook page.

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 By Using Facebook Connect

On your own website too, you can also integrate your email campaign with Facebook. This is Facebook Connect.

It makes registration easy for your visitors and sure for you.

For your subscribers, once logged into Facebook, they don’t have to fill out your web form and subscribe to your emails. The Facebook Connect app automatically populates with their name and email address, pulled from their account. Visitors who would rather fill out the form the old-fashioned way just have to click the “x” beside their name on the form and type in their information.

On you part, you don’t have to worry as much about having an incorrectly typed email address added to your list.

Learn more about using Facebook Connect with your web forms.

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Now, what?

Now that you know how to market with facebook, why don’t you go ahead and do it?

You’ve no AWeber account? Okay, just click here to sign up for one today.

 Build Your Business With Facebook and Email Marketing Today


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