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Are you looking for traffic to your posts or offers and signups for your business?

Then you are at the right place. For in this post we’re going to see a system which will enable you to get free traffic and generate signups for your business.

This system is called LeadsLeap 2.0.

No time to read the whole artcle? Please watch this video:

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LeadsLeap is so good that 80,000 marketers/bloggers use this well-acclaimed traffic system.

Free tools to grow your business

The Real Tracker – Track the surfing duration of your traffic and more.

PopupXpert – Create ‘unique’ popups and opt-in forms easily

Cookie Generator – Create cookie for traffic classification

OTO List Builder – Run a full-fledged business like the gurus.

What Is LeadsLeap 2.0?

5 Circles around LeadsLeap showing that it works in revenue sharing, advertising, leads building, teaches you and gives you powerful tools.
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How Leadsleap 2.0 works

The diagram above illustrates it all up.

Suffice it to say that LeadsLeap 2.0 is a revenue-sharing, advertising and lead generation system which also focuses on training and value creation for its members.

What this means for you is that you make money by sharing in LeadLeap’s revenue in three ways (more below). Yet with no purchase is needed.

At LeadsLeap, you promote your ads FREE, not just to Leadleap’s members but also to LeadsLeap’s network of more than 4000 websites!

You do this while building 10 levels of free leads that will grow exponentially. Imagine what a lifetime of these fresh leads can do for your business!

LeadsLeap also teaches you FREE the right way to advertise. This is knowledge you can put into practice to scale up your business.

But that’s not all. You also get access, again FREE, to very useful tools that Leadsleap develop in-house to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Now let’s see these ideas in some detail.

How Do You Make Money in LeadsLeap?

A blue background with wads of bank bills and a few coins to signify how to make money in Leadsleap
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Make money Leadleaps

LeadLeap’s members get a share of 90% of LeadsLeap revenue as follows:

ONE: When you visit the ads in the network, you get a Daily Payout of 5-10% Revenue Share.

TWO: When you send traffic to the ads in LeadsLeap, you benefit from the Weekly Payout of 15-30% Revenue Share.

(As you see, this is a sort of Adsense, except you don’t need a website to earn.)

THREE: When you get your referrals to upgrade, you earn recurring commissions of 25-50% Affiliate Commissions for life.

How Do You Advertise Your Business in LeadsLeap?

You do so by adding your ads to LeadLeap’s small but mighty ad widget.

How do LeadsLeap drive traffic to your ads?

1) Through members being rewarded to surf the ads in the LeadsLeap ad widget.

2) Through members receiving even more rewards to send traffic to the ads in the LeadsLeap system.

Note that this widget is now installed on and receiving traffic from more than 4000 websites worldwide!

So, as you see, LeadsLeap send you traffic from two different sources: inside and outside the LeadsLeap network.

How Do You Build Leads in LeadsLeap?

The screenshot below of real case studies explains it all.

Two screenshots of bar graphs show how two members built up huge leads
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Real case studies of leads

LeadsLeap offers you a 10-level downline building system.

So, if you refer ‘n’ number of people and these people also refer ‘n’ number of other people, you’ll end up with tens of thousands of leads in your network.

In the first case study above, the member referred only 9 people but ended up with 9,500. In the second, 56 referrals brought in 52,355 leads for another member.

Sounds easy to build up leads, right?

It all depends.

A leads generation system only works well when you have the following three elements:

ONE: Ease of referring people – For the best form of promotion is to promote without seeming to promote. This is how we all promote Google without even knowing that we are doing so.

TWO: A sustainable, spam-free downline communication system– LeadsLeap pay your downlines to read your message, through their proprietary unobtrusive message system.

THREE: A good member retention system – This is where the value creation plays a crucial role. When members realize the values, they choose to stay.

LeadsLeap make it easy for you to generate leads by putting these three elements at your disposal.

Training For You

Cover picture of the ebook "Insider Advertising report" free for members
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Your free report

LeadsLeap founder Kenneth Koh has been in the advertising industry since 2006. He wrote the Insider Advertising Report to share his experience in advertising with you.

In this report, not only will you learn the principles of advertising but also you will benefit from many case studies of how normal people advertise with success.

LeadLeap’s Proprietary Tools – Yours Free!

These are the real tracker, the popup generator, and the OTO list builder.

The Real Tracker

Graphs, bar and pie charts showing how you can track your leads
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The real tracker

What a game changer this link tracker is! It plain let’s you know whether the traffic you are getting are real visits or merely clicks. With it you can also know not only how long a visitor surfed on your link but also track any traffic source.

The Popup Generator

A popup generator showing what you can do with this tool
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The popup generator

This is the most complex tool in the LeadsLeap suite. A simple to use tool, the popup generator enables you to create stunning animation on different events, complete with full tracking capability.

The OTO List Builder

A PHP script with a lady and a timer showing the OTO List Builder Script
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OTO List Builder Script

This PHP script includes an autoresponder, mass mailer, one-time offer system, Paypal payment integration and affiliate program.

So you can run a full-fledged online business like the gurus.

What Makes LeadsLeap Different From Other Similar Programs?

There are many leads generation systems out there. But LeadsLeap is different. Here’re the reasons why:

1) At LeadLeap, There’s No Timer

A barred Timer shwoing 2O-seconds
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20-second Timer

If you’ve used traffic generation systems like paid-to-click, paid-to-surf or traffic exchanges before, you no doubt encountered their timer system. This obliged you, for example, to stay on an ad for 20 seconds, with a 20-second timer counting down to make sure you did.

To be honest, whilst viewing a 20-second ad, did you focus on the ad or on the timer till the 20 seconds passed?

Like me, you focused on the timer.

Once the 20 seconds were up, did you continue surfing the ad or you quickly went to the next ad to earn more credits?

Like me, you quickly clicked another ad, since you were more interested in the credits!

You’d agree with me that this conventional method of ad tracking is seriously flawed.


Because there is no incentive to encourage visitors to continue surfing a particular ad.

In fact, there is disincentive to move visitors away to another ad because they want to earn more credits!

This is why LeadsLeap uses no timer!

What does LeadLeap use then?

2) At LeadsLeap, You Earn As You Surf

A drawing shwoing a mascot surfing on a laptop with a dollar sign
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Earn as you surf

LeadsLeap uses a unique ‘Earn-As-You-Surf’ system. This allows members to earn credits every 5 seconds of surfing an ad, for up to 3 minutes.

This system fixes the surfer’s attention solely on the ad. Also, they may continue surfing the same ad because the longer they do that, the more credits they earn.

This serves both advertisers and viewers interests.

For an advertiser, if you have an interesting ad, you know that visitors will continue to read it. For someone who views ads, you are not obliged to continue viewing an ad for more than 5 seconds if you find it boring.

3) At LeadsLeap, You are building an asset

A bar graph showing a huge downline and a drawing beside it showing a tree with avatars
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Build an asset

The secret of running a long-term business is to keep on building assets.

What’s your assets at LeadsLeap?

Your 10-levels of leads.

Just bring in the initial referrals and see your network grow automatically and exponentially.

That’s the power of a good leads builder system.

Besides, with LeadLeap’s unobtrusive and incentivized communication system, you can reach out to your growing leads effectively.

Your 10-level of leads are yours forever. It costs you nothing to reach out to them anytime you wish. LeadsLeap are the ones paying them to read your message!

4) LeadsLeap Genuinely Care For You

3 skeletal drawings of men clutching a screwdrvier, a hammer and a bolt fastener
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LeadsLeap cares

To see what they do, Check out the LeadsLeap blog.

You see that they work very hard to improve the system and the tools they provide.

Why do they do that?

Simply because LeadsLeap want to provide the best for their members, free or paid.

The vision is to have a community where members can learn about advertising, put their knowledge into practice, earn some money as they grow, build free leads that grow exponentially, and be glad years later that they joined LeadsLeap.

Are you a blogger? LeadsLeap can help you

As a blogger, you can benefit from LeadsLeap by:

1) Using the FREE tools to grow your blogging business.

2) Adding the LeadsLeap Widget to your blog to bring in extra traffic, leads and money

Are you in the IM Niche? LeadsLeap is for you

If you are in the IM niche, you can use LeadsLeap to advertise and build leads exponentially. Simply put the system to work, and see continuous fresh leads flow to your blog every day.

Which ad can you advertise?

1) Your ad and landing page must be in English.

2) The landing page should not have any frame breaking code and it should be able to be shown in an iframe.

3) The ad content must be family friendly. Hence some of the forbidden contents are gambling, adult content, dating and hook up services.

Who can join Leadsleap?

Only people who understand English. The ads and the system in LeadsLeap are in English, so it will be hard for non-English speakers to get the full benefit of the system.

Will you be receiving emails?

Yes, you will receive one email a day from LeadsLeap only, and NOTHING from any member.

And it’s not any email but the one that will include everything that needs your attention about your account, such as your ad status, earnings etc.

However, to protect and respect your privacy, if you ignore the emails the system sends you for more than 30 days, LeadsLeap will automatically stop sending you any daily email.

What LeadsLeap is and is not

1) LeadsLeap is a sort of a traffic exchange service but more than that. This is because you will get free traffic from both members and non-members.

2) LeadsLeap is not a safelist, so you will not receive emails from any member.

2) Although LeadsLeap is based on a multilevel leads builder system, it is not an MLM company.

3) LeadsLeap is not a ‘Pay Back’ traffic exchange system where you must buy certain ad pack and then after some time earn back your initial investment plus a profit.

LeadsLeap’s revenue sharing program is truly revenue sharing, with no purchase needed from you.

Interested? Get Your FREE traffic Account Here

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