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Getting started

One can get started in online business by following documents online. Others would follow a training to get the basics and the rough edges.

But before you do that, kindly click this link to view a video for how to create an account in my business.

Whether it’s dissatisfaction with your 9 to 5, or your inability to make money online, or earning too little money online, I have been there too. But today, no more!

So I can show you how to get started online!

Name them…

I have a pupil teacher, maintenance clerk, immigrant doing menial jobs in Germany, unemployed several times, trader, etc., but all of them left me pining for something better.

Online, I have been a broker, blogger, and affiliate marketer but none was a profit-bringing venture.

Of course, I was making some money (too little, I must say) but my desire to succeed quick made me fall victim to many scams on the internet and threw a lot of money down the drain that way.

I want to save you those heartaches.

My first advice to you is to always look for programs which allow you to try them for FREE first. In this way, you can back out without losing a dime if they’re not producing the desired results. But, if after testing the waters, they feel safe, then you can safely wade in.

So everything I recommend on this site is either completely free or free to try before committing yourself.

But before we continue, why don’t you let me ask you a few questions, in fact, only two?

Now, what is the main reason why you’re disappointed with your 9 to 5 job?

Is it because:

– You hate jumping out of bed at the shriek of your alarm to go to work?
– You must fight traffic to commute to work?
– You resent being “bossed” around?
– You’d love being your own boss?
– You’d want to have more time for yourself and your family?

Whatever it is, these are some of the legitimate reasons for getting started online.

Then, what is the main reason why you haven’t yet started an online business or succeeded online?

Is it because of:

– Lack of money?
– Lack of business experience?
– Fear of failure?
– No time to devote to a business?
– Lack of computer skills?
– Lack of enthusiasm?
– Limiting self-image?
– Bad experience?
– Lack of knowledge or education?
– Lack of information?
– Fear of venturing into new things?
– All the scams out there?
– Etc., etc.

If one, many, all of these things or others (it’d be great if you’d tell us about them in the comment section below) are holding you back from venturing online or achieving success on the internet, let me assure you that they can be overcome by pointing you in the direction of ETHICAL programs online.

In fact, you can overcome these difficulties by doing just a few things…really, just 3.

Here are the THREE Building Blocks to getting started in online business

(1) They Get Help

What happens when you’re stuck on a task and can’t get any help? Frustration sets in. See how the load lifts off your shoulders and how fast you move forward when you get help?

Fortunately you can get help with the business I’m going to recommend in an instant. (Just hold on please)

My blog homepage showing an opened laptop and a keyboard, a mousepad , etc.
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(2) They Build Their Very Own Website

No website of your own, no success online. Period.

Trying to make money online without having your very own website, is like selling offline without a shop.


But no need to panic.

Building a professional website these days is not only very easy, it takes a few minutes to have your very own up and running online and, best of all, without spending a dime.

Click this link to watch the video “Creating a website in under 60 seconds.”

Interested in building a website? You can even create 2 FREE by clicking on this link.

This is a concrete example of a free to try and a free to use offer we talked about before, see?

(3) They Learn Regularly & Practice Thoroughly

What have you accomplished in life without ever learning how to do it? Even activities as mundane as sitting, crawling, walking, talking, etc. you had learnt them all:

• through training
• through self motivation
• by learning more to know more, so as to do it more instinctively

Now that you’ve learnt to sit, crawl, walk, talk, are you not able to just do them as if they came by reflex?
The same is going to happen when you get trained and practice thoroughly to work online.

Can you start an online business free?

What if I told you a place exists where you can get help, a website, and training for $0?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to secure your future online without dipping into your wallet or whipping out your credit card.

See what HELP, WEBSITES and TRAINING you get when you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for free:

• Personal Help & Support

o Including personal help from the creators (Kyle and Carson)
o Help from a helpful community of 100,000’s of users
o Live Chat support
o Ongoing topical discussions

• 2 Free Websites

o Fully functional WordPress sites
o Ready to make money online

• Training Galore

o Video Classes
o Tutorials
o Courses
o Entire classrooms

Yes, you read right: all of the above are yours just for signing up. So quietly put aside your Paypal account or credit card. You will agree with me that support this great, websites so performing and training so extensive do not exist anywhere, let alone for free. Of course, a Premium option exists for a fee to give you access to MUCH MORE, but it’s perfectly optional.

Here below the two options. In conformity with the policy of this site, we urge you to choose the “Starter, $0 per month” option. After you supply your sign-up details, you will instantly get access to the community for help, 2 websites and top-notch training

Questions about Getting Started online?

Click this link to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and sign up today!

Here is a taste of the great training you’d receive

Are you just getting started with online marketing? Need a wee bit of guidance to iron out your direction? Then click this link to join Jay (magistudios) on the webinar “Online marketing start-up guide”.

Could you like a live ‘over the shoulder’ walkthrough on how to get started with an online marketing campaign? Then click this link to watch the webinar “Creating your first online campaign”.

Here are a plethora of ways to drive people to your website and there always seems to be a new (shiny) ‘method’ each week. But there is one method that is VERY effective and typically has the highest conversion ratio. So click this link to watch the webinar “Getting started with email marketing – 2016”.

Do you have any comments to make on this page? Then leave them in the comments box below and I will answer you soonest.

Your personal guide to securing your future online

N.B.: This is an updated version of the original page. Post updated on September 21, 2016

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