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fat shaming

so i’m 5″3 and 242 lbs,and i hate myself.Next fall i’m going to college and i don’t want to be that fat,but i don’t know what to do. the thing is i’m not well with my mental health and i like to eat because it makes me feel good,it’s the only thing that gives me real joy anymore.And if i’m happy i still want to eat to make the moment last longer.I’ve been fat shamed by whole life,i was like 7 kgs away from my ideal weight 3 1/2 years ago,and that was because i was crying a lot and i didn’t want to eat anything. The fact is that i don’t want to give my parents or the other people who bullied me the satisfaction of me losing weight,like they won,but i don’t want to be bullied anymore.My parents bully me about that 24/7,at school i’m bullied,once someone hacked into my facebook account and posted saying “i’m fat and chubby”,so i didn’t went to school for 2 days. i hate people so much.Why it’s so important to them that i’m a littme chubbier?why can’t they shut up?The world is full of assh*les who don’t think about what they are saying.After all is you’re skinny or fat you will die anyway,being skinny doesn’t stop that

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