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Are you looking for the most newbie friendly MIRACLE program of 2017 for unlimited traffic ads and unstoppable income? Then join Easycash4ads today and you will have unlimited ads and unstoppable income.

Before continuing, watch this 6-minute video for ways to get extra income 

Or read this to learn how to get unlimited ads

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From the desk of Bruce Baxter, Founder, Developer and Admin to me (and to you when you join)

Dear Akoli, I decided to write this open letter to you because of the atmosphere of utter frustration we get from newbies through our help-desk. Before continuing, please make sure you will not be interrupted during the next 5 minutes. Grab yourself a coffee or other beverage, settle in and pleeeease, for once in your life, don’t just skim over this letter, but really take in what I am trying to convey to you here, because I’m going to outline just 3 steps that will guarantee your success.

Okay, are you ready? Let’s begin.

First things first, Akoli, why did you join this program? For all the ad views you will acquire over weeks and months ahead in the 25 second ad process?

You joined because of the promise of wealth right? So let’s not kid each other… you are here for one reason only and that is to make money. And that is FINE, and we both can very easily make that happen here.

First; The Bad News. A Dose of Reality

Everything you saw on the sales page is true, but simply joining EasyCash4Ads will get you nowhere. The only place you will ever find money coming before work is in the dictionary. The difference here is that this system has made the work so incredibly easy, even a 12 year old would be able to follow the instructions. And if you commit to what I am about to share with you on this page, you will then be offering up at most one or two weeks of your effort in return for a lifelong payoff.

Akoli, I realize that even though we make so many resources available to help you get sign-ups, as a newbie or just someone who may have a fear of failure or success, it may very well be overwhelming to you, which is why you need to go back to basics. You need only enroll 3 of your friends, family members, or general cell phone/email contacts on or off-line.

Keep Reading Akoli. There Is a Profound Message Here…

We already established that you joined this opportunity because you want to make extra money. So don’t give me a line that you don’t want to approach your friends and family. Would it kill you to enroll 3 people? Don’t you want them to make money too? Of course you do. Their success becomes yours and it’s a great feeling. True, it can sometimes feel a bit awkward, DO IT.

Considering the pay-off, is it really that much to ask? You say you want to make extra money, but are you prepared to do at least something in order to get it? And when all’s said and done, what is the absolute worst thing that can happen? That “Something” That You Need To Do Is Right Here

The people you approach can simply say “no” but mark my words, if you commit to what I am about to share, those very same naysayers will approach you once they see how much money you are making and soon will become a whole new leg for you anyway!

The following will reveal just how little you have to do to guarantee a lifelong income and you only have to do it ONCE!! Let me repeat that: “You only have to do what I explain in this letter ONE TIME IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!” Yet, some people will read this letter and still think it is asking too much of them. What will it take for people to realize, the only person who can ever make a difference in your life is YOU! If you didn’t make the needed changes in your life last week, month, or year to increase your financial outlook, what is it that you can do to instill such change tonight?

In the rest of this letter I am going to outline for you:

  • how to go about getting just 3 people,
  • and focus on the follow-up procedure

And Then You Never Have to Do Anything E.V.E.R. again!

If you can commit to the steps below, I promise you will always have an extra income every day which will only get bigger over time, so listen up. A bold statement? No. Working members are already at $80.00 to over $140.00 per day right now, even at our extremely young existence online.

Did you know our site has a responsive design? What this means is that our site was designed with mobile devices in mind first, then desktop devices second. This effectively means you can take your mobile phone and show EasyCash4Ads to your friends and family when you go and visit them.

Do Not Take NO For an Answer!!

Tell them you want them to join under you and you won’t take no for an answer. Even if EasyCash4Ads were a complete scam, nobody has ever been declared bankrupt for losing $19. Let them watch the video and if they have questions, explain to them how the system works. If need be, let them watch the video again.

If they are still stubborn-more so than curious, tell them if it does not work, you will pay back the $19 they paid to get in on the condition they repeat everything you do (which of course comes from this page). Watch in silent AWE as they join. Scared about the financial promise to them? Don’t be!! Just go do this again with their prospects! How? Keep reading while witnessing your future change in front of your eyes!

Repeat the above process until you have at least 3 people who signed up with you as the first 2 will be your qualifier sales and the third will ensure you always have spare cash lying around.

Now Comes the Really Important Part as Your Work is Not Quite Done.

Once you have signed up 3 people, Akoli it is vital that you follow up with them and make sure they commit to doing exactly what you did. Don’t just phone them… go and visit them and insist they do what you did. If need be, tell them you would go with them when they go to see their friends and family and then do it. Do 3-way calls too. These bullet=proof habits bring huge conversions!

Make sure you contact them every day and insisting you go and see their friends till they too have 3 people. It is important for you to do this as human beings are funny… It seems the easier it is to make money, they less they want to do to get it, so contact them every day till they have their 3 people too. Most important of all, pleeease don’t be one of those people who only assist your third (or more) sign-ups just because that is where your money is going to come from. It is important to stay in contact with the two that you left to your up line as part of your qualifying.

Akoli, if you do this, I challenge you to point out to me how the promises we made on the sales page will not soon materialize in yours (and all your invitees’) lives. Because they will! Feel free to repeat this process with additional legs beyond just your 3rd too. Your income will begin to flourish and in quick fashion beyond all of your wildest dreams.

One Last Great Habit to Instill to Assure HUGE Income For All Involved

Once you have done all of this, you only have one task left ever before you can leave the system, set it on autopilot, and let it continue to produce passive income for the rest of your life:

Follow up with each of your 3 (or more) invitees’ new members the same way!! This great leadership gesture will embed itself unto all of these new members, granting all the highest ascertainable financial rewards to everyone involved.

In This Life Fueled By Income Need, Live and Die By This Rule . . .

Stay Consistant. Do the work and the money will follow. Repeat this statement a few times then get started. It is a profound and highly applicable rule for anyone that has ever strived for a money-based livelihood or existence. Allow it to become the mainstay of your daily function and you will prosper. Guaranteed Akoli.

Commit Now & See Yourself Free

To this end, at the very bottom of this page, there is a hyper-link. All it does when you click it is add your name to a database of members who made a commitment to follow the instructions above.

Click this link to add your name to the database and know that you are pledging to yourself to give it your all. Nobody but you and I will ever know if you stuck to your promise (remember; I kind of run things on the back side so I see growth, etc. right?). But when you do Stick to this and call it your own, I want to broadcast your success soon to the masses! Deal?

To recap, you only need to perform 3 steps

  1. Approach friends and family members till you have 3 sign-ups (use the helpful pdfs & other resources in your dashboard!)
  2. Ensure the 3 people you signed up do exactly what you did
  3. Ensure the 3 people you signed up repeat the process while you reach out to those new members as well

I don’t want to wish you success, because I know in my heart, if you do what we set out on this page, success is only a by-product

My pledge (which will be yours too when you join)

By following the link below, I promise to commit to everything Bruce told me to do on this page. I understand that any deviation will be a failure on my part. I know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but the way Bruce explained it in his message to me here, there is also no reason for me to fail other than my own unwillingness to succeed.

Before continuing, watch this 6-minute video for ways to get extra income 

Or read this to get second income

How do you get unstoppable income with Easycash4ads?

Yellow, green and bluz smileys showing qualifier sales, qualified legs and all of one's referrals
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Image showing what happens when you sponsor just one person into EasyCash4ads
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Qualifier sales

Qualifier sales represented by a yellow smiley
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When you have 2 qualifier sales, (which will be paid to your sponsor), you become qualified.

Qualified legs

Qualified leg shown by a green smiley
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Then every person you personally refer will start a new EasyCash4Ads leg for you. In other words, you start your own EasyCash4Ads legs. So your 3rd sale will be your first EasyCash4Ads leg.

Image saying all this from 1 referral... Imagine referring more::
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Image showing what happens when one recruits more referrals
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Still not sure how this works?

Watch this get extra income at home video again for clarity.

When that direct referral has 2 referrals, they will become yours (and pay you). With time, this will turn into 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. referrals. This is because the referrals in each leg will first have to make 2 qualifier sales, (paid to you), before they can start their own legs. The more people you directly refer, the more legs you will have. And therefore the faster your referrals will multiply since all referrals in each leg doubles independently from each other.

All your referrals

All of one's referrals shown by a blue smiley
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This is all the people under you in all your legs. That is, people you directly referred (in green smiley above) as well as all the other referrals you got from qualifier sales. View your legs here

Want to know how much you have been paid as a member of

Then multiply the number you see under the blue smiley above.
Bonus income builders to consider at all costs

Although you would be making money with Easycash4ads, the company propose you 2 more programs to join: FunMouse and GDI.

N.B.: Not joining them would be tantamount to committing financial suicide.

Although with only 3 people referred to EasyCash4Ads you will be making money for life, let me ask you a question:

Is it better to earn from only one program (EasyCash4ads) or from two others too?

Ah, you’ve seen the picture!

Since FunMouse and GDI pay commissions on multiple levels, you can therefore earn an exponential income through EasyCash4ads for life by promoting even just one other program.


   Reason 1:

Your referrals in each EasyCash4Ads leg will continue to double, so they can join on your first level in both programs.
   Reason 2:

When your referrals become qualified to start their own legs, all their referrals can also join these 2 programs under their (newly qualified sponsor).  Thus, your referrals will also build a very strong first level in the two programs, with their first levels being your second.

Imagine, when the referrals of your referrals become qualified and start their own legs, that will become your third level in the 2 programs. And so on and so forth.

Since the EasyCash4Ads sales video have high conversion, all you have to do is promote EasyCash4Ads to get automatics sign-ups in all the 3 programs.

A question mark in white inside a green circle to signify a tip
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One surety: if you don’t join these 2 programs, all the people in your legs as well as in your referral’s legs and theirs, etc., cannot join them under you.

Program 1: FunMouse

How much does it cost and how does it pay?

The Fun Mouse program shown with the logo and the package, both in red
  • Save

You only pay $23 one time to join FunMouse. This gives you a very useful mouse software utility for windows.

FunMouse pays out on 7 levels deep.

For every 2 people you directly refer to FunMouse, you will get paid $500 when 7 levels get filled. But as you and everybody you refer will build strong first levels (far more than the 2 referrals which will make you $500), surely you will make much more money.

If you are already a member of FunMouse, you simply enter your FunMouse username in the box provided in this regard to have all your referrals join under you.

On the contrary, you click the link provided to join under your sponsor.

Need more information before joining? The join link will take you first to the sales page where you will learn more about FunMouse.

Once you have updated this page with your details, you click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

Pgrogram 2: GDI

How much does it cost and how does it pay?

The GDI logo, white in a green circle and Global Domains International written beside it
  • Save
Image of how GDI pays from layers 1 to 5.
  • Save

GDI however will cost you $10 every month.

Don’t worry. You will be taught to use your GDI website to make your EasyCash4Ads ad views work for you. And you will be receiving recurring commissions (as in the image above) which will make the $10 monthly amount chicken feed.

If you are not yet a member of GDI, you click the link provided to join under your sponsor. But if you are already in GDI, you enter your GDI username in the space provided to have all your referrals join under you.

Need more info before joining GDI?

Don’t worry. The join link will take you to the sales page to learn more about it.

GDI pays out monthly and on 5 levels. The image above shows you could make over $3900 each month if everybody just refers 5 people.

Know that by the time you have reached your second level in EasyCash4Ads you would already have 6 referrals to join GDI on your first level . . . yet your EasyCash4Ads referrals doubles on every level. The same is true for your referrals once they start their own legs.
Recruit strangers

EasyCash4Ads is so simple that a lot of newbie or first-time marketers are joining. So keep on talking to personal friends or relatives. Don’t forget to tell them to look out for your username at the very bottom of the buy page (the conventional sales page) to make sure they followed your link correctly while joining.

Here below are my affiliate links to join me

Video 2
Video 3 or alternate version of site
Text ad
Rotate ad
Sign in for more info

Affiliate resources

The affiliate resources are divided into two sections to satisfy both newbies and those who’ve done some online marketing before. Yet, you’re advised to use the newbie resources even if you’re in the professional group.

I am new to on-line marketing | This is not my first rodeo

Your ad

Getting the most out of your ad views

You can approach this section in a smart way and in a lazy way . . .

Half of the time you log into your members’ area you will first have to view your sponsor’s website for 25 seconds. Your referrals would have to do the same for your ads.

The lazy way to do this would be to simply enter an affiliate link for your website and hope for the best. But this may not get you the sign-ups you desire.

But there is a smarter way to go about it. Know that you have only 25 seconds to capture your visitors’ attention each time they log into their members area.

So, first thing, make the most of this time by either creating a squeeze page with an irresistible offer for people to opt into your mailing list or host a 25 second video to explain your offer.

The squeeze page will enable you to capture the names and email addresses of the people opting in to receive your offer. For this you will need an auto responder account like GetResponse and Aweber.
Second, know that offers which do not oblige people to scroll down the page have a better conversion. So, have one which displays at the top of a web page what you want your visitors to see.

Thirdly, you can change your ad whenever you want. Since your referrals will see your ad every time they log into their accounts, your account could potentially become an advertising magnet or gold mine.
Whether you plan to use a video, squeeze page or some other offer, you will need a place to host it. This is where your account with GDI comes in as it is equipped with web and email hosting in addition to a website builder for you to design the perfect page for your ad view.

Now you can log into your members area, enter the website address of the site you you’re your referrals to see, then click on the “Test & Submit” button.

Please note

1: Any site that breaks frames will be rejected.
2: The url field is restricted to 50 characters, so shorten long urls with a url shortener such as or pretty link.
3: Recommendation links on this page may contain affiliate links. But since EasyCash4ads operate on an extremely small profit margin, they would appreciate it if you can keep them as the referral.

Member Contributions

Image showing pdf and word docs you can receive from EasyCash4ads for your advertising
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This is where you will find contributions from some more successful members who share their secrets on what is working for them to help members duplicate them for their success.

It is recommended that you download all of these contributions to study and learn from them. But should you have a contribution, don’t hesitate to submit it via the help-desk. Know that if you help others to make money, you’ll automatically make money too.

EasyCash4Ads is an easy business to prosper with, but it is not a get rich quick scheme; for it to work, you need to do something with it.

Food for thought:

If you make EasyCash4ads your primary business and you only implement 1 different / fresh / innovative thing 3 days a week to make it more productive (which should not even take you 10 minutes) , where would your business be in a year from now? For most successful people wealth is not the result of working their fingers to the bone, but consistency and working smarter, not harder. And if you think about it, would 30 minutes a week kill you?

It cannot be stressed enough how little it really takes to become successful. So stop blaming everyone and everything for all the things you simply would not do and start living the change you want to be today.

Before continuing, watch this 6-minute video for ways to get extra income

Or read this to learn how to get unlimited ads 

Richard Daigle

Getting numerous sign-ups daily, not only from people in his own legs, but also making multiple daily referrals, Richard makes use of EasyCash4ads capture pages for solo ads bought and traffic exchanges.

Richard has put together a quick and dirty “How to get the most out of Traffic Exchanges” report you can study to duplicate his success.

You can download the report when you sign up.

22 December 2016

Today Richard shares his daily routine of how he has gone about getting 48 direct referrals in just one month.

You can download the PDF when you join.

You can even download it in Word  doc.

Jeff Battershaw

Picture of internet marketer Jeff Battershaw with his urls and signature on the right
  • Save

A veteran marketer, Jeff specializes in getting referrals through video marketing and others.

Although he refers multiple direct referrals on a daily basis, a lot of Jeff’s referrals comes from automation. But he did not start out that way. Download Jeff’s guides on how to get warm prospects and a fast start guide below.

The first 2 links are a collaboration between the admin, Jeff and Michael Choma (More on this other successful member below) on how to reach out and successfully approach warm contacts in your address book and cell-phone.

You can download the PDF when you join.

It is also available in Word doc for download.

There’s even Jeff’s Fast Start Email Crash Course to download.

Orlando Zambito

Orlando appeared from nowhere starting 26 new legs in just 3 short weeks. He shares his routine on how he goes about getting sign-ups in the documents below.

Download the PDF on sign up.

Download the Word doc also when a member.

Mike Choma

Michael Choma is not only on fire with 39 new legs in just 3 weeks, but also he has over 61% of his team qualified with their 2 legs. He shares some of his unique resources and provides some important wisdom below.

Become a member and Download the PDF.

Join and download the Word doc.

Money and profile

The payment methods (PayPal, Payza, LeuPay + more used by EasyCash4ads
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You can tell EasyCash4ads how you would like to receive your sponsor payments.

Option 1: Paypal Instant payments

All sponsor payments, whether you referred someone directly or the sale was derived from a qualifier sale by someone in one of your legs, will be paid directly into your Paypal account when the new member logs into his / her account for the first time.

Note: When a new member joins and cannot pay you to your paypal account for any reason whatsoever, your sponsor payment will show up in your commission account with EasyCash4ads. When they do their commission runs, they will then pay you to your PayPal account when a new member does not have a paypal account or paypal rejects their credit / debit card.

Option 2: Paypal Commission Account

When new members join under you with this option selected, the new member will only make one payment of $19 to EasyCash4ads via FastSpring, totally bypassing Paypal. The company collect the sponsor payment on your behalf and simply pay out your commission to paypal.

With this option selected, all sponsor payments will go into your commission account held with EasyCash4ads. Twice a month they will make a commission run and pay any commissions owed to you to your paypal account at the email.

You have no paypal account? Then open one free here

Option 3: Payza commission account

With this option selected, all sponsor payments will go into your commission account held with the company. Twice a month they will make a commission run and pay any commissions owed to you to your Payza account at the email specified.

You have no Payza account? Then open one free here

Option 4: Leupay Commission Account with Debit Card

With this option, all sponsor payments will go into your commission account held with the company. Twice a month they will make a commission run and pay any commissions owed to you to your Leupay account at the email specified. This is probably the easiest account to get for the quickest access to your money as you get a free debit card that you can use on-line as well as to withdraw your funds.

You have no Leupay account? Then open one free here

Image of a debit/credit card saying your account is only $19 away
  • Save

Commission Runs:

Note: For all commission runs a $3 administrative charge is taken from your commission account to cover the transaction fees to get money into the various accounts EasyCash4ads need to make pay-outs.

Note 2: You can switch between instant payments and commission account at any time. If you need some quick cash in your Paypal account, this is a convenient way to go about it. Once you have enough, you are free to switch back to commissions if you want.

Commission Run Periods:

All sales going through EasyCash4ads’ FastSpring account is held for two weeks and then paid out to them. This is obviously the same way they will make commission runs as they need to first receive the funds in their account before they can pay you.

Note: They highly recommend you use the same payment email for all accounts they make pay-outs from.

Monthly product vault

Every month the company will release a new product free for its members. It will come with master re-sell rights, complete with a mobile friendly sales page and a done-for-you capture page for you to use the product as an incentive to build your list.

If you opted to receive your sponsor payments via paypal, you can sell these products and keep 100% of the profit. Simply promote the product link with your username included and all payments will automatically go to you.

You can submit ideas for the type of product you want each month to the help desk.

Month 1: Responsive Squeeze Page Generator (February 2017)

A responsive squeeze page generator in its bluish-white package
  • Save

If your account is set to receive payments via paypal, you can use the link below to sell this product for 100% of the profit with the link below:

Your video testimonial

You can record yourself with a web-cam and most smart-phones too.

This is needed to create an incredibly powerful video capture page in which 60 to 100 testimonials will be rapidly fired off in 2 minutes. When a visitor views so many testimonials in such a short amount of time, they will already have all the social proof they need that EasyCash4Ads is indeed a worthwhile program to join. Once they opt-in to the email follow-up, they will then be directed to the main sales video, but by that time they will almost be ready to buy before even seeing the product.

The video is needed because EasyCash4ads want to put together a complete video presentation with a professional host presenting the system to your friends and other prospects you invited over for an opportunity barbecue which you will be able to show on your big screen TV and other devices too. The presentation will do all the talking and selling for you.

You can upload your video testimonials by creating a help-desk support ticket and clicking on the upload attachment link when you create the ticket. To ensure all testimonials do not sound the same, please choose a random topic below or choose your own subject on anything you can tell us in one to 2 seconds flat.

  • Tell how much you made in your first hour, day or week.
  • Tell us what you think of the system
  • Tell us what you think of the affiliate resources
  • Tell us what you think of the member contributions
  • Tell us what you think of our support
  • Tell us if you think this is a very easy system
  • Tell us if this is the very first time you ever made money on-line
  • or share any other positive thought you have in 1 or 2 seconds

Before continuing, watch this 6-minute video for ways to get extra income

Or read this to learn how to get unlimited ads


Your personal guide to securing your future online

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