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Gano Excel International

Today’s review will be the company Gano Excel International.

Number 30 on the list of top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world and with an annual income of 0.890 billion dollars, this company is a worldwide force in the fast-moving consumer goods niche.


Ganoderma mushroom in a fertile soilto signify Gano Excel International
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With a network of over 60 countries, they have plenty of exposure for their biggest product, Ganoderma. This is a world-class red mushroom that has medicinal properties. It is researched and produced in house.

When writing these reviews we first take a good look at the company and see where they are from, how old they are and what they do.

We then check out their products and make sure they are everything the company claims.

Next we look at their business model and see if it is possible to make money working with this company.

And of course, we look at any pros and cons of working their MLM program. And lastly we give our view of the company.

So let’s get going with who they are and what they do!



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The Company



Gano Excel International is a privately traded company that was formed in 1995 in Malaysia by Leow Soon Seng.

They do business in over 60 countries around the world and their product line is labeled as fast-paced consumer goods. (FPCG). They are under the categories of supplements, personal care products, and beverages.

The executive directors are also co-founders Ooi Kheng Seng and Lew Soon Kiak.

Their mission statement is “To change the lives of people around the world!”

Gano has created what they call a path to independent living. This is both financially with their business model and health-wise with their products that virtually everyone can walk down with minimal investment.

All that is required to achieve a healthier and wealthier lifestyle is a commitment and hard work.

Now that is a claim that everyone who reads it hopes could be true. So let’s continue and see if the company lives up to this claim!

The Products



Gano has researched and developed a unique product called Ganoderma. It is the gem of the immunology niche. They distribute it worldwide.

They have developed a wide variety of multi-million dollar brands of products that are Ganoderma–based.

So what is Ganoderma?

The proper name is lingzhi mushroom, (GANODERMAA lucidum).

It is Chinese and is claimed to be a spiritual herb that promotes well being, success and divine power.

What it really does is it boosts immunity, fights fatigue, improves memory, and lowers cholesterol. It also slows and can even reverse the aging process, stimulates circulation and reduces inflammation.

Ganoderma has over 200 active elements and it works on every cell in the body.

The company has used this mushroom to create a whole line of products that use this ingredient and help achieve all kinds of results. And they are well respected in their niche!

Their coffee products are their most popular selling items. They are known worldwide and carry a great reputation for quality.

All products created by this company are 100 percent guaranteed!

Well, they sure do have a well established and well-respected company and now they also have the products that are in house and unique. And they show the results they are claiming.

We love their mission statement so let’s move on to their business plan!


The Business Model

Download the business plan in pdf

You can get started by buying a distributor kit for as little as $25.00. But you can also go all the way up to $995.00 for their comprehensive business builder package.

They are set up on a binary business model which we try to avoid. But this one is actually set up with a twist in the uni-level team building.

You will build your downline just like other MLM programs. But this one will also allow you to earn unlimited commissions from pool bonuses, fast start bonuses, direct sales, team commissions and check match bonuses.

The binary legs are set up like binary legs, but will payout regardless of what the other legs are doing.

This is a win-win setup that really appeals to us!

They also use state of the art back office software that runs the compensation plan. What we love about it is that it is easy to understand!

The Pros

  • In house products
  • Great company
  • Excellent product line
  • competitive pricing
  • Low-cost start-up
  • Start-up business builder kits
  • Great business model
  • Multiple commission options
  • Unlimited commissions
  • Easy tracking of commissions

The Cons

We really have not found any cons to post. All of our research has come up with positive results right down to personal online reviews!

If there was one thing to point out that we did not like it at first would be the binary set up on the business plan. But like we reported earlier, they seem to have made a go-around this drawback that works.

We understand what they are doing here and we approve of it as a better way to work a binary business model.

Our View

We are very happy to give this company, its products, and its compensation plan a big thumbs up!

We like everything about this place and we highly recommend them as a very viable way to make money working their multi-level marketing program.

They are a good investment and very much for real!

Thanks so much for checking out our Gano Excel International review. We hope it answers any questions you may have about this company and their business opportunity.

We are happy to report this one was a winner and we enjoy when we can bring you a viable way to make money online!

If you still have any pressing questions or just want to comment on this review please do so in the comment section below. We love hearing from our readers!

Be sure to check out our many other revies posted at our “Reviews” tab as we frequently are adding new reviews.

And until next time, happy marketing!


Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online today! Check out our number one recommendation for starting your very own online affiliate marketing business for free!


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8 thoughts on “Gano Excel International”

  1. Hi Akoli, what an interesting article about something I’ve never heard of.  You’ve done a great job of explaining it so that someone like me who’s never heard of it, now, at least has some idea.  I love mushrooms.  It looks like this company is a good one to affiliate with, as per what you’ve said.  I will look into it and consider it myself.  Thanks for the insight.  Keep up the good work.  Take care.

    • Hi Bob,

      Ah, you’ve never heard of Gano Excel International! Yes, anything I write about something, I try to strike a balance between those who have an idea of it and those who are discovering it for the first time. Yes, this MLM receives our high recommendation indeed. However this does not waiver your due diligence. It’s always a good idea to double check anything before engaging in it. Thanks for the comment. Keep coming back to read and comment on posts. We always have something new. Take care too.

  2. Good overview of Gano Excel. Looks like they got quite a few products people can promote. Not a lot of MLM companies do, and they focus too much on marketing the “opportunity” than the actual products themselves. The mushroom seems potent too! Thanks for writing this up, Gano Excel seems legit and worth trying.

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for appreciating my review of Gano Excel International. Yes, they are one of the few MLM companies featuring a lot of products and product ranges. But what one may not like about them is their hard focusing on marketing the “opportunity” than the actual products themselves, as you yourself have noticed. Thanks for your comment.

  3. hi, looks like a pretty good company to get involved with. the health niche is super hot right now. I’m always looking to improve my health, and I’m always open to Affordable Convenient ways to do it. This mushroom that they are so pumped about sounds pretty cool. If I’m going to get involved with a network marketing company, I want to make sure that it has a great product that I can stand behind. at a reasonable price.

    • Hi Jake,

      Yes, Gano Excel International is a pretty good company to get involved with. Since you are always looking to improve your health, and especially with Affordable Convenient ways to do it, why don’t you check the company’s products? The mushroom is at the center of their business. I agree with you it’s better to identify with a network marketing company that has a great product that you can proudly stand behind and offer at a reasonable price.

  4. This company seems to have a lot of benefits to it. One that stood out to me was that they actually have a good product. A lot of times I’ve seen different companies that have excellent business plans and structures but not a good product at all so that’s very noteworthy in my opinion. I definitely need to read more into Gano Excel International. 

    • Hello Tim,

      The qualities that we look for when reviewing an MLM company are a good company, good products, good compensation plan, and a good business model. These are what made us qualify Gano Excel International as a good company. From a member’s perspective, a good product is critical because that is what will make them make money. Yes, go ahead and read more about Gano Excel International.


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