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FAQS about Wealthy Affiliate – Part XII: Jaaxy Keyword and Research Platform

If you are reading this post it sure shows that you are interested in answers to questions people are often asking about Wealthy Affiliate in general and in particular about their keyword and research platform.

I therefore created this comprehensive FAQs to help you get your questions answered about the Jaaxy keyword and research platform.

Jaaxy logo to signify FAQS about Wealthy Affiliate – Part XII: Jaaxy Keyword and Research Platform
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That said, let us look at Part XII.

8 FAQs About Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy Keyword and Research Platform

You are interested in answers to questions frequently asked about Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy keyword and research platform. That shows your interest in wanting to know if it is the best keyword research tool, the worlds most advanced and how it can serve you for keywords and resaerch.

So let us dive in:

Question 1

What is the Jaaxy keyword and research platform?


Jaaxy is an amazing tool which will enable you to uncover billions of low competition keywords and discover lucrative niches in just seconds.

Question 2

Why is this important?


The success of every online business depends on a proper understanding of keywords and the ability to find low competition and highly relevant keywords. What the Jaaxy research platform does is to give you a gold mine of traffic in seconds (and a search) away.

Question 3

Who is Jaaxy for?”


Jaaxy is for keyword, niche and website research and, with it keywords and opportunity are unlimited.For those reasons, it doesn’t matter if you are an Internet marketer, a local marketing company, an SEO firm, or a fortune 500 firm looking for keywords for your business. Jaaxy will produce the keyword data you need in a matter of seconds. In other words, you literally can have BILLIONS of keywords with a click of a button within the Jaaxy platform.

Question 4

Can I use Jaaxy to track my website rankings?


Yes. SiteRank in Jaaxy will instantly find out where your website is ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

With these insights you can know what website activities are leading to rankings in search and which ones may not be.

This gives you a competitive “keyword insight” advantage over your competition!

Question 5

Can I use Jaaxy to discover niches?


Yes, Jaaxy is an excellent tool for niche revelation and discovery. This is to your advantage as there are 100,000’s of evergreen niches out there ripe for the picking.

Discovering niches in intelligent new ways is what Jaaxy prides itself on. This goes from the ability to check out the hottest trends to finding “relevant” yet different searches. So, using Jaaxy, you will be able to generate brand new niche ideas in just seconds.

Question 6

Can I use Jaaxy to spy on the competition?


Yes, Jaaxy enables you to reverse engineer successful websites. Thus, using the Website Analysis platform, you can efficiently analyze the top ranking websites and find out exactly what they are doing which is bringing them those results.

By so doing you will discover metrics such as keyword density, meta tags, alexa rank, content insights, and backlink insights.

Question 7

Can I also use Jaaxy to brainstorm new ideas?


Absolutely. Within Jaaxy is a brainstorm feature that enables you to dissect the hottest trends. This will give you incredible new opportunities and the ability to stay in tune across many different niches.

Question 8

Can I use Jaaxy to find domains?


Uncovering incredibly valuable domains is another thing Jaaxy specializes in doing.

Know that every search you do with Jaaxy automatically reveals the domains available for the searched keyword. And an average search will give you MANY high traffic, high value domains with an average of 90 domains being checked with every search (3 per search term).

This, no doubt, is the quickest and most powerful way to dig up valuable domain assets that you can use in your business or resell.

Get Started Now with Wealthy Affilite to Experience Jaaxy’s Benefits and Features!

Over to You


What comments do these FAQs about Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy | The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Toolies evoke in you? Is there anything I forgot to add here? Let us know these and other matters you have in the comments box below. Thanks for joining the discussion.


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8 thoughts on “FAQS about Wealthy Affiliate – Part XII: Jaaxy Keyword and Research Platform”

  1. This is a good overview of the keyword research tool Jaaxy. Excellent information about the tool without having too much here that will overwhelm… but I definitely like that you have some links at the end to keep learning more about the related posts you’ve created about Jaaxy. What advice would you give a newbie in order to get the most out of the Jaaxy research tool from the beginning of their online marketing journey?

    • Hi Aly,

      Yes, I wanted this post to whet the reader’s appetite for the Jaaxy keyword research tool. And I’m happy you liked the information.

      Should the reader want to learn more, they just have to click to read the other pieces about the tool.

      A newbie in order to get the most out of the Jaaxy research tool from the beginning of their online marketing

      journey must first learn about it here.

  2. Love using Jaaxy! I use a few different keyword research tools, but Jaaxy is always the one I come back to and trust the most.

    Do you know if Jaaxy is good for figuring out what sorts of topics are trending? I’m wondering if there is a way to do that as how I use it know gives me historical data for the search terms. What do you suggest for trending topics?

    • Hi Holly,

      It’s not a surprise to me that you love using Jaaxy. Contrary to you, I don’t use a few different keyword research tools, Jaaxy and Google are the only ones I trust.

      No, I don’t think Jaaxy is good for figuring out what sorts of topics are
      trending. But Jaaxycan tellyou which keywords can bring you traffic. For trending topics, use Google trends. is also good for trencing topics.

      I hope these help you.


  3. I am relatively new in terms of using JAAXY. Could you touch on how to use the niche research tool? I have been having a hard time figuring out how to utilize this feature as well as the brainstorming option. 

    When you do a keyword search, what are your parameters? What I mean, is what do you constitute as a right keyword? I seem to either hit or miss when it comes to choosing a keyword. What is a good number of potential visitors should I look for? Thank you for clearing up a few things for me concerning the JAAXY keyword tool. I have yet to research my competition, but your explanations will help tremendously. Thank you.

    • Hi Colleen,

      If you are relatively new in terms of using JAAXY, I can only say welcome to the powerful research tool.

      Concerning how to use the niche research tool, I will direct you to the following posts:



      I do a keyword search, the parameters I look at are:

      Avg: the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month

      Traffic: visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search engines. Anything beyond 50 is good.

      QSR: Quoted Search Results: number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword. If the figure is between 100 and 300, then it’s good for use.

      KQI: Keyword Quality indicator? What I mean, is what
      do you constitute as a right keyword?

      I hope these help you to research your competition.


  4. Hi Akloli. Before I discuss your blog I would like to say just how visibly appealing your site is, and just how easy it is to navigate around it.

    You have constructed an incredible amount of information around Wealthy Affiliate and in this latest blog, about Jaaxy. I appreciate you putting this review together in a FAQ format. You have managed to answer all the questions about Jaaxy. The one question that was of interest to me was the last one on purchasing your own Domains, this is something I am personally very interested in. When you say that Jaaxy will search the Domains available on a particular subject, do you mean that it will search for those domains that are currently available for purchase? Thanks Jim

    • Hi Jim,

      I’m very tickled that you find my blog visibly appealing and easy to navigate
      around it. This is something positive that I was looking forward to when I had the site configured not long ago.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the main program that I’m promoting on the site, that’s why I have constructed a large amount of
      information around it.

      I knew that information is easily digested by people in the form of a FAQ format.
      I wanted people to quickly understand Jaaxy. Then those who need more details can check the other posts on the research platform.

      If purchasing your
      own Domains personally interests you, know that anytime you do a keyword research using Jaaxy, the site automatically gives you domains available for the keyword which you can buy. Just click “Search” under “Domains” and you will find them.

      I hope this helps.

      Thanks for your contribution.



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