Business manager or founder shaking the hand of a visitor to signify Founders or Directors of the 50 MLM companies we reviewed and recommended in 2019-2020
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Founders or Directors of the 50 MLM companies we reviewed and recommended in 2019-2020

Show me your friend and I’ll show you your character. Likewise, if you get to know the founders and/or directors of an MLM company, you can tell whether it may be legit or not.

A director shaking somebody's hand to signify Founders or Directors of the 50 MLM companies we reviewed and recommended in 2019-2020
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This is because the characters, the vision and the experience of these people determine how these companies are run.

Tell me, would you partner with somebody you didn’t know? Be it in marriage, business or any other field? You may end up cohabiting with a wolf in sheepskin. And I don’t have to tell you the consequences.


That’s why in our reviews we try to give our readers these details. It’s then up to them to do a background check on the owners/managers/directors of the companies they wish to join.

They may find information to comfort or discourage them in their choice.

That said, let’s dive in without further ado.


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N.B.: The companies are listed in alphabetical order.

N.B. Click on the images to learn more about the people in them.


4Life was founded by Bianca Lisonbee and David Lisonbee.


Robert Stevanovski, Michael Cupisz, Anthony Cupisz, and Gregory Provenzano co-founded ACN.


Ambit Energy was founded by Chris Chambless (a former senior executive of the Xell Corporation) and Jere W. Thompson Jr., founder of the Seven-Eleven franchise.

While Jere acts as the CEO and Chris the CMO, John Burke serves as the CIO and Lauri Rodriguez is the CFO.


Amway was formed by Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel.

Richard and Jay have been friends and business partners since childhood. They first started selling a line of products through Nutrilite, a company they created.

With this company, they built up a force of over 50000 distributors.

The two gentlemen introduced the multi-level marketing aspect of commissions by giving profits from sales to their distributors, with a piece of the distributors’ sales below them in the pyramid.

In 1959 they changed the name of the company to American Way, with Amway being its short form.


Arbonne was founded by a Norwegian entrepreneur named Peter Mork in Orem, Utah.


The Ariix leadership team has a combined 100 years plus experience creating and maintaining new businesses.

  • Mark Wilson is the President and the founder
  • Riley Timmer serves as their Chief Product Officer
  • Wenham Harry Zhang is their Chief Information Officer and founder
  • Ian Chandler is the Chief Sales Officer and founder
  • Deanna Latson is their Chief Product Officer and founder
  • Jeff Yates is the Chief Financial Officer and founder, and
  • Fred Cooper is the Chief Executive officer and founder.


David H. McConnell, the founder of Avon, began by selling books door to door. Soon changed his products to perfumes. Then David created a company called “California Perfume Company”. Through several mergers and partner mergers, that company what we know today as Avon.


Lilian, who is Captain Tortue’s in-house designer and Artistic Director of the brand, is the co-founder of the company.


Cutco Cutlery was founded by Alcoa and case Cutlery and was named after its founder Alcoa.

Alcoa sold the company and the new owners changed the name to Cutco.


Doterra Essential Oils was founded by Dr. David K Hill, Robert Young, David Serling, Corey B. Lindley, Mark A. Wolfert, and Gregory P. Cook.


Michael Hansen is not only the founder of Dubli Network but also its strategist and conceptual developer.


DXN Global was founded by Dr. Lim Siow Jin.


Although Enersource International was founded by Linden Wood back in 2001, it was not launched until 2016.

Mr. Wood had first built up a very impressive track record with Exell by creating a team exceeding 100,000 in less than three years and also achieving a monthly income of over $500,000.

Using all he had learned working with Exell, he created his own company and is seeing even more impressive results with it in just a few short years.


CEO Rex Maughan along with Carl Jenson founded Forever Living.


Gano Excel International was formed by Leow Soon Seng.


GNLD founder Jerry Brassfield started this company with a product called Formula IV.


Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes.

He started the company by selling products out of the trunk of his car and managed to build an empire in a few short years.

He started with a protein shake that he claimed would change the nutrition habits of the world. He was driven by this idea by watching his mother struggle with weight problems her whole life.

Soon Mark started recruiting independent distributors to help move his products by setting them up on a direct sell multi-level marketing program.

Since his death in 2000 of an accidental overdose at the age of 44, the company has gone through many changes and has even been slowly buying its stock back from the shareholders.


Immunotech is owned by Mauricio Domenzain who is also the acting CEO. It goes by the tag line “The science of living better”.


Arthur and Shirley LeVin founded Jewels by Park Lane.


Dr. Stuart Titus, an expert in cannabinoids and in pain management, is the pioneer of Kannaway.

Current officers of the company include Blake Schroeder as the CEO, Alex Grapov as the CSO, Stephen Jones as the CMO and Tyler Whatcott as the CTO.


Legalshield started out as the Sportsman’s Motor Club in 1972 and kept that name until 1976.

Harland Stonecipher the founder set up the company in Ada, Oklahoma, then incorporated and named it Pre-Paid Legal Services.

Mr. Stonecipher made his first public offering on the stock market in 1984.

In 2011 the company changed back into a privately traded entity.

MidOcean Partners bought the company and changed the name to what it is called today.


Andreas Friesch is LR Health & Beauty Systems’s CEO.


Mary Kay Ash formed the Mary Kay company. it is still owned and run by the Ash family.


Natura was established by Antônio Luiz Seabra.


Takaaki Nagoshi is the Naturally Plus Group president.


Nature’s Sunshine Products, Incorporated was founded by Kristene and Gene Hughes.

Management for this company consists of Terrance Moorhead who is the chief executive officer and Gregory Probert who holds the title of chairman of the board.


Hisami Kamijo founded Nefful.


NHT Global was founded as Lexxus International. But the name was later changed to NHT Global in 2006 due to some legal issues with the former one. These were resolved with the rebranding in 2006.

The founder of the company is Terry Lacore and the president is Chris Sharing.

Chris comes from a background of having high positions in the company’s NHTC, Mattel Inc, North Pole Limited, and Ultrak Inc.


According to Wikipedia, back in 2002 “Retired Marine Colonel Bradley T. MacDonald and Chairman of the Board at the time, along with clinical specialist Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen created Take Shape For Life as a personal Coach to Client system and the company’s “Habits of Health System.”

In 2017 the company changed this division’s name from Take Shape For Life to Optavia.


Oriflame Cosmetics Products was founded by Jonas and Robert Jochnick and Bengt Hellsten.


Pampered Chef was founded by Doris Christopher in her Chicago, Illinois, home in the basement.

Doris founded the party plan where she sold products during cooking demonstrations.

In 2002 Warren Buffet bought the company through his Berkshire Hathaway Corporation. He installed Tracy Britt Cool as the CEO of the company.


Partylite is a subdivision of Blyth, Inc, and company. It was founded by Robert B. Goergen Sr, who is the current CEO of the company.

The company is now owned by the Carlyle Group.

It all began in 1909 when a Cape Cod school teacher crafted a candle recipe. That formula is still used to this day.

Martin Kohler is the current president of the company. He comes from 6 years of running the parent company’s most important division, their European one.


Plexus Worldwide was founded by Tari Robinson. He is also the CEO of the company.

The co-founders are Alfred Petterson who is the international president, and Alec Clark who serves as the chief marketing officer.

Both Alfred and Alec have over 60 years in direct sales and marketing experience in the weight loss niche.


Primerica was founded by Arthur L. Williams Jr.


QNET was founded by Vijay Eswaran who named it Goldquest.

Mr. Eswaran graduated from The London School of Economics and found himself interested in MLM.

He has become the go-to guy for anything and everything in the MLM niche and is a very successful and driven man.

Called QNet today, it is owned by the QL group out of Hong Kong, China.


Scentsy was founded by Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell.

On creating a wickless candle, they soon caught the attention of the Thompsons. And soon they were bought out by the same in 2004.

Heidi and Orville Thompson are both CEOs of the company.


Shaklee was founded by Forrest C. Shaklee. He is a nutritionist from Iowa who holds the title of the man who invented the first vitamin in 1915. This was called Shaklee’s Vitamized Minerals.

Today the company is run by its current CEO Roger Barnett.


All this began when the Reverend J.R. Groves founded a privately traded company that was called Southwestern Company.

Today they go by their current name Southwest Advantage.

New owners of this company are called the Northwestern Family of Companies.

The current CEO is Dustin Hillis.


Stella & Dot Jewelry was founded by Jessica Herrin and co-founded by Blythe Harris.

Jessica was a former Mary Kay distributor who, while at a sales meeting, had an aha! moment. This led to the formation of Stella and Dot.


Sun Hope International, the parent company of Sun Hope Indonesia, was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Sun Chi Chen.

Mr. Chen’s daughter, Nancy, now manages the company.

Sun Hope Indonesia was founded in 1997 by Mr. Andreas Jull Hermanus.


Founded by Dick Loehr, Team National now run by Angela Loehr Chrysler, Dick’s daughter.


Total Life Changes was founded by Jack Fallon. He is also the CEO of the company.

He started this business from his garage at his home in Chesterfield, Michigan, originally named SeAcai.

In 2012 the name was changed to Total Life Changes during a rebranding.

Mr. Fallon’s vision statement is,” To help individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle through affordable and natural products while providing them with a profitable business opportunity.”


Way back in 1943 Earl Tupper invented his very first of many storage containers he made out of rubber.

To seal them, you had to burp them. This became a huge selling point for his products.

Soon Brownie Wise, a worker at the company came up with the idea of direct selling to his customers. This is what became Tupperware parties.


Vestige Marketing’s Managing Director is Gautam Bali, and Kanwar Bir Singh and Deepak Sood the directors.

These people are hard-hitting successful multi-level marketing pioneers who have set the standards for how to run an MLM company.


Yanbal’s founder is Juan Fernando Belmont Anderson.

Juan made it to the Forbes billionaires list back in 2013 and 2014. But due to his company being an MLM, he has since dropped off that list.

Yanbal has a commitment to empowering women in the business world so that they become independent. This laudable vision has been continued by the founder’s daughter Janine Belmont who is now the CEO of the company.


Richard Roberts, a Noble Prize winner in medicine and philosophy, heads the Yofoto global products advisory committee.


Young Living was founded by Gary Young. Mary Young is Young Living’s CEO.

Their story began when, after a back injury, Donald Young became interested in essential oils and alternative medicines. He became so enthralled with it that he and his wife Mary bought a farm and started manufacturing their own essential oils.


Dr. Joel Wallach is the chief founder and the driving force behind Youngevity.

According to their website: “Dr. Wallach is a veterinarian and naturopathic doctor.

Naturopathic medicine emphasizes treatment, optimal health, and prevention via therapeutic substances and methods that encourage a person’s body to “self-heal.”

According to a quote from Dr. Joel Wallach’s own website, “You must take responsibility for your health. Listen to the MDs, you’re going to be in trouble.”

See the Management Team.


Younique was founded by sister and brother Melanie Huscroft and Derek Maxfield who is the CEO of the company.

Coty INC acquired 60 percent of the company in a purchase agreement signed in 2017 for 600 million dollars.


Mark Jarvis, Tracy Jarvis, and Jay Shafer are the founders of Zurvita.

The two put the company together with the mission of “Changing lives for the better and to offer opportunities where anyone can succeed.”

They wanted to make a “Significant impact on all walks of life”.

They set out to create a company based on three Founding Principles:

  1. Build a company that honors and glorifies God.
  2. Develop a company with humble leadership.
  3. Create an environment where people can win at every level.

Jay Shafer is the current CEO and he claims “the best choice a person can do is to come and join our team as we are still writing our story and yours too!”


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