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FaceBook Live Loophole

A lot of people have tried FaceBook Live, only to find they could not get more than a few people to watch.

Imagine for a moment you could get tens of thousands watching your broadcasts. You could broadcast info about your offers, your opt-ins, your affiliate promos, or my favorite – just simply brand yourself as an expert!

There’s a tool that just became available today that enhances FaceBook Live. It actually syndicates your live broadcasts across a number of different groups.

Some FaceBook Groups have tens of thousands of members, so I’m sure you can see the enormous potential of using this kind of tool.

You can bet the next time you see JVZoo Team broadcasting live on FaceBook, they will be using this.

If you want to use it, too, you can download it here:

Being able to broadcast to an instant audience of tens of thousands is almost like owning your own television station! Actually, it’s even better, because you get to target your

I think this is worth a few moments to download and add to your arsenal. It’s a simple, yet genius creation.

This is why we made it today’s JVZoo Product of the Day!

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