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Grow your business with free industry-specific AWeber email marketing guides


Are you an animal shelter, artist, band, blogger, church, dentist, fitness center, natural and organic product, non-profit and charity, photographer, podcaster, real estate agent, restaurant, travel agent and site, and winery? 

Then grow your business with free industry-specific AWeber email marketing guides.


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Why do you need an industry-specific guide?

From my own experience with email marketing, new email marketers need guidance so that they are not left figuring out how to do it well for their specific businesses. That’s why AWeber created these pdf Getting Started Guides which professionals can download free for the industries mentioned above.

Are you a fitness trainer desirous to know how you can get subscribers? Or a photographer asking what you could send in email newsletters? Or maybe a real estate agents wondering how autoresponders can earn you a loyal following?

Don’t worry anymore. These guides have answers to all those queries and much more. You can start using them today to hold you by the hand on your path to using email marketing for the industry you’re working in.


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Email marketing, me?

No matter your experience and whatever industry you’re in, email marketing can help you connect with and grow your audience and convert prospects into loyal customers and increase sales.


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Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and result-oriented marketing channels available today. Imagine: email marketing costs only a fraction of the cost of most other marketing channels. And for every $1 you invest in it you recoup $44.  

With email marketing you can build relationships and brand recognition, further educate your email subscribers, and promote events and sales.

Will being able to easily align your email content with social media do your business some good? You bet!

Consider the possibility of sending an automated email series to deliver online training, help your customers learn more about your product of service.

What about email allowing you to convert more prospects to buyers with a drip campaign?

Did you know that this powerful marketing tool can save you time and also be remarkably effective at driving sales?

Email marketing can save you tons of precious time. Since you can quickly create your emails and schedule them to be delivered automatically at specific intervals you specify to your subscribers and get results.

Do you have a blog? Just give the RSS feed, tell AWeber when you want to send your emails and they’ll convert your posts into email newsletters.

It’s said that 50% of what you spent on publicity gets lost. And the problem is: you can’t even tell which 50% went up in smoke. With AWeber detaining one of the best deliverability rates in the industry, they’ll certainly get your messages in the inbox where they need to be and where they cannot be ignored. Thus you have people reading and interacting with your content.

Besides, the detailed stats of the in-depth analytics will help you measure your marketing success as you can see who opened your mails, who clicked, and who downloaded and bought something. Needless to say, you can also tell who did not take these actions. Having learnt these, you can adjust your campaign by creating new segments and then send targeted emails to those groups for even greater relevance and impact.

What about the ability to integrate AWeber with the services you already use, for you to automatically sync your data, import subscribers, and get reports on how your newsletters are impacting your business? View the full list of integrations here

All that is possible thanks to the right tools and support available to you. And even no design or coding experience are needed whatever the device your subscribers using to access your mails.


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Marketing Guides By Industry

Now we come to the goodies part.

Word cloud, donation in form of a heart and the words in red letters like animal protect work
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Animal Shelters

You need help to speak for your dear ones who can’t. All you need to know about how you can use email marketing to give your furry friends the help they deserve and for which you’re so devoted are in the guide below.


Download the Animal Shelter Guide here 


Painte dipping his paintbrush into a can of brown paint, cans brush, paintbrush
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People often need time to think over their buying decisions. That’s why fans of your art may not buy on first sight. Moreover, they may want to see more of your work. Email marketing is the way for you to keep in touch with them so that they have in mind and not get lost for you.


Download the Artists Guide here  


A band in silhouette, with guitar players on both sides of a drummer with raised sticks
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A label would do you a lot of good, wouldn’t it? Yet a lack of it shouldn’t be a problem. Say, did you know that Trent Reznor and Collective Soul marketed themselves without any agencies? So can you, with the right tools email marketing offers you.


Download the Band Guide here   



Someone wearing Jeans pants with blogger written on a piece of paper and tucked into his back pocket
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Did you know that you need email marketing to get started and succeed with blogging? Why not check the PDF guide down here to see how it’s packed with all the information you need to do so? There’re also editable templates for creating and sending emails. What else can you ask for?

Download the Bloggers Guide here    


A village church on a hill and 2 trees at the lengths and red tiled roofs
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Billboards, flyers, a marquee on the lawn…all of these are quite good. But tell me, can they greet new visitors, keep members updated and answer people’s questions? No? But email can! Wonna know? Get the guide to know how.


Download the Churches Guide here


A dentist bent over a patient and inspecting the teeth
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As a dentist you know that no one likes going to your office. Yet you must practise. How? By building the right relationship with your patients. This can get them to love your office. Can email handle that for you? Sure! Find out today.


Download the Dentists Guide here  


Fitness personal trainer Guy Black Ex straining against two belts held from the bodyinside a gym
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Fitness Centers

You know that many people are loaded with the best intentions about their fitness programs. But how many stick to the workout? Use email marketing to lure back all those who have fallen off the workout wagon. Can you easily whip an email campaign into shape? Sure. Just check the guide to see how.


Download the Fitness Centers Guide here



A drawing of a smiling yellow mascot with a leaf sticking at the top and a slanting Totally Natural below it
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Natural and Organic Products

Marketing the natural and organic product presents unique challenges, doesn’t it? This calls for a comprehensive approach which is within your reach at just a click away. Go ahead and do it.


Download the Natural and Organic Products Guide here        


Volunteer charity cloud community fun
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Non-Profits and Charities

Your noble and praiseworthy act can change the world we live in. This needs focus, a system you can set up to handle your marketing, and a guide to show you the ins and outs of it.


Download the Non-Profits Guide here   


A silhouette photographingthe sunset on a rocky beach
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What can referrals do for your business? Certainly help it grow. And how can you get those referrals? An email newsletter, that little something customers can pass along which can bring big changes into your business.


Download the Photographer’s Guide here  



A lit computer screen with a microphone before it to signify podcast
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Does having a podcast and listeners ends in themselves? No. So what? You need to reach out to the listeners after the audio ends, build relationships with them that will help you monetize your podcast. This, email marketing will help you do.

A ocher colored pdf cover with a microphone reading Email Marketing for Podcasters
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Download the Podcaster’s Guide here  


Two hands in a handshake in front of a house purchased
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Real Estate Agents

You know what time you need to email each individual client. That can eat up a whole day! The answer is email marketing which enables you to message groups. All you have to do is just set it up. Why don’t you learn about it in the guide?


Download Real Estates Agents Guide    


Drawing shwoing a short fat chef, a slim tall one holding food and 2 women of similar heights, the last one holding a spoon
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Your last diners loved your good food and appreciated the great service. But once they step out of your doors, they may never step back into your restaurant. Remember out of sight is out of mind? Market with email to get them coming back for more of your love.

A pdf with brownish cover and with a chef in suit holding food
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Download the Restaurants Guide here  


Drawing showing a plne a blue arrow pointing up with the inscription Bon voyage
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Travel Agents & Sites

You may be a small- or big-name travel site, but what will make you stand out of the crowd? Supposing I told you, your email campaign? Trying is believing. Go ahead and do it.

A whitish pdf cover with a map of the world and inscription EMAIL MARKETING FOR TRAVEL AGENTS & SITES
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Download the Travel Agents & Sites Guide here            



Bottles of wine in a wine cellar
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Are you sure your winery’s visitors will seek out your wines at restaurants and bars? With some luck, yes. But don’t bank on it. Luck is capricious. Try what is steady instead: email marketing. The recipe to your success is waiting below.

A yellowish pdf cover with 4 wine bottles
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Download the Wineries Guide guide 


A few resources

Get all of the above free guides here and share them with your friends


Learn how to use email marketing in your industry


Guide to how to get started with autoresponder


Learn about email marketing


Learn about email newsletter


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Something About AWeber

AWeber is a user-friendly email marketing tool that has been powering the growth of organizations around the world since 1988, including big ones like Social Media Examiner and ProBlogger and industry influencers such as Peter Shankman and Ann Handley.

Today, 120,000+ small- and mid-size businesses trust AWeber with their email marketing needs.

Now is the right time to try AWeber out for yourself.

Get all-in-one pricing, no add-ons or upgrades required. Plus, you can try your own full-featured account for 30 days free.


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