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FAQs about Wealthy Affiliate – Part XIII: About Support and Help

If you are reading this post it sure shows that you are interested in answers to questions people are often asking about Wealthy Affiliate in general and in particular about their Support and Help.

I therefore created this comprehensive FAQs to help you get your questions answered about the company and how they can support and help you in case of need.

SUPPORT written on wooden cubes to suggest FAQs about Wealthy Affiliate – Part XIII: About Support and Help
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That said, let us look at Part XIII.

6 FAQs About Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

You are interested in answers to questions frequently asked about Wealthy Affiliate content platform. That shows your interest in wanting to know how to get in touch with them if you have a question.

So let us dive in:

Question 1

Why do I need Wealthy Affiliate’s Support Sysytem?


First, know that it’s a support system like no other because it offers expert help at every turn.

Wealthy Affiliate acknowledges that the most difficult aspect of building a business online is getting help when you need it. So your Premium membership offers you unlimited access to many ways in which you can get expert support and help.

Wealhy Affiliate are a 24/7/365 community that truly cares and will be there for you any time, every time.

Question 2

What are the support and mentorship features and benefits?


First are 24/7 Answers to Questions.

There come times when you simply need help. It is as natural to the learning experience as oxygen to breathing.

This feature offers you many facilities that you can leverage to get “near instant” help. The average time to get a response system wide is less than 5 minutes. This is for all types of questions, whether about marketing, Google, SEO, or technical matters. .

Question 3

The second feature?


Live and instant support.

With the live chat facility you can get instant help with any questions you may have in regards to your business. Senior members and ambassadors are always on hand to extend assistance or give feedback on your questions.

Question 4

What about website and hosting support?


That also takes 5 minute or less. With SiteSupport you can contact the “server administrators”, that is, the actual technology EXPERTS directly.

This is totally unlike other hosting platforms where you have to go to a 3rd
party support that doesn’t have the technical access you need.

At Wealthy Affiliate the website and hosting support and queries are handled by the experts.

Question 5

Is mentoring available?


Of course, and guess from whom?

The founders!

You can’t find a company anywhere that gives you a direct contact to the owners. Wealthy Affiliate does it, despite being a company that boasts well over a MILLION members!

This is because Wealthy Affiliate is different and you will find Kyle and Carson supporting people directly every day.

Question 6

Are those co-founders the only mentors?


No. You also have direct access to 10,000’s of industry experts.

Know that people who count in affiliate marketing make Wealthy Affiliate their home base to hang out and build their businesses. Andsince Wealthy Affiliate is a truly “pay it forward” community, you can connect with these 10,000’s of industry experts who will gladly share their experience and expertise with you.

Question 7

Is there another form of support?


Yes, the last one we’ll talk about is Website/Wordpress Support?

In addition to the state of the art and “Wealthy Affiliate technology” you have access to within the SiteRubix platform, you have a community of website and technical help to fall upon if you ever feel stuck.

Know that many of the top WordPress plugin and theme owners frequent Wealthy Affiliate. These people are also ready and willing to answer any queries you have.

Feel Confident in Wealthy Affiliate Support and Help and Join the Platform Now!

Over to You


What comments does this FAQs about Wealthy Affiliate Help and Support evoke in you? Is there anything I forgot to add here? Let us know these and other matters you have in the comments box below. Thanks for joining the discussion.

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14 thoughts on “FAQs about Wealthy Affiliate – Part XIII: About Support and Help”

  1. I was just discussing with a co-worker how amazing the support within Wealthy Affiliate truly is. It has done nothing but astounds me since day 1 how overwhelming the support is. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a place where you will never feel alone and never have any questions unanswered. 

    I had spent many years trying out different ways to build online businesses and it is a lot for one person to take on by themselves with little to no knowledge. At WA, you never have to worry because there are thousands of people on your team!

    If you haven’t already signed up for Wealthy Affiliate for free, I highly recommend doing so ASAP. 

    • Hi Kara,

      It is impossible for a good Wealthy Affiliate member not discuss the platform with people just as you did it with a co-worker. An amazing thing like the support
      within Wealthy Affiliate is truly that. You feel so good about it, you want to talk about it everywhere.

      If any of us should create a great company tomorrow, this is something we should copy to keep customers coming back. 

      There isn’t anybody in Wealthy Affiliate who doesn’t have stories of mad expenses elsewhere for nothing to tell. All will also tell you how finding WA brought an end to their merry-go -round. Thi is because you’re never alone to handle your business.

      Yes, if there is anybody out there who hasn’t yet already signed up for Wealthy Affiliate for free, it was high time they did so.

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. There is a saying that no question is ever too stupid to ask. This is true when it has to do with the mentorship of your personal online business through the wealthy affiliate platform. Never ever get stock is something the owner always says. Anywhere at all you feel you need help make sure you never hesitate to ask because the support from the platform is being given by experienced people. I have gotten help a lot from the supports of the platform which has helped me solve problems I face on my website. A truly amazing platform.

    • Hi Manuel,

      Sure, no question is ever too stupid to ask. Who knows, what you think is stupid may just turn out to be the real thing. Anyone asking a question is stuck on something and needs urgent answers to move forward.

      Here at Wealthy Affiliate, I guess people are so used to asking questions that nobody will hesitate to do so. It’s infectious. In the beginning I asked so many questions that they helped me to grow quickly in online business knowledge.

      I will forever cherish Wealthy Affiliate for what it is and what it represents.


  3. Wow wealthy affiliate sounds like an incredible program! I love the website hosting platform. I just don’t really know how to make a website. Like I don’t know any part of it where to buy a domain how to code it; what to put on it. Is that something taught at wealthy affiliate?

    • Hi Wilson,

      Wealthy Affiliate does not only sound like an incredible program, it really is one!

      You don’t know how to make a website? It takes only a couple of minutes to do it. Give it a try here. You can buy a domain at Wealthy Affiliate tool. You don’t really have to have any coding knowledge to do it. But in case you get stuck with the technical aspect of your website, just contact Support and they will solve the problem for you in just minutes.

      Yes, these, and other aspects of creating a business online are all taught at Wealthy Affiliate. Come in and find out.



  4. I’ve been thinking for a long time about a way to make money stand at home, on the couch, and simply typing with a coffee next to me or a juice. I didn’t dare venture into affiliate marketing because I always thought it was too complex a system to understand. That is why I think that assistance you can call at any time is very important. It is important that when you need help you get it almost instantly.

    • Hi Irina,

      Many people eager to go into working online, think of a way to make money at home, on the couch, and simply typing with a coffee next to you or a juice. I will ditch the coffee and rather go with a cup of green tea.

      Yes, fear of failure prevents people from venturing into online businesses like affiliate marketing. You thought it would be too complex a system to understand. That is neither true nor false. It all depends on the knowledge you have of the system. The more you master, the faster your success.

      Fortunately at Wealthy Affiliate you can get help when you need it to help you get it almost anything done instantly.

      Thanks for your contribution.


  5. My goodness!!! There is not a question out there that would not be answered in your FAQ’s. This post is absolutely amazing and helpful to me and I know others out there searching for something they can believe. So many of us are tired of the scams. You have provided information that is so valuable. Thank you


    • Hello Melissa,

      I’m happy if there is not a question out there that would not be
      answered in my FAQ’s. I tried very hard to find out everything and put them into the post.

      That’s why I’m not surprised that you find this post absolutely amazing and helpful. Sure, there are others out there searching for something they can believe in.
      Wealthy Affiliate is it.

      Oh, who wouldn’t get tired of the scams? I hope my information helps people do it.

      Thank you.


  6. Thank you for the awesome post!! It is pretty great how much Kyle and Carson are online to help! They are the founders and I can attest to what you say because Kyle has messaged me on several occasions and commented on some of my blogs! We disagree a lot on political stuff but he had never let that get in the way of being a great teacher!!

    • Hi Jessie,

      Thank you very much for your appreciation of my post.

      Yeah, it’s even awesome how much Kyle and Carson are online to help! Sometimes I ask myself how they find the time. Kyle explained it in one of the 2019/2020 Super Affiliate Challenge materials that he makes time for those interventions. He didn’t hide it that it can be heavy on them sometimes. But they enjoy it.

      Being founders makes their intervention even more astounding. It’s hard to find such people messaging common people and commenting on what they are doing! This puts these guys in a wonderful position.

      You disagree a lot with Kyle on political stuff? Where do you get to do that? You must be pretty near to him.

      That he had never let that get in the way of being a great teacher is very much appreciated. That’s a great guy.



  7. Hello Akoli – I belong to Wealthy Affiliates and I concur with everything you’ve written.  I joined shortly after deciding to get involved in affiliate marketing.  I was involved long enough to realize that Wealthy Affiliates was a godsend.  They are the best deal I’ve seen so far!  I wish you the best.  By the way, you have a nice looking websight!

    • Hello Nathaniel,

      I am glad that you belong to Wealthy Affiliates and can concur with everything I’ve written in this post. 

      If you joined Wealthy Affiliate shortly after deciding to get involved in affiliate marketing, then you’ve taken the right decision. It’s surprising how every member finds the platform as a blessing.

      So, the Black Friday deal is once again around the corner. Let’s reach out to people and help them achieve their online dream using the Wealthy Affiliate concept.

      Thanks for your comment. Please do come back again another time.



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