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Forever Living Business Opportunity

Today we will be looking at the Forever Living business opportunity offered by this multi-level marketing company. Is it worth investing in or not? Find out.

This particular company was named in 2018 the multi marketing company that has the highest paying commissions and was rated in the top ten coming in on the list at number nine.

We will take a look at the quality of the product line, the quality of the business side of the program, and any red flags that we may encounter along the way in this review.

Let’s start with what the company is and where it came from.

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Forever Living Products International Inc.

Forever Living International is a multi-level marketing company that is privately owned and based out of Scottsville, Arizona.

In 1978 CEO Rex Maughan along with Carl Jenson founded Forever Living in Tempe, Arizona and soon bought out the Texas-based Aloe Vera of America and thus Aloe Vera of America started selling its products to Forever Living to distribute.

In 2010 boasts sales of 1.7 billion with over 9.3 million distributors and 4100 plus employees.

They are based on a breakaway compensation plan and they also boast the largest commissions paid per product on the market today for MLM companies.

They distribute personal care products, bee derived cosmetics, aloe vera-based drinks, and dietary supplements including toothpaste, laundry aids, deodorants, and about roughly three dozen other products.

These products are all based on the ingredient Aloe Vera and its health benefits but there have been several lawsuits over the years from the state of California and from The Environmental Research Center claiming high levels of lead in the majority of their products and since the lawsuits the company has taken the named products including bee pollen, Forever Lite shakes, and Garcinia Plus.

It should be noted that these products are claimed to be part of this company’s detox program so this really raises a red flag on this program.

The Business Opportunity

In our research, we found many interesting numbers associated with the ability to make money as a distributor with the company that we will share here.

The costs to join Forever Living as a distributor range from 87.92 to $364.65 and are set up as follows:

  • Clean 9 Pak — Chocolate Lite Ultra ($87.92)
  • Clean 9 Pak — Vanilla Lite Ultra ($87.92)
  • Start Your Journey Business Pak ($253)
  • Start Your Journey Skincare Pak ($253)
  • Touch of Forever ($364.65)

As far as training goes the company will supply all the training needed to become a successful distributor in the forms of videos, brochures, workshops, and meetings and asks that if you know a fellow distributor in the company to team up with them and if you do not they will find one for you to team up with.

Distributors resell the products at retail prices either through direct distribution or through the company’s MLM program and keep the difference from the wholesale purchase price to the retail sale.

Distributors do get a 30% discount on all of the products they buy and this can increase by 18% as they sign up new recruits.

This can add up and including 48% commissions which are extremely good and it does get even better with more discounts depending on what level the distributor is on at any given time.

As far as more recruiting incentives they can reach from between $800 to $2000 a month depending upon how well your recruits perform.

This is where we come to another potential red flag in the company that is hard to figure out with any hard numbers.

They claim that 88.6% of their distributors do not make any monthly commissions as they are really just customers getting their products for personal use at wholesale prices and this could very well be the truth.

From there the numbers are impressive, with 69% of the distributors that do get monthly commissions get around $110 a month, while 30% receive around $1500 monthly and the whopping 1 percent club is raking in around 29K a month.

There is real potential to make serious money with this company but you must build a huge down line and be very aggressive and if you succeed you will be set for life with Forever Living.

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Our Take on Forever Living

While there are a fed red flag concerns with legal issues with the biggest one being high levels of lead in their products, the company seems to be sound and the potential to make money is there.

A person sold on their products could go far with Forever Living as an aggressive distributor it would take huge commitment levels and someone who is very focused to succeed.

That being said we have to give it a thumbs up with a bit of advice that there are many other MLM companies available that a person can make a living at that are much less work without the legal issues hanging over the program, but in our opinion, they are not a scam and they are a legit investment.

If you are really interested in making a living online owning your own business we suggest you try out our number one recommendation.

This company has a proven record with members from all over the world making substantial incomes while controlling their own destiny and doing what they love.

You can even take a good look at this company for free as they offer a free tour of all they have to offer.

Thanks for checking out this review and stay tuned for more as we push through the never-ending programs that are out there both old and new.

Always remember to do plenty of research before you spend money on any program and anytime you can check any of them out for free we encourage you to do so.

It is so easy to get your money taken from you and get nothing in return so always be very aware of the snakes that live online.

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10 thoughts on “Forever Living Business Opportunity”

  1. I also heard so much about this company, forever living and that is the major reason I decided to give them a chance and I must say that my time with them has been convincing enough to give me enough reasons not to even think of quitting with them. Very good platform they have for mlm with a better compensation plan. Well! It has been coming well for me now and I can say they are good.

    • Hi Rodarick,

      Forever living is a worldwide company. Even in my faraway West African country, the company is very popular here. So you have already given them a chance? I’m happy to learn that your time with them has been too convincing that the thought of quitting them hasn’t even occured to you.

      Isn’t it refreshing that at least this time we have some good mlm company to talk about?

      Thanks for comng to visit and comment.


  2. Hi Akoli, 

    Thanks, very in depth review of the Forever Living Business Opportunity. I’m not personally a massive fan of MLM business opps, I’ve actually tried some of their products (mainly garcinia plus) and I was pretty impressed though, the products quality is usually the first thing I look at. 

    From what I’ve seen, their products had a reputation for being high quality, it’s a shame about these lawsuits, whether they prove to be unfounded or not. 

    Like you said, there are other MLM opps out there, that don’t come with all the legal baggage to try and overcome, if you’re new in to this, I’d suggest giving a swerve, as there will potentially be a lot of initial issues to try and overcome!

    • Hi, 

      I’m glad to have offered what you called an “in depth review of the Forever Living
      Business Opportunity.”

      Like you, many people are not huge fans of MLM business
      opps, and again like you those who tried their products and found them useful, continued to patronize it. Such people may not show any interest in the business opp. I guess you weren’t also.

      You can’t blame people for bringing lawsuits against companies. In fact, they had a reason to. If the lawsuits prove unfounded, that strengthens the company. On the contrary, it could spell disaster.

      Yes, there are other trouble-free MLM opps out there. This is why I’m doing these reviews. To warn people about the scams and bring to light the good ones!


  3. Hello Akoli,  thank you for this informative article about Forever Living.

    I have read many stories about companies like this that are MLM companies and most of the stories are not good, you have to be careful and do your research before joining an MLM company.

    Are Forever Living likely to go out of business soon due to the lawsuits do you think?

    • Hello Andrew, 

      Thank you too for coming to visit and comment on this article about Forever Living.

      Yes, many stories you read about mlm companies like this one are not good. The aim of writing these articles is to let people know the good from the bad and not waste their money and time on them.

      If the lawsuits against Forever Living become troublesome, then yes, they could force the company to go out of business. But I don’t think that will happy so soon.


  4. Forever living is good enough as an mlm platform and surely undeniable are the benefits that are attached to the ways they offer mlm compensation and plans. Well! I feel it is germane to share my opinion and the reason I wouldn’t be too thrilled about joining them. Firstly, mlm platforms are known to be self centered and very many distributors dont make as much as they los and I am also a living testimony to that fact. I have lost well enough to MLM companies and as such, getting myself to join another one now is really not cool with me. So, I’d rather prefer to stay off. Thanks

    • Hi Bella,

      Yes, you’re right. Forever living is good enough as an mlm platform and this comes mainly from the the ways they offer their compensation plans.

      Oh, you wouldn’t be too thrilled about joining them? I agree with your first reason that those platforms only think of making money for themselves. But unfortunately most of the distributors don’t make much. In fact, many of them lose more money than they invest.

      So, I understand why you would rather stay off mlm companies.

      Thanks for your visit and comment.


  5. I also don’t believe this site to be a scam. I have come across quite a number of such sites and what I like about them is that even though they may be annoying in marketing these items they are really offering good, valuable goods that are to be recommended. However it is not easy to be successful in MLM and you may need to be someone with quite some influence to be get people to trust and buy from you.

    • Hi Donny,

      Yes, Forever Living is not a scam site. But any company using an mlm model immediately becomes suspect in the eyes of many people. It’s refreshing to hear that you know some of such sites which are really offering good,  valuable goods that are to be recommended. In fact, one of such companies is Forever Living.

      Sure, it is not easy to be  successful in MLM because of their complicated compensation plans. I totally agree with you that “you may need to be someone with quite some influence to be get people to trust and buy from you.” And that is not easy to do. You may annoy people.

      Thanks for your comment.



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