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Have you seen the New AWeber Online Form creator yet?

AWeber web forms to use as signup forms for subscribers
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You haven’t yet had a look at the new AWeber web form generator?

What have you been sooo busy with?

Anyway, the web form creator has been around for some time now. AWeber had been discussing it a lot on the blog recently, and even right from the first post people had been expressing curiosity about it with questions such as “Where can we find it? When is it going to be released? When can we start using it?” 

Well, the new Web Form Software has been rolled out to AWeber customers. While some of you got it on the first day, others received it days later and more others weeks later.

Whether you are among the first, second or third group, or even not in any of them, it is in your interest to know how the web form generator works.

You don’t yet have an AWeber account?

Click here to sign up for your FREE 30-day trial now! 

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Dying to Take a Look?

Well, a little tour to see the Web Form Generator in action wouldn’t be a bad idea, would it?

But even before we come there, you may be wondering: building web forms with the old online form template delivered the goods, why worry with the new one?

The truth is that the old web form design was okay, but now you can not only create great looking forms but also you will do it in a much more convenient manner (with no fussing around with HTML editing!).

Well, enough of tense waiting, now let’s dig right in

Ready to Make a New Web Form? Why not Do so Now!

If you have not been one of the first to get the new Web Form Generator, now at least you are one of the customers to know about it.

So go ahead and make a form with it.

You don’t have the new form creator online yet?

You will soon if you click this link now to sign up for a FREE 30-day trial to an AWeber account.



Start Your Free Trial Today!
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