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GNLD International

Today we will be reviewing the GNLD International MLM company.

This company comes in at number 81 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world. They have an annual income reported as $0.178 billion.


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Most people know this company by one of its divisions, NeoLife. This is the division we will be concentrating on in this review.

NeoLife is a company that deals in nutritional supplements. It is known worldwide with divisions in North America, Africa, Asia, The South Pacific, and all of Europe.

They offer an extensive product line which we will take a look at. We will also consider the products, the company, and its multi-level marketing plan. And at the end of this review, we will give you our view of this company.


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The company

The NeoLife division of GNLD has been around since 1958. Founder Jerry Brassfield started this company with a product called Formula IV.

According to their website, it states: “the first whole food nutritional supplement based on delivering Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates, whole grain ‘Lipids, and Sterols’ to support optimal cellular nutrition.”

They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1969 and have an A+ rating to date.

NeoLife is a multi-marketing company that sells products through what they call promoters using a standard MLM program.

Reported as a pyramid scheme by some, we took a look at how the company works. We also compared it to the Federal Trade Commission’s definition of a multi-level marketing company. And it passes the test.


The products


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Download the 56-page product catalog

This company has an extensive line of products available.

One of their best selling products is the 3-Day Detox.

The selling points for this product are that it will remove toxins from the body, promote gut health and kickstart weight loss.

Neolife bar is another product they offer that curbs hunger, provides long-lasting energy and is a great source of antioxidants.

Yet another product called the NeoLife Shake lowers your BMI. It is great for cardiovascular protection and it also reduces body fat.

All of their products are backed by clinical studies which are posted on the company’s website.

There are concerns about some of the products containing too much sugar and too many proteins.

NeoLife’s products when used as recommended can exceed the daily allowance of sugar intake and protein intake. And both of these can actually be harmful to the body.

For example, if you follow the directions on their NeoLife fruits and Nuts Bar, you will eat two a day and each contains 10 grams of sugar. Couple that with one of their shakes and you will be getting an additional 11 grams. This brings the total to 31 grams of sugar with just these two products, exceeding the daily recommendation for women (35 grams) and just under the men’s recommendation of 36 grams.

Another negative we found was the use of these products for weight loss. While they work, the same results can be achieved with longer results by eating a balanced meal. And experts say this is the better way to go.

The products are priced a bit high. You can buy them on Amazon and on their company website along with their promoters. And they do offer discounts for club members.

To become a club member all you need to do is sign up at their website. And you will receive 15 to 25 percent discounts on products. You will also have access to the community and be eligible to earn points for free products.


The business model


NeoLife Startup opportunity or Neolife compensation plan
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Their website has a detailed explanation of how to get started being a promoter and we liked what they had to say. In this review we will list just a few of the highlights they have available to their promoters.

Here are just some of the perks you get by joining their team:

  • Own a Nutrition Startup Business
  • Earn a Part-Time or Full-Time Income Sharing Good Health
  • Participate in all the Benefits of the NeoLife Compensation Plan
  • Participate in Exciting Incentives like Cash and Travel
  • Receive Recognition for Your Achievements
  • Shop at Wholesale Prices – Save 30% off Suggested Retail
  • Access to Premier Personal Development & Leadership Training Resources & Events
  • And much more

You can find a complete and detailed explanation of how this program works and how to join by visiting their website.

There is simply too much information to share in this review and we encourage you to check them out and see for yourself just what all they have to offer you!


The pros

  • Well-established business
  • A+ BBB rating
  • great products
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Products backed by clinical studies
  • Excellent compensation plan

The cons

  • High sugar content
  • High protein content
  • Temporary results in weight loss
  • High product pricing
  • Non-exclusive products

Our view


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While we are not excited about the sugar and protein levels of their products, we are happy with the overall company. We also like how they run their business.

The business model and the support for their promoters are above and beyond many of their competitors. And we feel they really care about their workers and will go the distance for them.

We think NeoLife is a viable option for making money through their multi-level marketing program because of that support. So we give them a big thumbs up.

Thanks for checking out our GNLD International review. We hope we have answered any questions you may have about this company and their products.

Please bookmark us and catch the many reviews we have posted under our reviews tab. These will give you information on other multi-level marketing programs on the market today!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below in the comments section and we will answer them promptly. And until next time, happy marketing!


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  1. I am always looking for products that I can market both to offer healthy alternatives to people but also to increase my retirement income. This line of products look good, but there was not much discussion in your article about the actual nutritional value or the exact make-up of the products other than the high sugar content.  I am encourage by the fact that you like the training and support.  the compensation plan seems reasonable.  I appreciate the introduction to this line of products.  I want to do a bit more research on the nutritional value and make of the products.  Thanks for the article.

    • Hello Anastazja,

      I appreciate the fact that you are always looking for products not only to increase your retirement income but also to market to offer healthy alternatives to people. It is only when you seek to help people that you can make money. In a short review like this, it is impossible to say everything. That’s why we always give links for people to follow them for more information. Fortunately you want to do a bit more research on the nutritional value and make of the products. That’s the way to go. Thanks to you too for your comment.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this informative article with us about GNLD international MLM company. By this article i have learned a lot about Neolife & It’s products. I was wondering how to start a new business & that’s why this article very important for me. All the product of Neolife are really amazing. Thinking to Start my new business with Neolife… 

    Thanks again for this informative article…               

    • Hi Abir,

      Thank you very much too for commenting on this article. I’m glad that you have learned a lot about Neolife and its products through it. I guess you found this company interesting for starting a new business. Click the links for more information and also do more Google research, and who knows, you may find your dream business!


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