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Finding affiliate marketing niches and offers

When I embraced affiliate marketing as the surest way to build a business online, after months of “hard work” I wondered why I wasn’t making any progress. Then, I learned I had to choose a niche instead. This is what this post will help you do, in addition to teaching you other success factors.

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That said, and without further ado, let’s delve in.

#1: What’s a niche?

For those who may be wondering, a niche is a small part of a market where people interested in something are ready to spend money to obtain this information.

For example, the affiliate marketing niche is a very competitive one. Although possible, it will be difficult for a newbie to succeed there.

But going into an affiliate marketing niche like Health and Wellness could be where competition is not fierce.

Yet we can dig further to find a subtopic like Weight loss. Digging even deeper we discover other subtopics, including weight loss programs, exercises for getting abs, etc.

So while looking for a suitable niche, make sure that there are search terms people are using when looking for your niche information so that you can feature among the top 10 search engine results pages.

#2: What’s the difference between a niche and a market idea?

If you consider a main category like affiliate marketing and take a look under the headings you can find a market level idea like affiliate programs.

ads being run on the search results page
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To find if money is being made in this market, run a Google search to track down advertisers. If you find ads being run on the search results page, then affiliate programs is an encouraging market.

under the headings you can find a market level idea like affiliate programs
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Now, narrow it to the two specifics of where people are spending money and where there are search terms they are using when looking for affiliate programs information.

In this wise, use and put in affiliate programs.

You will get general ideas about possible niches.

This procedure gives you 100 keywords.

If you need more, use which can give you up to 800.

Input affiliate programs into the search box at the top left of the page and click search.

Select a list of at least 10-20 affiliate programs related search terms which show a reasonable number of searches per month but not too much competition.

This step can even turn up several profitable keywords for you to use on your website as categories, for writing content and in your marketing campaigns.

Finding profitable keywords

In the keyword research results below, the figures are grouped into:

Volume: the average number of searches per month over the past 12 months.

Comp: the higher this number, the more organic competition there is for the keyword.

IAAT: a count of webpages on which the keyword appears in both the title tag and the text of a backlink.

Keyword                                                Volume     Comp. IAAT
affiliate programs
                                                              8,857       24.21   4,366
affiliate marketing programs
                                                              3,592       11.96       170
best affiliate programs
                                                              3,334       11.92       167
high ticket affiliate programs
                                                              1,050         6.73        12
best affiliate marketing programs
                                                                 912         8.02        27
travel affiliate programs
                                                                 896         7.67        22
saas affiliate programs
                                                                 849         —            0
top affiliate programs
                                                                 816         7.75        23
affiliate programs for bloggers
                                                                 629         7.43        19
best affiliate programs for beginners
                                                                 606         5.98          7
best affiliate programs to make money
                                                                 556         7.6           21
high paying affiliate programs
                                                                 551         8.88         43
pay per click affiliate programs
                                                                528          7.35         18
top paying affiliate programs
                                                                466          6.32           9
keto affiliate programs
                                                                347          —              0
affiliate marketing programs for beginners
                                                               342           6.32           9
software affiliate programs
                                                               310          6.73          12
makeup affiliate programs
                                                            302             5.3             4
gaming affiliate programs
                                                            295             5.3             4
pet affiliate programs
                                                           292             4.56             2
affiliate programs site
                                                           261             —                0
best affiliate programs 2018
                                                           261             —                 0
essential oil affiliate programs
                                                           261             —                 0
highest paying affiliate programs
                                                           207              6.73            12
personal development affiliate programs
                                                           207             3.92               1
affiliate programs amazon
                                                           130             3.92                1
‘top golf’ affiliate programs
                                                             85              —                  0
a list of the best affiliate programs
                                                             85              —                   0
adwords affiliate programs
                                                             85              —                   0
affiliate credit card programs
                                                                          85         —                   0
affiliate credit card programs to build credit
                                                             85              —                    0
affiliate marketing affiliate programs
                                                             85              —                    0
affiliate marketing network programs
                                                              85            —                     0
affiliate marketing programs comparisons
                                                             85           —                     0
affiliate marketing programs for education
                                                             85   —                    0
affiliate marketing programs for local business
                                                             85           —                     0
affiliate marketing programs people want
                                                            85   —                     0
affiliate marketing programs plugin wordpress
                                                            85 0
affiliate marketing programs plugin wordpress woocommerce
                                                            85 0
affiliate marketing programs to make money online
                                                            85           —                        0
affiliate network programs
                                                            85           —                        0
affiliate programs easy to join
                                                            85           —                        0
affiliate programs for brands
                                                           85            —                        0
affiliate programs for dating bloggers
                                                           85            —                        0
affiliate programs for domain flipping
                                                           85            —                        0
affiliate programs for ecommerce
                                                           85            —                        0
affiliate programs for food bloggers
                                                          85             —                        0
affiliate programs for guns
                                                          85            —                         0
affiliate blogging programs
                                                                82             —                         0
affiliate programs for beginners
                                                                82             6.47                    10

Another great keyword research tool I use to do such work is Jaaxy offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

The following are the metrics it uses:

Avg: The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month

Traffic: Visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the search engines

QSR (Quoted Search Results): the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword

KQI (Keyword Quality indicator): Green is great; yellow is okay; red is poor

SEO: A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale of 1-100, the higher the better)

Domains: The tool even reveals domains in the selected keyword which is available for sale.

Keyword Avg Traffic QSR KQI SEO Domains
best affiliate marketing programs 178 31 219 Great 83 Find More
best affiliate marketing program for beginners 80 14 89 Great 93 Search
are best affiliate marketing programs 48 9 5 Great 98 Search
the best affiliate marketing program for beginners 80 14 73 Great 92 Search
best affiliate marketing programs for beginners 56 10 175 Great 84 Search
best affiliate marketing programs beginners 56 10 52 Great 96 Search
the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners 56 10 111 Great 91 Search
top 10 affiliate marketing programs 75 13 114 Great 97 Find More
top affiliate marketing programs 88 15 179 Great 89 Find More
top rated affiliate marketing programs 40 7 96 Great 97 Search
what is the best affiliate marketing program 114 20 53 Great 91 Search
the best affiliate marketing program 114 20 156 Great 86 Find More
best affiliate marketing program 114 20 176 Great 88 Find More
affiliate marketing programs 3037 517 232 Normal 74 Find More
affiliate marketing companies 458 78 122 Great 91 Find More
affiliate marketing training 199 34 219 Normal 80 Find More
start affiliate marketing 654 112 226 Normal 77 Find More
best online affiliate programs 104 18 96 Great 97 Find More
best affiliate marketers 48 9 86 Great 96 Find More
best paying affiliate programs 86 15 118 Great 97

#3: Choose your niche

With that data at your disposal, you can choose the most profitable niche to blog in.

Why is this important?

Statista estimates that the number of bloggers in the U.S. alone will reach 31.7 million by this year (2020). Add the bloggers in other parts of the world and you can get a head-whirling figure.

So if you’re starting a blog anywhere in the world today, you surely will be facing a lot more competition than the American figure shows.

Therefore the only way for you to stand the best chance of success is to niche down.

This means you must focus on a specific category.

For example, “food” is an enormous category but “grilling food” is small enough a category to handle without issues.

With such tight topics, you can build a more focused audience and potentially rank higher in search engines.

This was the case of Si Quan Ong.

He built his first site limiting himself to breakdancing instead of embracing the wide topic of “dance” or even “hip hop”.

For focusing so tightly, Si managed to rank for a few key terms and generate ~3,000 organic visits per month.

(Image source: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success)

You may think Si knew a lot SEO back then, which helped him. But he claimed he didn’t have any idea at all of it at that time.

#4: Choosing the right niche is important

The data in #2 above show that there are many great niches for you to pick from.

How do you do it?

Select the one you are passionate about.

Why is that the best niche for you?

When you start your online journey, there surely will come a lot of discouraging circumstances.

It’s when the going gets tough like that that the weak stops trying.

But who is the strong that keeps going in the face of even seemingly unsurmountable obstacles?

It is the one who, even if they work for months without seeing any results, will keep them going because of their passion for their chosen niche.

#5: There are consequences for choosing the wrong niche

If you follow the above steps, the likelihood that you will choose the right niche will be great.

But should you happen to go for the wrong one, you could be doing everything right for 12 months (which corresponds to a long-range goal) and still have nothing to show for it.

This is akin to veering off the right path to a place. No matter how far you go, you will never reach your destination.

#6: Monetization setup

Choosing a good niche is not an end in itself. You must analyze its moneymaking potential.

Here are some of the ways to do it:

Create your own product: Your own product could be an eBook, a plugin, a video training series or a paper book.

You can create your own product using PLR material from buyqualityplr

Go into Affiliate marketing: You could sign up free with affiliate marketing networks or programs.

For Digital product affiliate marketing, you can sign at ClickBank, the largest affiliate marketing network.

Concerning Physical product affiliate marketing, we suggest an affiliate marketing program like Amazon Affiliates program.

In matters of other affiliate programs, search for your “niche name” (e.g.: diabetes destroyer + affiliate) and join those you like.

You can also join eBay, PayDotCom, etc.

Amazon and eBay have anything any niche can offer.

Publishing ads: Many are available. But the most popular ones are GoogleAdsense and Mediavine.

#7: Abandon a niche you can’t monetize

If, after checking all the different ways, you don’t see any one you can use to monetize your chosen niche, then it’s not a good one.

Remember, your chosen niche is not one of the ten commandments of God. If you cannot monetize it, toss it out the window and look for a better one.

#8: Rivalry is keen in affiliate marketing but there’s enough place for all

Yes, competition in the affiliate marketing field is keen, even, very keen. But should that scare you from it?

Not in the least.

All the successful affiliate marketers you see around have had to face it. Just Google their stories to be convinced.

But if they had let it separate them from their dreams, they wouldn’t have been here as success stories for us to admire.

How did they do it?

The reasons are varied.

But in terms of competition, the answer simply lies in finding a niche which, by definition, is a part of a larger market where there is money to be made with little or no competition.

#9: Affiliate marketing is a scam, right?

No, affiliate marketing per se is not a scam. It is a very legitimate business model.

But you will fall into affiliate marketing scam quicker than you can stamp shit off your new, shiny shoes if you spend your hard-earned money and precious time looking for get-rich-quick schemes.

Any time a business interests you, check reviews of it before considering it.

#10: Decide on the platform to use

You’ve no doubt encountered the debate whether to have your own website or not to do affiliate marketing.

What is sure is that affiliate marketing can be done on any platform so far as the affiliate can send a message from it to a customer.

That’s why social networks work for this business.

See below how this affiliate marketer does it on Instagram.×307.png

(Image source: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success)

All said and done, is there a best place to build an audience and increase your affiliate sales?


And it is via a blog or a YouTube channel.


The real money is being made online in affiliate marketing and our number one recommendation can walk you through everything you will need to get started building your own online business. And you can start today for free!


There you have them, the best way to succeed in affiliate marketing by looking for niches and niche offers.

Ready to get your feet wet?

Okay, good luck.

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2 thoughts on “Finding affiliate marketing niches and offers”

  1. Nice article on choosing a niche. I think passion, for sure, is the one that should be the most emphasized.

    People have a tendency to believe that just money will be enough motivation to carry them through the process. Not so! Spending hours of your time in a topic you’re not personally invested in is much more difficult than people first realize. 

    I nearly did that myself, but instead went with a gut feeling to go with something I was passionate about instead.

    I think topics that you aren’t as passionate about are better left to your second or third blog, after you’ve had success with your first one, so you know it works and you have the experience to make the next one easier.

    • Hi Christina,

      Thank you for your appreciation of my article. When I started working online, I didn’t choose a niche neither did I put in passion. I just went for affiliate marketing, thinking that was it.

      Frankly, I was also thinking money as a motivation factor.  I ground on because I believed in what I was doing but of course, there was no result to show for my effort.

      believe also that eperience can help you make a difference.

      Thanks for your comment.


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