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FAQs About Wealthy Affiliate – Part VII: Affiliate Program

If you are reading this post it sure shows that you are interested in answers to questions people are often asking about Wealthy Affiliate in general and in particular about the ELITE WA affiliate program.

I therefore created this comprehensive FAQs to help you get your questions answered about the company and how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program ~ The best affiliate platform for bloggers.

A desktop computer screen showing a hand clutching a bag with a dollar sign and dollar bills flowing out to signify FAQs About Wealthy Affiliate - Part VII: Affiliate Program
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That said, let us look at Part VII.

18 FAQs About Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program

You are interested in answers to questions frequently asked about the Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program. That shows your interest in wanting to promote one of the best affiliate programs to make money.


So let us dive in:

Question 1

How can you describe the Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program?


It is an ELITE Affiliate Program, the innovator and industry leader in the affiliate marketing space.

Question 2

Does the affiliate program convert well?


Yes, the affiliate program is a high converting one.

With an average free to paid upgrade conversions ranging from 12% overall, Wealthy Affiliate have broken the record of all freemium models in the industry. They convert at 6x the industry average, and in many cases affiliates convert at over 30%.

Question 3

Is the commission recurring?


Yes, Wealthy Affiliate pays its affiliates recurring commissions.

Question 4

What differentiates the Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program from the others?


One thing differentiates the WA affiliate program from any other affiliate program online. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate ARE affiliates. So they understand affiliates. That’s why their entire business is based on catering to affiliates.

Most of all, they respect affiliates and your wants and needs. They deliver that to you through the state-of-the-art technology behind their affiliate platform.

Question 5

What support does Wealthy Affiliate offer their affiliates?


They provide their Affiliates with an education and coaching to advance your skill-set as an affiliate. They also provide an environment where you can interact with some of the leading affiliate marketers in the world.

Question 6

Can you tell me a bit more about the affiliate’s training?


Yes. You receive an affiliate training that creates experts.

This is the acclaimed affiliate bootcamp training that shows you how to create an authority website within the various categories that Wealthy Affiliate offers services within.

Whether you’re running a hosting website, an affiliate marketing website, a website dedicated to working at home, or any other, Wealthy Affiliate offer services within an abundance of verticals that can excite and help your audience.

Question 7

Can you give me more detailed information about the Affiliate Bootcamp?


Yes, the Affiliate Bootcamp is a world class, interactive training experience.


As a premium Wealthy Affiliate member, you have access to the 7-course, 10-lesson (making a total of 70 lessons) intensive bootcamp.

This course will walk you through the process of succeeding as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. What it does is literally take a newbie or advanced marketer and give them a foundation of applied and hands on knowledge with supporting tasks to create a very successful business online in the niche.

People are succeeding with bootcamp because it has helped them create full time businesses.

Class is in session. Click here to register.

Question 8

Are there promotional tools?


There is a promotional toolbox.

Simply because with Wealthy Affiliate you become an affiliate of a technology company, you receive a subset of tools that you can utilize to maximize your marketing reach, your conversions, and your overall affiliate revenue.


From tracking tools and customizable pages, sophisticated stats, a website platform with hosting, promotional media, easy to add websites widgets along with some most advanced communication tools for your referrals, Wealthy Affiliate’s goal is to make you the best-equipped affiliate possible.

Question 9

How much commissions have Wealthy Affiliate paid?


Millions of commissions.

Question 10

Is this done yearly?


Wealthy Affiliate does not just pay out commissions, they pay them out every year to affiliates. The guarantee is that they will continue to do so with each year that passes.

Question 11

What shows Wealthy Affiliate’s commitment to its affiliate program?


Wealthy Affiliate have never missed an affiliate payment in their over 10 years in business. In effect, they are one of the longest standing and most lucrative affiliate programs on the Internet.

This is a testament to the focus at Wealthy Affiliate on the quality of service they offer their members and the dire focus on offering the most advanced and ethical affiliate experience in the world.

Imagine this saying of theirs as a motto:

We are affiliates. We LOVE our affiliates.

Question 12

How long are the commissions paid?


They are lifetime commissions

Question 13

What is the average commission?


The average commission is $121+ per sign-up.


Each and every sale you make leads to over $121 (average) in commissions. Not only do you earn commissions for the first month that your referrals join, you will earn recurring commissions for your referral for the life of that member. That is the beauty of the residual commission affiliate marketing model.

The following screenshot shows the commission structure:​

A referral is someone who has signed up through your affiliate link.

You’ll get a $1 credit for every Free Starter referral. And when they upgrade to Premium, you get the commissions stated above.

Question 14

What prospects can I send Wealthy Affiliate to earn commissions?


Send Wealthy Affiliate free members to get unparalleled conversions.


When you send people to Wealthy Affiliate’s completely FREE and world-class Starter membership, you’re also building a business.

Question 15

Can I trust and recommend the Wealthy Affiliate service?


Absolutely! Wealthy Affiliate is a service you can trust and recommend.


Wealthy Affiliate has been in business since 2005. They provide their customers with an all-inclusive place to create, grow and scale their online business within any niche.

As industry leaders, they are widely recognized for the constant focus on their evolving online business platform. Making their community happy is what they do.

Wealthy Affiliate is a company you can ethically stand behind.

Question 16

What experience do I need to join Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program?


No experience is necessary. The company’s goal and mission is to transform complete “newbies” into successful affiliate marketers. That’s what you will able to accomplish with the affiliate training provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

Question 17

Are there any perks for super affiliates?


As a result of the hands on approach of the Affiliate Bootcamp training, people are getting invited to meet the Wealthy Affiliate owners in Vegas every year.


This is a private conference where you interact with likeminded, ultra successful affiliate marketers and get insights into the future of affiliate marketing (and Wealthy Affiliate).

You also get to mix in some amazing shows, entertainment, delicious food, some gambling, high end WA gear, and great company.

It is a brilliant experience, and a highly achievable for anyone.

YOU can also get INVITED to VEGAS.

Question 18

Vegas shows that you care about affiliates.


It’s more than evident, Wealthy Affiliate care about affiliates.


The platform has been moving forward in the affiliate industry at a breakneck speed. The Wealthy Affiliate brand is only getting easier to promote as their service evolves and innovates.

Wealthy Affiliate truly care about your success and will be there to help you (personally) create and grow your business.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you are joining the most elite, industry leading platform for affiliate marketers.

Best of all, it is completely free to get rolling and you will have immediate access to the Affiliate Program (and all the affiliate resources) as soon as you create your account.

What are you waiting for?

Click here now to create your FREE Starter account.

Over to You


What comments does this FAQs about Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program evoke in you? Is there anything I forgot to add here? Let us know these and other matters you have in the comments box below. Thanks for joining the discussion.


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10 thoughts on “FAQs About Wealthy Affiliate – Part VII: Affiliate Program”

  1. I have heard about wealthy affiliate before and was intrigued, but life got busy and I forgot about it. How much time will I need to put into this to be successful? I do appreciate all of the other questions answered though, thank you so much for that! It really does look like a great opportunity, I will definitely have to look into it!

    • Hi Travis,

      Oh, you have heard about wealthy affiliate before? You even got intrigued but then busy life made you forget all about it. What a pity! Let me tell you that you wouldn’t know what you have been missing all that time until you join Wealthy Affiliate.

      The amount of time you will need to put into this to be successful depends on every individual. But if you really work hard at it, a year is good enough to see success. And from November there will be Black Friday sales when the yearly subscription goes down 49% to $299.

      Sure, Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity and I will urge you not to waste any more time to have a look into it!


  2. The one that I am most interested in is the one that has to do with Vegas. Yes that has really got me up because that’s a place that I will really like to be invited to. I would want to put in so much work to make sure I get it. The affiliate programme really sounds nice and I agree that the owners of wealthy affiliate really do care about their affiliates. Nice work to answer this FAQs

    • Hi Henderson,

      You said the part you are most interested in is the one that has to do with Vegas. Unfortunately you can’t separate Vegas from the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity. Your success in it will take you to Vegas. Yes, you will need to put in a lot of work to make it to Vegas.

      Of course, Wealthy Affiliate have a great affiliate programme and a close scrutiny of it will cement the fact that the owners really do care about their affiliates.

      I’m happy this particular FAQs pleased you.


  3. Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn a passive income online and build your own business. With the platform of Wealthy Affiliate, I made my dream come true and built my own website. What you describe in your article is true. The profits are strong and the people who are engaged and have succeeded. The help that is also provided beyond education is exciting. I really congratulate you on your article and who deals with Affiliate Marketing because it takes time, faith, patience and hard work. But the result justifies you.

    • Hello,

      Yes, Affiliate Marketing helps you earn a passive income online and build your own business. With the
      Wealthy Affiliate platform, these two dreams can come true for you quickly after you build your own website.

      Yes, I took time for research to make sure my account was true. The affiliate commissions in Wealthy Affiliate is quite handsome. The community is engaged, the help is outstanding.

      Thanks for yur compliments on my article. Yes, affiliate marekting takes time, faith, patience and hard work. People who don’t have patience easily give up before they could see results. Everybody should know that this business is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

      A word to the wise!


  4. Even as a member of wealthy affiliate, i have found out from this post that there are a couple of things about the platform that I do not know about at all. It is very nice to see you come up with great and accurate answers to all these questions. I would be joining the Bootcamp training soon. Nice one!

    • Hi John,

      Yes, you can be a member of wealthy affiliate for years and not know many of the things that I talked about in this post. This is not strange at all because the site is big and has lots to offer. Even me, I can’t say with certainty that I know all about this platform.

      Yes, I did come up with great and accurate answers to all these questions through doing a lot of research. Yes, do join the Bootcamp training as soon as possible.

      Thank you for your contribution.


  5. Thank you for all the facts regarding the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program. Your article has been super helpful for me. 

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for several months now but I had immersed myself in the training and hadn’t given much thought to their affiliate program. Now that I feel more confident about web design and content creation, I think I’m ready to start WA’s boot camp training. Thanks again!

    • Hello Shan,

      Thank you for coming on a visit and especially for commenting. I’m happy that you found my article super helpful. That was what I sought in writing the article.

      Oh, so you’re only immersed in the training and hadn’t given much thought to Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program. Yes, go ahead and start WA’s bootcamp training.
      It was what I did and which helped me to create this post.

      Thanks again too!



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